Are young Germans more likely to hack the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland than join the conscript armies of world war three?

April 17, 2015

Germans are sick and tired of the anti Russian propaganda streaming from the state controlled ARD and ZDF. In the meantime, there are groups and websites specialising in dismantling the lies, such as the fake photographs of Russian tanks rolling into the Ukraine.

Germany s Anonymous has just recently shared a video of US general and Fox News military analyst Bob Scales calling for Russians to be killed, killing so many Russians that even Putin s media can t hide the fact, as he puts it.

And it s not just the Germans. The Czechs are equally sick and tired of the  war mongering.

If I haven t reported on the dangerous build up of Nato troops on the eastern front in support of a brazenly fascist Ukrainian regime, it is because there are so much of the German alternative media is focussing on this very topic. A significant proportion of  the German public, especially the young people, realize that anti Russian war sentiment is being fuelled by massive propaganda paid for by corporations and banks who just want to gain control of Ukrainian and Russian oil and gas reserves.

Rather than go along with it,   Germans are more likely to hack attack nuclear weapons or passenger planes and direct them at the Globalist hide outs like Switzerland, Dubai and Sardinia. That would put a rapid end to any world war three, especially if the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland is targetted. The BIS is conduit for the international financial transactions which pay for a global war. Hacking the BIS, the ECB, the Bank of England, IMF and the Federal Reserve would paralysis the flow of money needed for a thrid world war.

The recent history of Germany has some benefits. It means Germans today realize they could end up paying for this latest corporate crusade  with their lives if conscription starts or the war goes nuclear.

My own father was conscripted into a Waffen SS mountain troop division on his 18th birthday — he wasn t even allowed to finish the year in grammar school but was given a special war certificate stating he had finished grammar school, a so called Kriegs Matura — and sent to fight on the Eastern front in Finland in 1942. Hardly anyone survived.

That s why I also feel very sorry for the US troops participating in propaganda exercises like Dargoon Ride.  The US soldiers being sent to the Eastern front are incredibly naive about what their fate is going to be when a war with Russia starts. A war with Russia in 2015 is  going to make Finland 1944 look like a picnic. US army Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey, who has never experienced combat himself,  is always the first to back war. Yes man  Dempsey is like Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel of Hitler s Germany. Dempsey should put his own life on the line, go to the Ukraine, fight in the trenches, feel for himself what war is like. That might make him more inclined to end his fawning attitude to his political masters, who want war for the profits of banks and corporations. But of course, it would not serve Dempsey s  own career in the Pentagon.

The sense of deja vu, of the same old, same old propaganda is netly captured by a video called Tageschau, 70 Years Eastern Front propaganda.


Putin gives a Q and A sessions, sounds most reasonable politician for years

April 17, 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin answered questions, often very tough, critical questions about the currenct sanctions, from an audience during a question and answer session lasting four hours.

Putin sounds resonable, factual, humble and in touch with ordinary people and their problems and also sympathetic to them. He also sounds competent. Is it any wonder that the Ruble has rebounded?

Meanwhile the Euro is being destroyed by the ECB, which is now printing 60 billion euros a month to buy up the debts of euro states, who have to pay interest on the fractional reserve, privatised money system. This quantitive easing will result in hyperinflation, another reason why the Globalists want a war with Russia quickly and why George Soros is  encouraging a massive investment by the EU in armaments.

When did we last have a politician who sounded like Putin in the western World? When did a single politician talk about topics like the end of the private creation of money? Or false flag operations? The very topics citizens are talking about on the interent? Almost all the politicians sound as if they live in the pages of Paris Match and mouth Big Brother slogans from a teleprompter or Bild headlines. The political class in Europe are now so detached from reality that Marine Le Pen from France sounds the most reasonable. Her plan to exit the EU and euro is the most reasonable. Personally, I hope France does get out of the euro before it collapses as it inevitably will.

And when did we last have journalists or members of the public who asked politicians probling and  critical questions? Just compare the calm, factual interaction of Putin with his audience with the hysterical Ed Royce questioning the even more hysterical Liz Wahl at a Congressional hearing about how to counter so called Russian propaganda.

Poll shows 82% of Lithuanians believe Russia is telling the truth

April 16, 2015

It was a shocking result for a reporter at Lithuania s TV3 trying to understand why so many people in Lithuania are convinced that Russia is the object of US aggression.

A snap poll asking viewers if they had noticed an increase in Russian propaganda showed that 82% of the viewers believed Russia was telling the truth. There was no propaganda.

Only 12% noticed an increase in propaganda while 6% noticed no increase.

The poll contradicted the official narrative and was rapidly removed. A sports report was suddenly considered so urgent, it could not wait another second. The link to the facebook video no longer seems to work.

According to Congress and fomer RT and CIA? operative Liz Wahl, 82% of Lithuanians must therefore be conspiracy theorists, belonging to extremist fringe groups comparable with Isis.

Bloggers who give facts about US aggression to Russia compared to Isis during congressional hearing

April 16, 2015

GCHQ puts investigative journalists in same threat category as terrorists, snoops on emails

April 16, 2015

GCHQ information security assessment listed “investigative journalists” as a threat in a hierarchy alongside terrorists or hackers.

NGOs “aim to destabilise” Latin American governments says Argentine President as Ecuador publishes book on CIA methods

April 16, 2015

NGOs “aim to destabilise” Latin American governments says Argentine President Cristina Kirchner Read the rest of this entry »

German task force to probe airplane remote control technology

April 15, 2015


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