February 19, 2018

With the USA heading for economic collapse through an engineered inflation, specifically Donald Trump’s tax cut package, triggering interest rate hikes, the chances of a false flag  epidemic soon have risen dramatically. This blog has argued since 2009 that false flag epidemics have been organized by the Globalists to synchronize with economic crashes.

My tip? A Black Death outbreak spread to Africa, Europe via Greece, the Balkans and Austria, which develops anti biotic immunity become untreatable.

A Baxter 2.0 in Austria or a neighbouring country (hence the decamping of the Rothschilds who have sold a hunting estate.

In 2009, Baxter contaminated 72 kilos of flu vaccine with a deadly bird flu virus in its biosecurity level 3 facilities, enough to kill about a billion people. In a sinister development, the parliamentary questions revealing the scale of the threat to the globe then has been removed from the Austrian parliament’s main database.



Or several of these false flags at the same time.

If even one of these is engineered, and it could happen any day anywhere, readers can expect their lives to last a few more weeks or months max. If they survive beyond that, they will have a few more weeks or months  to eke out in a disaster zone until they are also dealt with.

Unless, Trump takes radical and effective action immediately, the chances of he and his family being ten foot under ground together with millions of Americans in three years max are in my view 90%.  Trump has to stop staring at cable TV and tweeting in reaction to fake news and start dealing with real world information and developing real world plans. He was brought into office by an information war revolution only to build his policies on the same lies and same swamp.

The only consolation is that the likes of James Comey, Jared Kushner and Robert Mueller will also be ten foot under ground. The Globalists aim at removing virtually everyone from the world this time round. Some say they want 200 million to survive, some say less.

From the Daily Mail

World health chief warns a pandemic that will kill millions ‘could start in any country at any time’
Dr Tedros Adhanom is the director general of the World Health Organization
He claims the next outbreak will be ‘terrible’ on humans and the economy
Dr Tedros was speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai this week

By Stephen Matthews For Mailonline 

Published: 16:40 GMT, 14 February 2018  | Updated: 19:34 GMT, 14 February 2018 

Humanity is ‘vulnerable’ to a pandemic that could kill millions, the chief of the World Health Organization has warned.

Dr Tedros Adhanom, director general of the WHO, claims the next outbreak will have a ‘terrible toll’ on the population and economy.

Fears of a pandemic have mounted lately, following the worst flu outbreak in recent years that has rocked the US, Australia, France and the UK.

A plague outbreak in Madagascar last November also shook the medical community, and left them concerned it would spread across the world rapidly.

While the most recent pandemic, mosquito-borne Zika virus, struck 70 countries in 2016 and took concerned scientists by surprise.

Speaking about the threat of another at the World Government Summit in Dubai earlier this week, Dr Tedros said: ‘This is not some future nightmare scenario.

‘A devastating epidemic could start in any country at any time and kill millions of people because we are still not prepared. The world remains vulnerable.’

He added: ‘We do not know where and when the next global pandemic will occur, but we know it will take a terrible toll both on human life and on the economy.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5391477/World-chief-warns-world-unprepared-pandemic.html#ixzz57ZBbMOSy
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Brexit academics, subjected to terror tactics of “1984” style thought police, stand up for information, freedom and democracy. But is a Mr Charrington among them?

February 19, 2018

A report in the Daily Mail reveals the intimidation fear and smear campaigns that academics who support Brexit have to endure, and it is not far from George Orwell’s 1984.

About 40 of them have now set up their own website, which should allow for more information about a Brexit than is currently permitted by the mainstream media to enter the public arena.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-5407109/DOMINIC-LAWSON-academics-Briefings-Brexit-website.html#ixzz57Z0NZIkc
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Most likely Big Brother has already infiltrated Brexit Briefings using tactics well known to George Orwell when he wrote 1984 and still used today. A Mr Charrington is almost certainly among them, ingratiating themselves at first while preparing the usual dirty tricks campaign to demoralize and divide and rule.

How to cope with these tactics? Stay focussed on producing accurate, factual information. Ignore any personal views, opinions, pseudo conflicts, fake warnings about what is acceptable to the public or not whether they come as bots or from academic higher ups.

My experience is the Mr Charringtons will aim to take over the website and donations and push out every genuine person. They will try and plant flakey stories deliberately to discredit the entire website or insinuate racist attitudes.

