CDC Whistleblower reveals CDC covered up autism damage caused by vaccines

August 25, 2014

A CDC scientist says the CDC systematically covered up autism damage caused by the MMR vaccine in Afro Americans.

The falsification of data is not an isolated incident: whistleblowing virologists are suing Merck for alleged falsification of mumps data.

Flashback: Pentagon briefing about using a vaccine to remove the “God gene “

August 25, 2014

There has been a dispute about whether the video of a Pentagon briefing to destroy a part of the brain associated with the experience of God with a vaccine is authentic. But there is no dispute about the fact that brain eating vaccines have been developed. The swine flu vaccine destroyed parts of the brain, specifically the part that regulates sleep.


New Ebola tobacco plant technology originated in Austria

August 25, 2014



My Email to WHO asking if experimental Ebola drugs are already being given (copy emailed to mediainquiries at WHO)

August 25, 2014

Jane Burgermeister <>

To: “HARTL, Gregory Anton” <>

Cc: “CHAIB, Fadela” <>, “GEHNER, Monika” <>, “HUMPHREY, Helena” <>, “JASAREVIC, Tarik” <>, “JIN, Yan” <>, “SETIOGI, Sari Priscilla” <>

Dear Gregory Hartl,


With reference to WHO s announcement that experimental Ebola drugs are to be given to people in Ebola infected areas, I would like to ask you if any such drugs have already been distributed, and if so when and where.


I note from media reports that people in the West Point quarantine in Monrovia were being required by aid workers to sign for rations with thumbs dipped in ink. I wonder if you could clarify confusion as to whether they were signing consent forms for an experimental drug whether in the food or water or to be administered otherwise since signing for mere food rations is, as far as I know, a very unusual procedure.


Also, please clarify where the food and water come from and whether Monsanto or a Monsanto contractor is a supplier.


Please note this email will be posted on my birdflu666 blog together with your reply if there is any. I appreciate an answer today.


Sincerely, Jane Buergermeister

[Quoted text hidden]


August 25, 2014

Translation by Helios from the Bistro Bar blog.

23 août 2014


Quand le 8 août l’OMS a déclaré l’Ebola problème d’urgence internationale, elle a obtenu le pouvoir de mobiliser l’armée et la police avec ou sans le consentement des gouvernements individuels en vertu des Règlements Sanitaires Internationaux. Ce jour-là, Stephen Morrison, directeur du Centre de Politique de Santé Mondiale du Centre d’Études stratégiques et Internationales, a déclaré qu’on pouvait s’attendre à des interventions militaires américaines et de l’ONU.

Juste deux semaines après la déclaration d’urgence, une loi martiale Ebola a commencé à être mise en œuvre à grande échelle et avec une brutalité jamais vue auparavant.

Un million de gens, ou environ 5 % de la population totale du Liberia, de la Sierra Leone et de la Guinée ont déjà été mis en quarantaine par une méthode qui pourrait se répéter autour du monde. Read the rest of this entry »


August 23, 2014

When WHO declared Ebola an emergency of international concern on 8th August, it obtained the power to mobilize military and police with or without the consent of individual governments under the International Health Regulations. At the time, Stephen Morrison, director of the Global Health Policy Center at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said US and NATO military interventions could be on the cards.

Just two weeks after the emergency declaration, Ebola martial law has started to be implemented on a scale and with a brutality never seen before.

One million people or about 5% of the total population of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have already been put under quarantine in a method which could be repeated around the globe.

In addition, the British army has announced it could set up field hospitals and the Pentagon has said it is mulling sending US military personnel to West Africa in the run up to a  mass vaccination campaign with experimental Ebola vaccines.

The gigantic Ebola quarantine zones, stalked by hunger and death, as the mainstream media, may not be limited to West Africa. They could soon appear all around the world as fast as the mainstream media Ebola hype and hospital scares.

In the USA, the CDC has reported 68 cases of Ebola scares; in Ireland, a Donegal man was suspected of Ebola; in Germany, 600 people were quarantined in a job center in Berlin; in the UK, a police station in the Exeter shut down a cell block; and in Austria two Nigerians were put under quarantine.

What is happening in West Africa needs to concern us all – not just because it is an outrageous crime in itself, but also because we are starting to see the method that the Pentagon and WHO intend to use in other parts of the world, and we need to prepare.

Crucially, people inside the West African quarantine zones are being condemned to starvation and death after being classified as a biological threat to society on the basis of fraudulent pseudo science, so grotesque it is hard for normal mental comprehension.

The actual danger of an Ebola epidemic is small. Ebola is anyway a US bioweapon.

Ebola can only be transmitted through bodily excretions like blood, vomit or excrement. It is not airborne except in lab conditions as even WHO admitted in an email to me in April.

Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, the head of virus diagnostics at the Hamburg Bernhard Nocht-Institut für Tropenmedizin has categorically ruled out an airborne infection as occurs in flu.

