Germany planned Ebola emergency drill months ago, “coincidence” says doctor

July 15, 2014

Germany planned a large-scale Ebola emergency drill carried out in July at Cologne/Bonn Airport months earlier, strongly suggesting the notion that the current outbreak is orchestrated.

“It was really a coincidence that the exercise happened at the same time as this outbreak, because it had been planned for months,” said Michael Krakau, a senior physician at the Hospital.

Yes, Michael, it was “really a coincidence”, wasn’t it?

Republic congressman hypes Ebola threat to US, calls for vaccines

July 15, 2014

Republican Phil Gingrey calls for mandatory mass vaccinations, citing fears immigrants could bring Ebola…(and not the CDC!)


Healthy people at Ebola checkpoints in Kenema sent to death hospital

July 14, 2014

Despite the mainstream media’s spin on the Ebola outbreak, the latest reports from Reuters, among others, can’t hide the escalating conflict between West African people and Western medical staff, with Reuters even admitting that hospitalization is seen as a death sentence.

The mainstream media has been spinning the wild theory that Ebola is coming from things like deforestation when the US Center for Disease Control’s own Ebola fact sheet admits it comes from hospitals.

There is also documented evidence that the US Department of Defence in partnership with Tekmira started to inject healthy adults with the Ebola virus in January. And a cohort, at least, of these Ebola clinical trials could have been injected in West Africa, thereby, starting the Ebola outbreak.

There is a suitable place in the form of a US bioweapons lab in Kenema hospital, which is also at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak.

Now, it has emerged that checkpoints staffed with police and health officials have been set up in Kenema. Healthy people are being taken away to the hospital and die, admits the mainstream media.

These are some of the shocking facts — stripped of the mainstream media spin — which are emerging from the latest mainstream media reports:

*In Guéckédou,  in southern Guinea, 24 patients out of 26 with suspected cases of Ebola fled a Médecins Sans Frontières treatment center

“People see people arrive more or less OK and then they die there. So they start to mistrust the treatment centre,” admitted MSF coordinator Marc Ponsin to Reuters

*Eight out of ten healthy people arriving at the MSF centre die there.

*Villages in Guinea’s  Forest Region have started shutting out medical workers by blocking off roads and downing bridges

*Locals armed with cutlasses, knives, and stones have chased away medical teams

*In Kenema, police and health authorities have set up checkpoints, checking travellers for fever.

“People say after they check you they will take you to the hospital and you will not come out again. So this is why so many people are afraid, why they will not come here,” a fish trader  told Reuters.

*Kenema hospital houses a US bioweapons lab and the country’s only Supportive Treatment Centre for Ebola

The picture that emerges from this mosaic of facts is of people desperately fighting for their lives. They might be illiterate but they are certainly  intelligent enough to understand what is going on. Read the rest of this entry »

Flashback 2006: Texas Professor advocates killing 90% of the population using airborne Ebola

July 14, 2014

Professor’s “Kill 90% of Population” Comments Echo UN, Elite NGO policies

Here is an interview with the award-winning Dr Eric Pianka.

Scottish health authorities to monitor twitter for Ebola

July 14, 2014

As the Daily Mail hypes the danger of the Ebola Virus spreading to the UK,  the Scottish health authorities have announced they will monitor Twitter for people reporting Ebola symptoms during the Commonwealth Games.

So, think twice before you tweet that you’ve feeling under the weather.

If you are in Scotland, you may find yourself scooped up and taken to  the Brownlee Centre for Infectious and Communicable Diseases at Glasgow’s Gartnavel Hospital, which is a WHO lab….Coincidence?

CDC closes down two labs, stops shipments after Anthrax and Birdflu contamination scares

July 14, 2014

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Friday closed laboratories and halted shipments samples  contaminated with a deadly strain of the birdflu virus were sent from a CDC biosecurity level 3 laboratory to the Department of Agriculture.

The CDC is not the only high security lab to have safety problems.

On April 13, the Institute Pasteur in Paris said 2,349 vials containing samples of the deadlist mutations of the SARS virus had disappeared from  ist top security laboratory .


Hidden factors — not related to health — might determine who is quarantined

July 12, 2014

Just before his death last month, Frank Schirrmacher, the German journalist, warned that a secret global surveillance system — established also by Google and the NSA — could feed information into other information systems to allow for the covert harassment of people going about their daily business for political reasons.

In an ARD interview published the day after his mysterious death, Schirrmacher predicted that people will increasingly come to understand that apparently random events — such as being passed over for a bank credit, job promotion or being denied entry to countries — are, in fact, planned and coordinated and executed according to a political agenda.

“The whole question of what we have up to now called fate or coincidence will change,” he says at time point 7:07 minutes.

His remarks have significant implications for the current Ebola outbreak. Read the rest of this entry »


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