January 21, 2013

*Austrians vote overwhelmingly to keep conscription in historic referendum and triumph for direct democracy

*Mainstream media propaganda machine suffers death blow as new style of political campaign emerges

*Politicians use internet to connect with grass roots, bypass corporate media

*Austria’s debt death spiral deepens: country facing 1930s financial crisis.

*The IMF’s „Chicago Plan“ to switch from private to public money supply should be the next referendum – and not just in Austria

*Tactical voting needed to stop Frank Stronach becoming power broker Lower Austria elections on March 3rd?

In a triumph for common sense, an overwhelming 60% of the Austrians voted to retain conscription while only 40% voted for a professional army in a referendum on Sunday January 20th.

The historical referendum spelled a resounding defeat for Globalist forces in Austria – specifically, the mainstream media and Bilderberg politicians such as Social Democrat leader Werner Faymann and Defence Minister Norbert Darabos – who beat the drum for the end of an army filled with conscripts at a time when the military is set to play an increasing role in the country’s security.

But not just the result was a victory for Austria; the manner of achieving it was also a tour de force. It will hopefully herald a new era of genuine grass roots, information-based political campaigns free of the propaganda influence of the mainstream media.

Largely abandoning their traditional reliance on the corporate-controlled mainstream media, politicians transported facts and arguments directly to voters using the internet and old fashioned methods such as leafletting.

Cross-party initiatives such as the website „Einsatz für Österreich“ mananged to mobilise tens of thousands of people, resulting in a turnout as high as 70% in some federal states.

Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner even spent the day before what she termed a „year-hundred“ decision handing out leaflets in the snow.

In the end, the mass circulation Krone newspaper failed to  persuade its own readers to vote for the professional army. Altogether, 56% of the Krone readers voted for conscription, evidently recognizing the Krone has about the same truth value as the Ministry of Truth described in George Orwell’s „1984″ if not less.

The Social Democrats ” made a big misjudgement when they calculated nothing could go wrong as long as they had the support of the Krone and the yellow press,“ said public opinion expert Wolfgang Bachmayer in Der Standard.

So many people voted against the media campaign,“ he said. „It’s a sign of media political maturity.“

He said people were learning to differentiate between information in the media and media campaigns, adding the development gave  „democratic political hope.“

As Austria enters a super election year, it really is to be hoped that similar campaigns aimed at the grass roots and using fact and arguments to achieve concrete, pragmatic results will become the norm.

The arguments and facts in favour of a conscription army were certainly overwhelming.

First, a shift to a professional army would have deprived the country of conscripts needed to deal with the aftermath of natural castrophes such as flooding and heavy snowfalls as well as thousands of conscientious objectors who provide vital community services.

Second, and more crucially, a professional army composed of soldiers and mercenaries would have been able to operate, also on domestic territory, without the restraints placed on a draft military by the constitution.

The vote to keep a conscription army, therefore, means Austrians now have more options for dealing with the impending financial meltdowm  than during the 1930s when swinging austerity cuts to meet bankster interest payments led to civil war in 1934.

The poisonous cocktail of austerity and civil war paved the way for the annexation of Austria by Deutsche Bank darling Adolf Hitler, as well as the imprisonment of 200,000 Austrian critics within 10 days, and the introduction of mass conscription into the Nazi war machine.

A professional army would also have opened the door to mass conscription into EU battlegroup forces through little known provisions in the Lisbon Treaty.

Moreover, a professional army composed of soldiers and militia mercenaries would also have cost more than a conscription army, (barely 2 billion euros or 0.6% of the GDP), adding to the country’s spiralling national debt.

For sure, the draft needs to be reorganized to better meet the needs of the conscripts and the country, but the current Defence Minister Norbert Darabos has been — and continues to be — a significant block to this much needed reform.

In fact, the only real argument provided by the mainstream media was the doubtful claim that Austria should keep in step with other European Union nations, who have virtually all abolished the draft. But the fact that 21 of the 27 European Union countries have done away with a proven system, including Germany in 2011, does not mean Austrians should display the same, lemming-like willingness to jump over a cliff, something happily grasped even by the readers of the Krone.

