As US government admits MH17 “evidence” is based on Youtube and social media, bodies land in The Netherlands. But whose bodies? What did they die of? And where?

July 23, 2014

A military plane carrying the bodies of forty victims of the MH17 crash has landed in The Netherlands.

But whose bodies are on the Dutch plane and what was their real cause of death?

Given the parallels with the well documented Smolensk plane crash case in 2010,  reports that old corpses drained of blood were found at the MH17 crash site cannot be dismissed.

Especially as the official narrative is  falling apart.

The US government was forced to admit its MH17 ‘evidence’ is based on YouTube clips and social media posts after AP journalist Matt Lee questioned a spokesperson .

US intelligence officials have now also stated they have “no evidence of direct Russian government involvement in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.”

A CNN satellite image purporting to show a missile shot down MH17 has been proven to be faked – like most of the other youtube and social media post serving as so called “evidence”.

Including a photograph published by Germany’s Bild newspaper.

Furthermore, mainstream media reports showing rebels mocking corpses and stealing wedding rings have been proven to  be faked, misrepresentations.

And now a curious incident involving the Dutch plane carrying back the Malaysian “crash” bodies occurred. AP first tweeted that the plane had crash landed in The Netherlands before issuing a correction.

Maybe it was just an “accidental” tweet by AP. Or maybe the bodies were switched out? I don t believe government of The Netherlands — or the Dutch Bilderberg royal family –  have much incentive to investigate any more than the US government.

Given all the lies, spin and propaganda of the US government and mainstream media over the MH17 incident so far, it is legitimate to ask what happened to the 188 passengers on the plane? What happened, in fact, to the MH17 plane? Is this another Smolensk-style assassination?

Top officials in the Polish government and military were assassinated in 2010 just before the then Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz was due to give evidence about the potential dangers of the swine flu vaccine at the Council of Europe swine flu investigation.

Kopacz, a doctor, was the only health minister in Europe who refused to implement a mass swine flu vaccination campaign in 2009 citing doubts about its safety.

In the end, the Council of Europe investigation — promoted also by Wolfgang Wodarg and Infowars – focussed only on the influence of the pharmaceutical companies on initiating the swine flu vaccine campaign and not on the vaccine’s dangers.

However, as my email to WHO officials, also to Glenn Thomas, alleged victim of the MH17 crash, showed WHO has made no effort to bring more transparency into its relationship with pharmaceutical companies. The Council of Europe investigation was, it seems, just theatre.

In the meantime, the first narcolepsy victims of the swine flu jab in the UK alone are set to get millions in compensation.

Evidence of other side effects, and even deaths, has been buried.

National pandemic plans have been tightened, not thrown overboard.

The pandemic plans allowing for quarantines and mass forced vaccination seem to be the spearhead of the elite’s plan for global control. The elite seemed to be willing to wipe out the key figures in the only European government which refused the pandemic vaccine in 2009 in a staged plane crash to keep this plan on track.

I allege the elite now also assassinated Glenn Thomas and other AIDS researchers in the staged MH17 crash to keep their Ebola pandemic plans on track.

It cannot be ruled out that the MH17 plane was switched out after taking off from Amsterdam and the people on board, including Glenn Thomas, were killed elsewhere, My tip would be one of the CIA black sites in Poland used for rendition. I believe, after looking at all the evidence,  the Polish government officials were most likely killed in CIA black sites in Poland and not in Smolensk.

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Ebola outbreak in the State Department? White House to be quarantined?

July 23, 2014

Does State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf have Ebola?

Observing Harf admit the US government’s M17 evidence is based on youtube clips and social media posts, she looks like she might have a temperature of 38 degrees (increasingly red face, perspiration on the forehead etc).

She also looks “obviously unwell.”

It, therefore, follows that Harf must have Ebola according to the WHO criteria. A temperature of just 38 degrees and looking “obviously unwell” are enough to be classified as a suspected case of Ebola during screenings at airports, ports and border crossings as I documented in an earlier post.

And if Harf were to argue that she just has a cold or is or uncomfortable (for example, about lying? to the US public), she would meet the extra, catch-all WHO criteria for having Ebola, namely of being “confused about recent onset.”

Harf illustrates that just about any adult can now meet the criteria for having Ebola, Mers, Sars or any of the other public health diseases according to WHO. That means, virtually any adult can be force quarantined and vaccinated.

