Sodium bicarbonate: a cure for cancer and other illnesses

 Cancer is one the most deadly diseases, and yet a simple cure for cancer identified by Italian doctor Tulio Simoncini has been buried by the medical establishment.

Simoncini discovered that sodium bicarbonate can prevent cancer. Soda neutralizes high levels of acidity in our body and so creates an alkaline environment hostile to fungi – the real cause of cancer, Simoncini concluded after investigating.

He argued that cell division and the uncontrollable growth of cells is not the cause of cancer, at all, as the medical establishment claims. Cell division is, in fact, a sign that a fungal or candida infection is spreading throughout the body.  

Simoncini found there is no anti fungal agent able to stop fungi. Fungi can mutate, adapt and become immune to whatever agent is applied. However, he observed that the spread of fungi stops in an alkaline environment. Taking small doses of sodium bicarbonate regularly can ensure that our bodies have a alkaline environment unsuitable for fungi and cancer.

The usefulness of soda extends far beyond cancer, and so it is surprising that so few people have heard about its beneficial effects.

Sodium bicarbonate is easily available, low in cost and also occurs naturally in the body. It is, in fact, the main ingredient of baking soda, and can be bought in supermarkets and over the counter in any drug stores.

Perhaps it is precisely because sodium bicarbonate is so effective and so low in cost that Big Pharma has shown so little interest in Simoncini’s research. After all, soda would spell the end of Big Pharma’s multi billion dollar cancer treatment industry, which is often based on flawed research. Conventional medicine prescribes treatments such as chemotherapy for cancer which often prove to be deadly.

Never has the need for an effective cure been greater than today.

Every year about eight million people die from cancer, and the number is increasing all the time. Estimates predict 12 million deaths a year from cancer by 2030.

As a doctor concerned with healing people, and not just with mechanically administering drugs based on often flawed medical research funded by Big Pharma, Simoncini started to conduct his own research into the causes of cancer to find a more effective cure.

He healed a patient called Gennaro Sangermano, who had been diagnosed as terminally ill from cancer by his doctors. Simoncini promptly had his medical license withdrawn and he was even sent to prison for three years on trumped up charges. He was maligned and marginalized by the medical establishment in the same way as Dr Andrew Wakefield has been for his vaccine researc.

Simoncini has continued to treat cancer patients successfully with sodium bicarbonate. Patients have been cured in a matter of months or even days in the case of breast cancer.

Simoncini noticed that all types of cancers display the same characteristics wherever they develop. All cancers are white in color like a fungus. His observations led him to conclude that cancer was caused ultimately by a fungus.

Conventional treatments are based on wrong ideas about the cause of cancer. That is why they don’t work. The role of fungi has been overlooked.

Fungus is an entity which is always present in our cells and performs a useful function in eating up toxins. However, our immune system is able to keep it in check as long as our immune system is healthy. Only when our immune system has been weakened can fungus spread via the blood stream and cause malignant tumors.

Our immune systems are, therefore, the key to tackling cancer.

Metastatic tumors develop whenever fungi spreads throughout the body because the immune system is too weak to destroy the fungal infection.

Simonicini found he could not prevent the spread of fungi by administering anti fungal drugs because the fungi became immune. He therefore focused on preventing the growth of fungi altogether by treating cases of a highly acidic environment in the body. It is high levels of acidity which are so conducive to the spread of fungi and the growth of cancer.

Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes acid in the body and so creates an environment hostile to fungi.

When our body has a pH value higher than 7.4, cancer cells cannot grow at all.

Sodium bicarbonate is not the only effective anti cancer treatment. Some fruits and vegetables contain a natural anti cancer agent called Salvestrols. These naturally occurring compounds can seek out and kill cancer cells.

However, the way our food is processed and sprayed by anti fungicide drugs has reduced the amount of Salvestrols contained by natural foods.

Fruits and vegetables which contain Salvestrols include cranberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, apples, peaches, and green vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage as well as artichokes, avocadoes and asparagus.

It is important to take them in a natural form and not as supplements manufactured in a lab.

Nowadays, our immune systems are weakened by many different things, including processed food, preservatives, GMO, pesticides and herbicides, vaccines, electromagnetic waves and microwave technology, drugs and stress.

In addition, children nowadays receive about 25 injections before they are two years old and before their immune systems have had a chance to develop. Chemotherapy, radioactive therapy and vaccines also damage the immune system we rely on to keep us healthy and stop the spread of fungal infections and cancer.

Sodium bicarbonate can be used to treat a large number of conditions not just cancer.