The abolition of a conscription military was rammed through in Germany without a democratic vote by former Defence Minister and disgraced Globalist plagiarist Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and hyped by Axel Springer’s media corporation, and has proved a major headache.

Germans have only the competent and sensible new Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle to thank for the fact they aren’t by now embroiled in the beginnings of yet another Globalist-engineered world war, and call up papers are not already fluttering through letter boxes calling for service in the Middle East or Africa or some other region where no one wants them.

Significantly, two key Social Democrat Austrian state governors Gabi Burgstaller (Salzburg) and Franz Voves (Styria) campaigned pragmatically for conscription and against the party line.

It is to be hoped Social Democrat voters in Lower Austria continue a pragmatic approach and see the advantages of a tactical vote for the ÖVP in state elections on March 2013 to repulse the assault of Globalist and former Magna boss Frank Stronach.

Posing as a friend of the people, Stronach and his Chancellor candidate Siegfried Wolf have close financial and personal ties to Globalists like Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who in turn, has ties to Peter Mandelson and Nat Rothschild.

The eccentric and autocratic Austro Canadian’s reaction when the slavish Austrian ORF mainstream media hinted at Magna’s role in the Eurofighter deal give some idea of what the elderly manager would be like if he could pay for a mercenary army to trample all over Austria in jackboots…

Stronach is such a sinister Globalist puppet that stopping him from winning a tiny but controlling share of the vote in the Lower Austria has to be a priority for every strategic thinking Social Democrat and Green Party member who has their own and their country’s interest at heart even if it means a one off vote for the ÖVP.

The ÖVP in Lower Austria is emerging as a major force in battling the Globalist take-over with Mikl-Leitner spearheading the successful referendum campaign.

Clever tactical voting can stop Stronach becoming the power broker in Lower Austria and in Vienna after the September federal elections, and so stop Stronach and far-right Baxter ally HC Strache forming an unholy alliance). I really hope Social Democrats and other parties consider this option of tactical voting to derail Stronach’s – and Strache’s – election chances on March 3rd.

After the success of this referendum, the priority surely has to be a plan to save the country from economic and financial meltdown and put it, too, to a referendum.

Specifically, the IMF „Chicago Plan“ to return to public money should be put to the people of Austria for a yes or no vote at the earliest opportunity.

Even the Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard admits that adopting the Chicago Plan and switching from a private to a public money supply would instantly restore health to the economies of Europe, the US and the UK – as this blog has long argued.

One could slash private debt by 100pc of GDP, boost growth, stabilize prices, and dethrone bankers all at the same time. It could be done cleanly and painlessly, by legislative command, far more quickly than anybody imagined,“ he says.

The conjuring trick is to replace our system of private bank-created money — roughly 97pc of the money supply — with state-created money. We return to the historical norm, before Charles II placed control of the money supply in private hands with the English Free Coinage Act of 1666.

Specifically, it means an assault on “fractional reserve banking”. If lenders are forced to put up 100pc reserve backing for deposits, they lose the exorbitant privilege of creating money out of thin air,” he writes.

A handful of German newspapers have also reported on this simple solution now validated by modern, mathematical models and a study by the IMF.

Austrians have no time to lose in adopting the Chicago Plan now that the country is entering the final, lethal phase of the debt death spiral, inherent in every privatised money system with its ever increasing interest and compound interest, resulting in austerity measures which strangle the economy and/or money printing and which results in hyperinflation.

The Deutsche Mittelstands Nachrichten reports that bankster aid has sent Austria’s national debt soaring. In spite of recent brutal austerity cuts, national debt grew to nearly 190 billion euros last year, sending Austria deeper into the same debt death spiral as Greece.

Austria needs to repay more than 20  billion euros in interest on this bankster, fractional reserve debt this year.It will do so by taking on 20 to 30 billion euros of more debt…

The Chicago Plan is now a scientifically validated, fact-based, pragmatic alternative to debt slavery which can be presented in a referendum by cross party group to the people of Austria and so stop Austria fron spiralling into disaster.