The biases in the UK mainstream media, the rhetoric used by the Remain campaign, heavily financed by George Soros, have deliberately created an atmosphere of terror against anyone with pro Brexit views. The media and Remain camp repeat endlessly the mantra that Brexit equals racism. In fact, Brexit equals freedom, democracy and the rule of law in opposition to a corrupt EU superstate, propped up by a establishment mainstream media.

Here in Greece, it is already 1984 in as far as it is the state, the government of Alexis Tsipras meting out a politicized and corrupt justice, which has tried and is still trying to turn me into Otto Warmbier for daring to expose crimes. Recall EC President Jean Claude Juncker wrote me a letter about my case offering support in 2015 already, but the crimes just go on regardless, implicitly sanctioned by the EC President.

My case should be a warning to the pro Brexit group. There is something to be more afraid of than forces of social pressure, manipulated by billionaires and mega corpoations. That is a life in a totalitarian state like Winston Smith in 1984.


My mirror selfie of the week as new FBI director continues pattern of enabling crimes known to the bureau through inaction

February 19, 2018

mirror selfie

Florida Governor Rick Scott rightly called for the FBI director Christopher Wray to resign because of the agency’s failure to investigate a tip last month that the Florida school shooter had a “desire to kill” and access to guns and could be plotting an attack.


Wray follows in the same path as FBI director James Comey, who failed to investiate an open Source “tip” from Buzzfeed in 2014 that there a Russian troll form was operating in the USA.

He also failed to investigate my Open Source tips that Barack Obama and George Soros and others tried to launch an Ebola false flag in 2014 to depopulate the USA.

This is the same Comey who has now been caught hiding a scret meeting with Obama just before Trump’s inauguration to discuss a Russian collusion narrative and likely how to go about the politicisation of investigation.


Imagine in how much danger the Buzzfeed reporters would have been in 2014 if they had been reporting on George Soros and Obama’s role Ebola false flag as the only source while Obama told Comey to stand down on murder attempts against me.

Fact is, the FBI, CIA and Pentagon are not doing their job. In as far as reporters like me try to do their job and warn the public, they face being killed in cold blood in front of the eyes of the world with the collusion of the FBI, CIA and Pentagon chiefs.


Mueller’s indictment of Russia troll farm is new high in cynicism. Media reported on its activities in 2014 already, FBI did nothing

February 19, 2018




Robert Mueller’s indictments last week in the Russia probe underline that the FBI has again failed to identify or disrupt the activities of foreign spies in the USA even when the media report on them. US mainstream media reported on the Russian social media and propaganda operation to infuence US public opinion, which has come into Mueller’s focus, in 2014.


More troubling is the way Mueller and his team are trying to spin the indictment to hide the ongoing failure of the US intelligence community and House and Senate committees to register open source reports on criminal activities and act on them. Mueller’s team and the US media seem deliberately to be trying to give the false impression that the Russia probe and FBI have just uncovered the operation now.

Infowars reports how Buzzfeed described the operation in detail in 2014.

“However, a 2014 report from Buzzfeed shows that not only was this troll group’s activities known, they were also fairly transparent about what they were doing.

“Russia’s campaign to shape international opinion around its invasion of Ukraine has extended to recruiting and training a new cadre of online trolls that have been deployed to spread the Kremlin’s message on the comments section of top American websites,” wrote Max Seddon.

“The bizarre hive of social media activity appears to be part of a two-pronged Kremlin campaign to claim control over the internet, launching a million-dollar army of trolls to mold American public opinion as it cracks down on internet freedom at home.”

The article goes on to outline exactly how the scheme worked:


Although the details of Russia’s troll operation have been public since 2014, it was allowed to continue its work with impunity and influence the US elections.

Mueller’s indictment has added virtually nothing to the Buzzfeed report from 2014. Four years later, and one and half years after the federal election, he has belatedly charged 13 Russian individuals for influencing the 2016 election by using the same methods and listed the crimes they violated, including wire fraud, bank fraud and identity theft.

Mueller has now made it clear to  hostile powers that the FBI is incapable of detect or unwilling to detect let alone neutralize individuals and entities who have interfered in US democracy and so emboldened everyone else to do the same in 2018 and beyond.

