Unhinged Trump now threatening military action against Kim Jong, Mike Pompeo says he was not informed of Trump’s

May 24, 2018

Follow Donald Trump’s unhinged rant as it dawns on him he may be facing jail over his secret foreign  and corporate bribes on a Live blog…


“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he was involved in discussions late Wednesday and early Thursday that led to President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of a planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. But, he would not say exactly which, if any, other countries were given a head’s up on the decision, including South Korea.
“I don’t want to get into who all we notified,” he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, according to the Associated Press. “The White House will speak to that at the appropriate time.”

Kim Jong Un should side step the propaganda trap, best appear friendly and smiling, joking with the team that just demolished the nuclear test site and the journalists. Trump already looks like the aggressor. Rub it in, Kim!

MSF director admits no proof Merck’s Ebola jab is safe or effective in NEJM

May 24, 2018

Rebecca Grais, the director of research at the MSF epidemiological center in Paris, admitted the Merck Ebola vaccine there is no proof that the Merck Ebola vaccine is safe or effective in an interview for the NEJM.


The interview was given before Grais left to help push the risky  Ebola vaccine (Merck) on the population while pretending to conduct serious clinical trial phase 1 research to be used to obtain an license in the USA under new “Right to try” rules.


The vaccine’s safety and efficacy were very promising when it was studied in Guinea and Sierra Leone in 2015,1 but the research was conducted at the tail end of the epidemic, so it was not clear how much of the reduction in transmission could be attributed to the vaccine and how much simply to the waning of the epidemic. Further investigation is needed to determine how the vaccine will work as this outbreak unfolds in a different country and setting. 


Signs increase people in Congo are refusing Ebola vaccine cultured in African green monkey cells which gave the world AIDS, media suggest they are threatening MSF doctors offering jab

May 24, 2018

From Punchng

Confusion around an unlicensed Ebola vaccine being used in the Democratic Republic of Congo is complicating efforts to rein in an outbreak of the deadly virus, Doctors Without Borders warned Thursday.

DRC health officials launched a small, targeted vaccination campaign this week to help rein in the latest Ebola outbreak in the country, which so far has claimed 27 lives.

The campaign, using an unlicenced vaccine, is beginning with first responders, and will soon move to anyone who has been in contact with suspected cases, and then on to the contacts of the contacts.

WHO said Wednesday that some 10,000 people should be vaccinated within the next month.

But Doctors Without Borders, known by its French acronym MSF, cautioned that, among many people on the ground, there was confusion and uncertainty about the vaccine and who could receive the jab.

“The messaging around the vaccine has not been well done,” Jean-Clement Cabrol, MSF’s emergency medical coordinator, told reporters in Geneva following his latest trip to the affected region.

He cautioned against the widespread description of the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine as “experimental”.

“I think that using words like ‘experimental vaccination’ does not simplify things,” he said.

The vaccine has been deemed highly effective and safe by WHO, but has not yet received a licence.

“A large portion of the population does not understand this illness (and) thinks it is witchcraft” or something similar, he said, adding that there had been threats against doctors and others coming in to care for the sick, and who were accused of bringing the virus with them.

Cabrol stressed that rVSV-ZEBOV was meant “only as an additional tool” in responding to the outbreak.

The main focus, he said, still needed to be on informing people how to protect themselves and others against Ebola, and on tracking and isolating Ebola cases, and finding all of their contacts and contacts of contacts.


Megan spotted practising her lines for Ebola social media campaign targeting US and Africa?

May 24, 2018


And here the Suits star fresh from a royal wedding, in which she kept the same marvellous, awesome smile even while Harry broke down crying beside her, hung his head and rocked on his feet. Apparently practising her lines for a social media campaign to get the UK, the USA and Africa to take a risky Ebola vaccine.

Looks like Panda’s not too keen.

Will a Global social media campaign powered by Cambridge Analytica and featuring Harry and Meghan be launched to persuade people to take the Ebola vaccine?

May 24, 2018


Prince Harry has been conducting a social media campaign to persuad epeople to get the HIV test. including live streaming a test on facebook.

Meanwhile, Harry has been spotted practising very hard with a BBC crew to persuade people to get the Ebola vaccine with Panda as the UK, like the rest of the world, has to brace for the possible use of an unlicensed, extremely risky Ebola vaccine cultured in African green monkey cells that gave the world AIDS.

Looks like Panda is fluffing his lines again…

Cambridge Analytica used psychographis to microtarget voters with ads and manipulate the US and Nigeria elections, and the same system could now be used to persuade people around the world to take an Ebola vaccine.

From the BBC

Prince Harry and Rihanna get HIV tests in Barbados

Prince Harry and Rihanna have taken HIV tests together in Barbados to raise awareness on World Aids Day.

The prince has been campaigning to encourage more people to be tested, and contacted the singer in the hope of reaching her fan base.




May 24, 2018

Donald Trump has cancelled his highly anticipated meeting with Kim Jong-un just two hours after North Korea destroyed its nuclear test site and collapsed related tunnels in a sign of good will.


Trump’s move appears to be to lure Kim Jong Un and North Korea into making hostile remarks to then blame him for a false flag operation in the USA to divert attention from the Russia probe and his corruption.


Kim Jong Un can side step this trap by reacting with calm diplomacy and making high profile announcements reassuring the world he remains committed to a peaceful deal with the USA.



May 24, 2018

The reason why Ebola can be treated successfully with anti AIDS drugs as even CNN reported in 2014 is clear. Ebola and HIV both have the same characteristics, coming, as they do, from the same bioweapons programme.

Merck’s experimental Ebola vaccine, which is being given right now to health care workers and others in the Congo, is cultured in the cells of African green monkeys…


…which gave the world AIDS as even The Washington Post admitted in an article in 1992.


From CNN

A doctor in rural Liberia inundated with Ebola patients says he’s had good results with a treatment he tried out of sheer desperation: an HIV drug.

Dr. Gorbee Logan has given the drug, lamivudine, to 15 Ebola patients, and all but two survived. That’s about a 13% mortality rate.

Across West Africa, the virus has killed 70% of its victims.

Outside Logan’s Ebola center in Tubmanburg, four of his recovering patients walk the grounds, always staying Outside Logan’s Ebola center in Tubmanburg, four of his recovering patients walk the grounds, always staying inside the fence that separates the Ebola patients from everyone else.

“My stomach was hurting; I was feeling weak; I was vomiting,” Elizabeth Kundu, 23, says of her bout with the virus. “They gave me medicine, and I’m feeling fine. We take it, and we can eat — we’re feeling fine in our bodies.”

Kundu and the other 12 patients who took the lamivudine and survived, received the drug in the first five days or so of their illness. The two patients who died received it between days five and eight.


From the Washington Post’s 1992 article on the role of monkey cells in AIDS.

The discovery that polio virus and other viruses could be grown in primate cell cultures was a key breakthrough in developing polio vaccines and won a Nobel prize in 1954 for researchers Frederick C. Robbins, Thomas H. Weller and John F. Enders, who used human tissues for their studies.

But it was later discovered that monkey kidneys used in vaccine production often contained previously unknown monkey viruses, some of which could infect people — and in fact had done so. Researchers identified scores of simian viruses (SVs) in the kidneys of monkeys, commonly used to culture polio vaccine.