Another much needed measure is in my opinion is increased taxes on the super rich like Stronach and a reduction in taxes on the vast majority of the ever more impoverished population of the country.

Finally, it is to be hoped that the evaluation by external police of the Kampusch case results in the mass arrest of the top 200 or 300 state prosecutors, judges and Justice Ministry officials in Vienna particularly. These appear to be at the heart of a monstrous crime syndicate, protecting not just paedophile rings but also corporate giants such as Baxter pharmaceuticals.

In 2009, Baxter nearly started a global bird flu pandemic and mass vaccine campaign with an adjuvant known to cause neurological damage by contaminating 72 kilos of seasonal flu vaccine with the bird flu virus in its biosecurity facilities in Austria.

The strict regulations of a biosecurity facility make an accidental contamination virtually impossible and yet no one has ever been brought to account for what can only be called a crime against humanity.

Austrian justice officials have instead focussed all their efforts on trying to ruin me in a case reminiscent of Gustl Mollath in Germany, which was the reason why I eventually felt for good reason I had no option but to leave the country.

Austrian police shouldn t leave it to this corrupt clique to investigate their own cover up but act swiftly and arrest state prosecutors like Werner Pleischl for their apparent role in the Kampusch cover up as a first step in a clean up of the justice system. Other candidates for arrest, — my evidence clearly suggests wrong doing –, are Judge Michaela Lauer, solicitor Freiderich Hutz, Philip Nierlich and Daniela Ehrlich.

I am happy to write up a press release for the Interior Ministry explaining why all Austrians, and especially the people living in Hietzing, will benefit from the end of this apparently very well established mafia clique.

The Death of a Father: an old photo brings back Austria’s traumatic history

September 5, 2012

Sipping some wine to mourn – or perhaps to celebrate? – my leaving Austria, one of my elderly neighbours  mentioned the resignation speech of Austrian Chancellor Kurt Schusschnig in 1938, which ended with the words “May God protect Austria.”

Every Austrian knows what happened after the Annexation with Nazi Germany in 1938 because virtually every Austrian was, or has parents/grandparents who were, traumatized by the Nazi terror regime, the corruption of the Nazi government, and who suffered — and/or made others suffer — in a brutal war before Austria collapsed in starvation and ruin on Nazi Germany’s defeat in 1945.

My own father was caught up in these events when he was called up on his 18th birthday in September 1942.

I found a photo of him taken not long after the war when he had started studying economics at Vienna university, and I think his serious expression says a lot about what he had experienced.

After a short period of basic training in Poland, he was sent to fight in Finland and one of the few in his Waffen SS Mountain troops division to have survived – and that only because he was injured and sent to convalesce in Germany.

Thanks to him, I got some glimpse of the  incredibly evil Nazi world – and also how our fractional reserve financial system really works.

May God protect Austria from more financial meltdowns, more wars, more Globalist opportunists like Frank Stronach and more leaders spouting racist nonsense like Freedom Party leader and CIA puppets Heinz Christian Strache and brazenly corrupt politicians like Martin Graf.

A big step to protecting Austria is keeping army conscription. Polls show the majority of Austrians want to keep conscription and an upcoming referendum pushed by Globalistsis highly likely to result in a vote for conscription.

Conscription  places constitutional limits on what soldiers can do and so ensure an army cannot be used against its own people or sent to fight foreign wars for the banksters.

It is time for every Austrian to mobilize to ensure a positive referendum result and stop an voter fraud. God helps those who help themselves, is an old proverb.

Austrians should never again ask God to do what they will not do themselves.

This is my last post Austria, onto a new city, a new life and hopefully a new website.

Stronach’s new “false flag” opposition party flops in Austria: Globalists face euro meltdown with little political cover: Finland prepares for euro collapse

August 17, 2012

You read about it on this blog first: Globalist and Magna chief Frank Stronach has been trying to recruit people for a new „false flag“ opposition party as the euro crisis escalates.

Stronach even rang the solictor handling the sale of my flat in Vienna and offered him a job as Justice Minister. Not to mention a chauffeur-driven car. The sensible solicitor turned the offer down – and he is not the only one.

