Doctors in the UK told to prepare for Ebola

July 29, 2014

Public Health England delivered letters to doctors urging them to look out for the warning signs of Ebola…


What happened to WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas?

July 29, 2014

Dutch forensic experts have identified the first victim of the MH17 crash when many passports found at the crash scene have expired.

The passports found at the crash site are perfect and some have expiration holes.

There is a huge body of evidence that the crash was staged, begging the question what happened to WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas and the AIDS researchers who allegedly died in the crash if there was no crash?

Two Americans test positive for Ebola as media speculates on infected family in USA

July 28, 2014

A US doctor and aid worker in Liberia have tested positive for Ebola, according to media reports.

The media go out of their way to offer reassurance that family members living in America “have absoultely shown no symptoms.” (Yet.)

“Brantly’s wife and children had been living with him in Liberia but flew home to the U.S. about a week ago, before the doctor started showing any signs of illness, said Melissa Strickland, a spokeswoman for Samaritan’s Purse.

“They have absolutely shown no symptoms,” she said.

A woman who identified herself as Brantly’s mother said the family was declining immediate comment when reached by phone in Indiana late Saturday.

WHO to take Ebola-infected Sierra Leone doctor to Germany

July 28, 2014

WHO plans to move a Sierra Leone doctor infected with Ebola to the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany, reports Bild newspaer.

Bet you ten euros Bild will soon be carrying headlines like: “Ebola strikes Hamburg!”. “Disaster at University Clinic! Nurse infected” And…: “Nigerian in Frankfurt in Ebola quarantine” etc etc

Apropos the Germans, footie player Bastian Schweinsteiger has just been forced to apologize after insulting a rival team.

You might be forgiven for thinking the Zombie Apocalypse the CDC is always talking about has already happened in Germany watching the video of Schweinsteiger doing his latest hefferlump thing at a bar.  It looks like it would be touch and go if he would even notice if he had Ebola – or any of his “fans.”


George Soros has established “solidarity centres” in Greece. Will Ebola spread through Soros’ “medical help”?

July 28, 2014

George Soros is to establish a series of “solidarity centres” in Greece, reports the Guardian.

The first centre is set to open in Thessaloniki and will offer “medical” help.

Given the documented links of George Soros with the Kenema bioweapons lab, which has just been shut down by Sierra Leone presumably because an investigation has showsn it is indeed spreading Ebola, it is reasonable to ask whether Soros’s motives are altruistic.

Or does Soros, in fact, intend to exploit the poorest and most vulnerable sections of society for avaccination campaign? Is it conceivable that Soros and his crony NGOs like MSF plan to spread Ebola, Mers, Sars or other diseases among the poorest sections of society in their centres order to justify introducing martial law mass vaccination and quaratine measures in the rest of Greece and Europe?

Soros has already opened homeless immigrant centres in Greece, which are the ideal place to spread a disease. There is a precedent. Twenty one homeless people died in Poland in 2008 after they were given the deadly bird flu vaccine without their knowledge and after they were paid just couple of euro.

Mainstream media push experimental Ebola vaccines

July 28, 2014

A report from CNN:

WHO to take charge of Kenema bioweapons lab after riots

July 28, 2014

*WHO to assume control of Kenema bioweapons lab

*Police deployed to guard Ebola lab after riots

*WHO places West African on Grade 3, highest emergency level

WHO and MSF are to take over the bioweapons laboratory in Kenema hospital which has been at centre of rioting and strikes because of its role in the Ebola outbreak, according to an Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) announcement posted on its facebook page on Saturday.

The centre has 30 Ebola patients, states a MoHS update posted on Sunday.

The move comes after thousands marched on the lab following allegations by a former nurse that Ebola was being put into circulation deliberately.

The bioweapons lab — funded by George Soros and Bill Gates among others — has now been placed under police protection.

It has also emerged that WHO has upgraded the Ebola emergency in West Africa to the highest level, a Grade 3, allowing WHO to assume control of critical government functions and implement forced vaccination and quarantine plans.

“The WHO Director General, Margaret Chan has upgraded the Ebola response in West Africa to a Grade 3, the highest level of any emergency response. A Grade 3 involves a multiple country event with a substantial public health consequence that requires a substantial WHO country office response and substantial international partner response. This means partners could deploy resources from other countries into the region,” states the MoHS facebook.


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