This approach only adds to the credibility problems of the FBI and emboldens America’s enemies yet more. Hostile powers now know for sure that the FBI is not doing its job. It is not monitoring their activities, not neutralizing their methods and not making them ineffective.

Not only has the FBI failed to stop these activities. It has failed to register reports on these activities in the mainstream media and act on them.

Russia and the whole world knows why. The top Pentagon, FBI and CIA officials have misused their positions for years to cover up the corruption of the Clintons and Barack Obamas at the expense of the US people. Their priorty has been personal career advancement, book deals. Even when facing a threat as huge as the Ebola false flag in 2014, they did nothing to publicize, investigate or bring the perpetrators to justice. Because so many are now involved in a networks of mutual corruption, they must falsify every danger to hide their own role in it.

Mueller has to falsify the past reports about the Russian troll farms, falsify the present indictment as an investigation when it is a cover up, and falsify the future. He has to pretend not to know that there was a report about the Russian troll farm was in the public area four years ago. He has to pretend to have discovered it only now. He has to pretend to take election interference seriously with an indictment. He has to pretend to prosecute 13 Russians, who are, meantime, in Russia, and who likely will never face a court trial.

The House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Senate Judiciary Committee have also failed to fulfil their function of oversight and they are also captive to their own lies. They must pretend that pouring over tens of thousands of classified documents about potential Russian interference may have a value. They must pretend not to know that vast crimes  are open source and published on Buzzfeed and on my blog in 2014. They pretend that the FBI is doing its job.

My own blog is even more serious than Buzzfeed or Russian trolls.

Journalists from Russian state TV came to interviewed me in 2016 in Larisa about biological warfare. George Soros reads my blog. The US military and intelligence community certainly relies on my  blog for information on a huge scale threat of asymmetric biological warfare. Yet, the committees, the FBI and CIA fail to take any action on my open source information which Russia and the many other hostile nations, terrorist groups and criminals around the world are constantly processing to detect vulnerabilities. They institute no counter measures, no new intelligence gathering operations, do nothing to protect me.

The Russian social media and  propaganda campaign showed nimbleness and sophistication. The Kremlin saw in 2014 that it was the disinformation by the mainstream media in the USA, which opened the door to their propaganda campaign in the first place. It is because the US mainstream media has lost all credibility both in the eyes of the US military and intelligence community following the Evola false flag on my blog as well as the average American, that they were so willing to turn to the social media. One reason why the media has lost credibility is because it has been exposed as fig leaf for a corrupt establishment. Through the internet, Americans found out about the corruption of the Clinton foundation, Hillary Clinton’s email server and the Uranium One deal, the plans of the New World Order and the private Federal Reserve. Another because it lies about massive issues like the Globalist depopulation plan.

The Russians saw the Americans and intelligence community wanted to believe in a deliverer from these evils, in a Donald Trump, without taking much personal responsibility. They would support him if he campaigned on an agenda of making America great again.

While the Russians acted nimbly to exploit this shift in media consumption and tailored their operations to fill a vaccuum, the US mainstream media continues to act as if they can continue with their propaganda without consequences beyond lower advertising revenues.

While the Russians acted swiftly, in my view, to exploit personal corruption in the Trump team to push their agenda of destroying the US from within, potentially using their own version of the Ebola false flag, the US Congress, Senate and intelligence community continue to act as if they have everything under control.

And it is the failure to investigate any of the corruption by Clinton or Barack Obama, specifically in relation to the 2014 Ebola false flag, which has opened the door to the very real threat that some hostile country, terrorist organization or crime syndicate will use biological and chemical to wipe out the USA. Nothing has been done to counter that threat.

It is through my blog, after all, that the US intelligence community found out about and stopped the Ebola false flag in 2014. My blog also brought  the Black Death plague onto their radar screen in 2017. The Russians know it. The Chineses know it. George Soros knows it.The Russian TV journalists even repeatedly asked me if I thought the FBI took the issue of biological warfare seriously. They don’t need to ask. They know my life hangs my a thread. I have to post mirror selfies every week in Larisa to prove I am alive.

Homeland Security launched a pathetic competition in 2017 to monitor open source reports for threats just after I was nearly turned into Otto Warmbier in a show trial in Larisa again by George Soros and Alexis Tsipras, and they realized they might not be able to come to my blog soon. How cynical! And how worse than nothing to launch such a pathetic effort to monitor and analyze open source reports for biological threats. You can bet a million dollars that the winners of that competition did not notice the Pentagon groundwar plans for North Korea fail to take into account North Korea is a chemical and biological warfare superpower. Not only does North Korea have a vast arsenal of such weapons, it trains its soldiers in how to use them. Precisely because it knows it is a blind spot in the USA.