In the meantime, Stronach’s frantic plans to form a new party are making headlines in Austria.

The Globalists know very well the ollapse of the euro under the weight of interest could happen very soon and that is why Stronach is in a hurry to found a party to control the fall out. Read the rest of this entry »

Stauffenberg in the Wolf’s Lair: Read the E book today

August 8, 2012

At a time of  crisis, terror and tyranny, Claus von Stauffenberg seized the initiative and tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler and overthrow the Nazi regime in a coup in July, 1944. As such, he is an example to us all today.

The mass impoverishment of people by the fractional reserve banking scam led by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers — the families have just merged their financial “empires” according to the FT –, the mass poisonong of people by pandemic and other vaccines, the false flag wars and establishment of a police state around us – these  are all made  possible because too many people refuse to take responsibility.

Too many people resemble Adolf Hitler. They may not be psychopaths like him. But they live small lives mired in the will to power and money, flattering themselves with delusions of greatness which have no basis in objective reality.

Too few people are willing to step up to the plate and actively fight evil like Stauffenberg.

The choice is yours. You are free to chose. But you must pay the price of your choice.

Read a fun, fictional account of Stauffenberg’s adventures on July 20th here.

Ask yourself honestly: Am I more like Hitler or like Stauffenberg? In what way? Why? What can I do to change and recover my power and my sense of self worth?



August 8, 2012

*Frank Stronach, CEO of Magna, rings solicitor handling the proceeds of the sale of my flat and offers him job as justice minister and chauffeur-driven car

*Phone call happens almost immediately after I sign the contract

*Bizarre call comes to light after I return to sign a second document: Schwechat solicitor tells me openly about it

*Stronach has strong links to Oleg Deripaska and Nat Rothschild

*Is Stronach trying to influence my solicitor. For what purpose? Are there plans afoot to defraud me of the proceeds of the sale of my flat?

Some might think I would be flattered to know that Frank Stronach, Magna CEO, and friend of Oleg Deripaska and Nat Rothschild, think so highly of the solicitor handling the sale of my flat in Vienna that he rings him in person a couple of days after I sign the contract, and offers the solicitor a job as a justice minister with a chauffeur-driven car.

Funnily, it made feel rather queasy. It is a queasiness mixed with pleasure, though, because Stronach’s very unusual phone call to a small town solicitor based in Schwechat outside Vienna could be construed as an attempt to put out feelers to see if he could bribe or blackmail the solicitor to defraud me of the proceeds of the sale of my flat.

Back to the beginning of this unlikely tale, which offers yet more insights into how Globalists and their shadowy network operate and why I have had so many problems in Austria since I filed charges against Baxter in 2009 for contaminating 72 kilos of seasonal flu vaccine with the deadly bird flu virus in their biosecurity level 3 lab in Orth an der Donau and since I warned people the pandemic vaccine recommended by Austrian Health Minister Alois Stöger was damaging. Read the rest of this entry »

Letter confirming my complaint against Baxter was investigated by state prosecutors in Austria: pandemic plan kickbacks scandal widens

July 27, 2012

Here it is again: a pdf copy of a letter from the Austrian Health Ministry dated May 2009 confirming that I had made a complaint against Baxter and Avir and that state prosecutors had started an investigation into the incident involving the contamination of 72 kilos of seasonal flu vaccine with the deadly bird flu virus in Baxter’s biosecurity 3 level facilities in Orth an der Donau.

Hinausschrift_BMG-92400_0049-I_B_8_2009_20.05.2009_Burgermeister,_Jane_(1)[1] Read the rest of this entry »

New French pandemic plan targets internet

July 27, 2012

The role information circulating on the internet played in persuading people in France not to take the pandemic vaccine in 2009 is confirmed by the country’s new pandemic plan.

The plan states that number of French people willing to take the pandemic vaccine dropped from 65% at the end of August 2009 to 39% on September 15th and, one month later, stood at only 19%. The drop in numbers of people willing to take the vaccine is ascribed to information available on the internet. Read the rest of this entry »


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