If Ebola were as easily transmissible as WHO and the CDC claim, the death toll in West Africa five months after its outbreak would not be the official 1 400 deaths it is but much more, especially as Ebola has hit cities with millions of inhabitants, he points out.

Yet the false claim that Ebola is transmissible is being repeated by the mainstream media and much of the alternative media. And of course, it also being promoted by WHO and the CDC who are using fraudulent Ebola diagnostic kits and verbal Ebola autopsies, even as they admit are not safe or effective just as they admit the emergency use vaccine which is being rolled out is not safe.

An unholy alliance of pseudo science together with military force could be applied to kill potentially billions of people.

In other reports, I have looked at the pseudo science and I’d like to focus now on the method WHO is employing to justify creating gigantic quarantine zones sealed off by military.

The evidence points to an approach which is monstrously effective and which can be broken down into the following steps:

1) make a false diagnosis for Ebola and/or inject people with a weaponized Ebola virus (for example, illiterate people in a homeless shelters or patients in a dual purpose hospital and bioweapons lab such as in Kenema)

2) infect them with Ebola

3) kill them, publicize their deaths, inflate the official figures using verbal Ebola autopsies and other instruments and spread panic

4) take Ebola infected bodies, dump them in streets or use them to contaminate rivers and water supplies

5) start “contact tracing” more victims to inject them with Ebola

6) when the hype is big enough, put whole towns, regions and  eventually countries under quarantine.

Once under quarantine, the trapped people can be given Monsanto? genetically engineered food to spread the disease and/or experimental Ebola vaccines, resulting in enormous deaths which can be controlled, and WHO wants deaths that can be controlled.

These massive deaths within the quarantine zone can be used to justify more and bigger quarantines under the pretext of protecting people from an easily transmissible, mutated virus.

This method can be repeated in Europe, North America, Australia, India, China until virtually the entire population of the globe is eliminated.

The monstrousness of what is happening is hard to comprehend.  The enormity is hard to convey. Yet we see it happening in practice.

In Liberia — under a government run by former World Bank and Citibank staffer Ellen Johnson Sirleaf —  police and military are acting in concert with governments and corporations to make sure people “cooperate with medical teams”.

The Liberian military has already taken drastic steps. Soldiers  at borders have been instructed to shoot to kill people trying to flee into neighbouring countries, setting the stage for the entire country of Liberia to be sealed and turned into one gigantic concentration camp.

On 20th August, 70,000 people in Monrovia were put under a quarantine without warning, without the opportunity to stock up on food or water.

The natural reaction to such suppression has been a riot. This has served as a pretext to use brutal and inhumane force. The military has used tear gas and live ammunition, shooting and wounding at least four people.

Police and soldiers — who were not wearing any masks showing what a charade the whole quarantine is — escorted out the family of  the local politician.

The people trapped inside the West Point quarantine are presented by the mainstream media as being unreasonable in protesting the way their quarter has been turned into a concentration camp where they are shot if they try to leave and starve if they stay.

Today, it is reported some rice and water was provided by the UN World Food Programme.

Oddly, media report that Aid workers got people to dip their fingers in ink to sign for their rations.

Have you ever heard of anyone signing for rations in starvation zones? I haven’t.

Can it be the case that the people were not signing for rations at all, but the consent forms required by WHO for experimental vaccines, which can now also be given in food thanks to Monsanto’s new plant technology?

Mathias Schnell said that he believed his combined rabies and Ebola vaccine could be given PRIOR to an outbreak.

“Schnell believes that the combination rabies/Ebola vaccine his team is working on likely has the best chance to be disseminated prior to an outbreak,” says the report.

Notice the word prior! This implies the vaccines will cause the outbreak.

The bottom line is we don’t know what is going into these vaccines. They could have synthetic biology, nanobots, plague in them.

The stage is set for the mass death inside the West African quarantine zones and that these deaths are to be used as a pretext to institute more quarantines, more vaccine programmes, more tyranny.

WHO’s own documents admit that the goal is to vaccinate 6.7 billion people and we are seeing the use of military and police to achieve that objective.

New UN Ebola czar was responsible for Baxter biosecurity breach which nearly triggered a global bird flu pandemic in 2009

August 23, 2014

Newly appointed UN Ebola Czar, David Nabarro, has warned of an explosion of Ebola cases.–/de/News/38397097

Nabarro, a UKIP politician, was the senior UN system Co-ordinator for Avian and Human Influenza when WHO supplied the bird flu virus which contaminated 72 kilos of seasonal flu in Baxter’s biosecurity 3 facilities in Austria in 2009.

Biologist Richard Ebright recommended civil and criminal proceedings be instituted over a comparatively tiny breach with thebird flu virus when he testified before Congress last month on CDC lapses.

So, how can a man with a disastrous biosecurity record like Nabarro be put in charge of coordinating the military and health service response to the Ebola outbreak?


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