Agni Joda made a list of soda’s beneficial effects in treating various conditions, including:

  1. 1.       The prophylaxis and the healing of cancer
  2. 2.      The treatment of alcohol addiction
  3. 3.       The treatment of of nicotine addiction
  4. 4.      The treatment of toxicomania and drug addiction
  5. 5.      The elimination of lead, mercury, barium and other heavy metals from our system
  6. 6.      The elimination of radioisotopes, prophylaxis in the event of radioactive contamination
  7. 7.      Litholysis in the kidney and in the liver as well as the removal of damaging layers in limbs and the spine
  8. 8.       The purification of an organism to allow for a greater capacity for alert attention, concentration, and to improve our body balance and boost the performance of restless or hyper active children
  9. 9.       The cleansing of the organism from toxic substances. Toxins are found not just in the environment. Negative thoughts and emotions such as malice, envy, irritation and doubt also leave a toxic chemical trace in our organism.


Modern research has shown that soda can neutralize effectively acid in human organisms as well as in the organisms of animals and plants and that it acts as a good regulator of the body’s acid-base balance.

The pH or acidic value of blood in a human being should be about 7.35 to 7.47. In the event that the pH value is less than 6.8, an organism will die. Many people have a pH value of 7.35, indicating they are suffering from excess acidity or acidosis.

A pH value of less than 7.25 is a signals a of severe acidosis. For treatment, a dose of 5 to 40 grams of soda is recommended every day.

In cases of methyl alcohol poisoning, a higher daily dose of 100 grams is recommended.

Acidity is caused not only by toxins in food, air and water, drugs and pesticides.

Negative thoughts and emotions such as fear, excitement, irritation, evil, envy and hatred also have a toxic effect on our bodies. These negative emotions also drain us of vital mental energy. A lack of psychic energy can lead to a sluggish operation of our system, and impair the kidney’s ability to maintain a high concentration of soda in our blood. Whenever kidneys eliminate too much soda, the result is high acidity, which can be treated by taking 3-5 grams of soda every day.

Soda brings the body’s pH value back into balance, increases the body’s alkaline reserves and improves ionization, another positive effect.

Water dissociation and ionization with the help of amino acids, proteins and yeast Alkaline organisms are facilitated by an alkaline environment. Biochemical processes can take place more easily in ionized or activated water. For example, proteins can be synthesized faster and detoxification can occur more quickly.

In addition, vitamins (B1, B4,B5 or PP,B6 and B12) can operate more effectively in activated water. In the acidic environment of a poisoned organism even plant vitamins cannot be effective.

Parasitic worms such as hookworms and whipworms can exist more easily in acid environments, and die in alkaline environments.

Another advantage of alkaline environments is related to our teeth.

Organisms which are too acidic also have acidic saliva with a value of 5.7 -6.7 pH. Acidic saliva damages the mouth’s mucosa and causes teeth decay. Dental problems are fewer in alkaline organisms which have saliva with a value of 7.2-7.9 pH. A daily dose of soda also helps treat caries.

In addition, soda helps prevent the formation of kidney stones by keeping urine to stay alkaline.

Soda can also be taken as a remedy against poisoning by methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, iodine, phosphorous, mercury and lead.

Moreover, it can help people give up smoking by using a soda solution mouth rinse or applying soda to the mouth’s cavern and saliva. Place some soda is on the tip of the tongue for it to be dissolved rapidly by saliva. The presence of soda makes the taste of tobacco more unpleasant and so encourages us to give up smoking.

A certain amount of time is needed for the body to become accustomed to soda. Doses of soda need to be kept small at the beginning and increased over time. Two or three coffee spoons of soda are probably the maximum amount anyone needs or should consume a day.

Soda should be consumed with warm milk so that the body can absorb it more easily from the stomach.

Soda should be taken 20 to 30 minutes before a meal – never immediately after a meal to avoid overloading our digestive system.

Soda can be dissolved in a glass of water or taken as a dry powder, which should always be followed by a drink of warm water or milk.

Simoncini was not the first person to notice the beneficial effects of soda.

Helena Roerich wrote about its positive effects in the 1930s. Soda taken twice a day could treat not just diseases and cancer but also colds and stress, she said.

She also recommended soda for diabetes. Young children with diabetes should take a quarter of a teaspoon for times a day, she wrote.

She reported that an English doctor used soda successfully to treat inflammations as well as pneumonia by giving a large dose of one teaspoon four times a day with a glass of water or milk.

Taking small amounts of sodium bicarbonate before our meals is a simple, low cost and effective way to keep our body’s alkaline and so prevent fungi and diseases such as cancer, which rely on acidic environments to spread.


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