The Pentagon, FBI and CIA have lost credibility in the eyes of Russia and the world when it comes to intelligence gathering activities and effective operations. Mike Pompe’s rhetoric that the CIA poses a real threat is hollow when it is not backed up by any effective deeds. Everyone can see the CIA and FBI have done nothing to protect me under threat for my reports here in Larisa. Any briefings Pompeo delivers to Trump which are based soley on CIA and FBI analysts, which failed to detect the open source reports of Russian troll farms in 2014 or the Ebola false flag, and perpetuate the lies of the establishment, are worthless. Without real world information, Trump can’t make good decisions. And he isn’t.

In my view, the unfolding of the Ebola false flag in 2014 has allowed the Russians to do much more than simply identify a new tool of propaganda and a new method of cyber warfare and election hacking. It has enabled them see the personal corruption of so many top level people in the US media, politics and US intelligence community, as an avenue. A veil of silence has been pulled over the Ebola false flag by everyone, even by Donald Trump. Awareness of the scale of that corruption, including by the Trump campaign, emboldened the Russians in my view to use bribery and blackmail on selected members to gain influence over the Trump administration.

I believe they leveraged Jared Kushner’s debts to get him to purge the original line up and replace them with the kind of swamp creatures that will continue the downward path of the USA into a debt death spiral, false flag epidemics, wars and civil wars.

I believe Kushner hoodwinked Trump about his motives for the purge. Trump may never have suspected that Kushner had ulterior motives. Trump seems to have had a huge respect for his son in law in 2016. This was not unfounded in as far as Kushner played a key role in leveraging the social media, working together with the Russian troll farm perhaps, to swing public opinion in favour of Trump. But the Kremlin did not want Trump in power to make America great again. It wants to collapse the USA from within but in a way that benefits it and not George Soros.

The tax cuts by Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin are set to send interest rates soaring and economic disaster looms for Trump. George Soros is already confidence Trump will not survive one term as the economy grinds to a halt. Higher interest rates mean consumers have less money at their disposal to buy products and companies less incentive to invest. The US federal deficit is set to soar. Cuts in social welfare will fuel civil war like tensions. Giving 700 billion to a Pentagon that has allowed the Taliban to win 40% more territory last year and can’t plan a groundwar in North Korea is wasted spending if the corruption of the top generals is not dealt with.

I am 97% certain Comey and Mueller and the intelligence committees know a great more about this then they reveal to the public. Yet, they do nothing.

Time is running out, dear friends. The corruption, lies and careerism has reached a new high point with Mueller’s cynical indictment, and we are counting down to the Black Death plague, false flag incidents to ignite wars and economic collapse.

Tsipras gets another lawsuit, this time for conspiring to smear former PM through fake testimonies about Novartis bribes, is strange accused are A to Z of Tsipras’ political rivals

February 15, 2018

Former conservative prime minister Antonis Samaras has accused Alexis Tsipras of trying to smear him along with other opposition politicians with fake witnesses in the Novartis bribery scandal.

He said Tsipras was ” responsible for the horrible conspiracy that is being put together. It has been so badly designed that it is falling apart on its own.”

Sounds very much like my own case. That also involves the most badly designed conspiracy to cover up the original murder attempt that anyone could ever conceive of. That too was clearly orchestrated by Tsipras and involves top police chiefs, the Supreme Court president, prosecutors…Yet the idea behind it was so stupid, that that horrible conspiracy too is falling apart, and so spectacularly that half the Larisa police and army know about it, in the meantime.

It is suspect that Dimitri Avramopoulos ordered 2 swine flu shots for every Greek person in 2009 when the Polish health minister and doctor Ewa Kopacz refused the vaccines because of safety concerns.


However, it stretches the imagination to believe that almost all of Tsipras’ main rivals were implicated, including the central bank chief. That does seem too convenient.

Even as Tsipras has ordered a parliamentary probe, media report prosecutors can’t find any evidence that 10 politicians were paid 50 million euros in bribes to help Novartis fix prices and get vaccine contracts. The only evidence is the secret testimony of three witnesses who can’t back up what they’re alleging and whose stories keep changing.