We are talking here about Dr Strangelove science and General Jack Ripper medicine. It is one of the most outrageous examples of fake, pseudo science serving a political agenda I have ever come across.

The criteria for being a carrier of a lethal disease are so loose, they could be used to declare President Obama to be a suspected case of Ebola: he often looks hot and unwell in media appearances.

If Stauffenberg were a Colonel in the US Army today, he would have declared an Ebola outbreak in the White House, Pentagon and CDC and put those quarters under quarantine before moving on to WHO and UN headquarters to deal with a “SARS” infection. And what about that MERS infection at Buckingham Palace?

Fake alternative media Infowars hypes “plagues” hitting US, pushes quarantine and vaccine agenda

July 23, 2014


US Army study from 2013 shows Ebola ca be cured

July 23, 2014

“In a study led by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases and published in Science Translational Medicine, 43 percent, or three out of seven infected monkeys, recovered in 104 to 120 hours after intravenous treatment.”

Was WHO official Glenn Thomas assassinated in MH17 crash to intimidate WHO officials, NGOs and scientists over Ebola?

July 22, 2014

*Parallels with Smolensk plane crash of 2010

The revelation that WHO media officer Glenn Thomas and six AIDS researchers died in the mysterious MH 17 plane crash in the Ukraine bolsters fears they were assassinated.

While fake alternative media such as Infowars have done a good job in showing the holes in the official narrative, especially by asking why the MH17 plane was flying over Ukrainian battle space in the first place when US aviation authorities had prohibited it and European aviation authorities had placed restrictions, there are a crucial facts Infowars will not report.

Infowars will not report that WHO media officer Glenn Thomas was killed on the plane at a time when WHO is once more in the spotlight for its role in an orchestrated Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Glenn Thomas is the media officer I rang and emailed in April 2014 concerning the Ebola outbreak attack. I also spoke to him in April 2009 concerning the bird flu and swine flu false flag pandemic.

It is conceivable that Glenn Thomas, who seemed a very sympathetic, open-minded individual on the phone, had, like other WHO officials, begun to follow my blog, assess the evidence and become aware of global elite’s depopulation agenda and the role WHO was playing in it.

It is possible, in fact, highly likely, ´that Thomas had become aware of the dangerous threat that the current Ebola outbreak coupled with the International Health Regulations represents. It is possible he decided to move from being a passive spectator to doing something to stop plans to use weaponized Ebola to kill large numbers of people. Read the rest of this entry »

Flashback: My email to Glenn Thomas in April 2014 (five years after my first contact)

July 22, 2014

Jane Burgermeister <>

Query25 messages

Jane Burgermeister <>

3 April 2014 13:22


Dear Glenn Thomas,


With reference to our phone call, could you please tell me what is the WH0 pandemic level alert for the Ebola virus outbreak in Guinea? Are their plans to move to pandemic emergency level 6 soon?


Also, are you aware of any conflicts of interests for the pariticpants listed in WHO’s consultation on Ebola in 2009.


Many thanks for your help!


Jane Burgermeister

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Flashback: My email to WHO officials, including Glenn Thomas , in April 2009

July 22, 2014

Anzeige SchweizOn Saturday, April 25th, I sent an email to WHO officials, including Glenn Thomas at the media office, warning them not to declare a pandemic emergency level 6 and activate the SHOC room.

You can read the email below.

I recall phoning Glenn Thomas beforehand and asking him to whom I should address my email. He was the obvious choice of contact as a native English speaker.

In the morning of April 25th, WHO did start to activate its pandemic SHOC room in anticipation of declaring a pandemic emergency, Der Spiegel admitted a year later.

The pandemic emergency level 6 declaration could have led rapidly to forced vaccinations and quarantines.

Maybe my email helped stop that move. It was a desperate attempt to do so by addressing my concerns directly to WHO chief Dr Margaret Chan. I included some WHO media contacts, also Glenn Thomas’.

At any rate, the Dr Strangeloves who populate the corridors of WHO seem to have decided to switch tactic. They didn t declare a pandemic emergency, after all, waiting until June. But the following Monday, a container exploded in an Intercity train in Switzerland spraying passengers with swine flu viruses.

I filed charges about this incident with the Zurich police on 28th of April. The Austrian police actually investigated and summoned me to give my testimony.

The charges are here:Anzeige Schweiz

 My first contact with Thomas Glenn and WHO is here: Read the rest of this entry »


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