Antonis Samaras is filing a lawsuit against Tsipras, accusing him of being behind a plot to tarnish opposition politicians by implicating them in the Novartis bribery claims.

Samaras said he is also taking a stand because of the dangerous precedent set by the use of protected witnesses.

“In the future, every new government will be able to use coached informants to do away with its political opponents,” he said, an approach used by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.



Terror threats against four Brexit MPs and Vanessa Trump. George Soros?

February 13, 2018

Police are investigating after four MPs including Commons leader Andrea Leadsom received death threats over their views on Brexit. Staunch Brexiteer Ms Leadsom condemned the message as “despicable” and described its anonymous sender as a “coward”.


Meanwhile, in another despicable and cowardly act in New York, the wife of Donald Trump’s eldest son was taken to hospital after opening a letter containing “white powder.”


My own case shows that George Soros, who opposes both Brexit and Trump, will resort to murder attempts to silence someone who he thinks stands in his way.

I am not saying Soros or his surrogates were behind the Brexit MP or Vanessa Trump threats. To find out who is behind it requires a police investigation. But I think they should be prime suspects given the obvious motive as well as all the evidence of violent actions against his perceived opponents here in Greece anyway.

Professor Claims Soros ‘Missionaries’ Bragged About Toppling Governments in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

February 13, 2018

by Jack Montgomery10 Feb 20182,510
Author and sociologist Frank Furedi claims globalist activists working for billionaire financier George Soros bragged about toppling governments at a private lunch.
A former professor of sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury, Furedi recounted his experience with the globalist’s “missionaries” in an article for the Telegraph newspaper, having been prompted by the revelations about his efforts to bring down the British government and trigger another EU referendum.


“Soros believes that if the people voted the wrong way, he is entitled to thwart decisions made by them,” Furedi wrote.

“Soros does not believe in the legitimacy of borders nor in the authority of national electorates. Consequently, he feels entitled to influence and if possible direct the political destiny of societies all over the world.”

Furedi said his own encounter with “the Soros operation” took place in the 87-year-old’s native Hungary in 2013, at an Open Society Youth Exchange exchange event which brought together so-called ‘civil society’ activists from across the globe:


Most of those in attendance were smart, idealistic young people who appeared to be committed to making the world a better place. My only concern with the gathering was it regarded its participants as a group of democratic missionaries, who would go back home to spread the good word.

It was later during lunch at a plush Budapest hotel that I encountered the full force of the arrogant ethos promoted by the Soros network of organisations. At my table I listened to Dutch, American, British, Ukrainian and Hungarian representatives of Soros NGOs boast about their achievements. Some claimed that they played a major role in the Arab Spring in Egypt. Others voiced their pride in their contribution to the democratisation of the Ukraine. Some bragged about their influence in preparing the ground for the overthrow of the Gadafif regime in Libya.

I sat quietly and felt uncomfortable with a group of people who so casually assumed that they had the right to play God throughout the world. At one point, the head of the table – a Hungarian leader of a Soros NGO – asked me what I thought about their work. Not wishing to offend, I quietly remarked that I wasn’t sure whether the external imposition of their idea of democracy on the people of Libya was legitimate nor that it would work. Without a second’s hesitation, my interlocutor rounded me with the response: “I don’t think that we have the luxury of waiting until the Libyan people come up with their own Jefferson!”

Furedi recalled being alarmed by “the haughty tone with which she lectured me about performing the role of Jefferson” in countries like Libya

Foreign intervention has changed the North African country into a failed state, where jihadists are at large, black Africans are sold openly in slave markets, and criminal people-smugglers coin a handsome profit ferrying illegal migrants to Europe — often with the assistance of NGOs linked to Soros.

Furedi, who like Soros has a Hungarian-Jewish background, also took aim at defenders of the convicted insider trader who accuse his critics of anti-Semitism.

“I am appalled by baiting critics of Soros as anti-Jewish,” he wrote, saying that the “cause of fighting anti-Semitism is ill-served by such opportunistic use of the term.”

The academic “lost most of [his] Hungarian-Jewish family in the Holocaust” — while Soros himself survived the calamity by posing as a Hungarian official’s Christian godson, accompanying him on his rounds confiscating property from less well-connected Jews.