Merkel to make talkshow appeal as refugee crisis threatens to topple her

October 7, 2015

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is to take the unusual step of appearing on a talkshow this evening to explain her refugee policy to a sceptical public.

Merkel has put her own chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, in charge of the crisis, but she has yet to signal she intends to change her open doors policy in spite of growing opposition from cities and towns struggling to cope with an unprecedented influx.

Bavaria has threatened to take unilateral action to close its borders after 225,000 migrants arrived between September 1st and October 3 alone.

A poll in Focus showed 97% of Germans were worried about German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis while support for an anti-immigrant party has increased sharply.

Merkel has misread the situation. This not a refugee crisis. It is a military crisis. The flow of vast numbers of migrants to Europe  has been organized. It is a new form of hybrid warfare as EU President Donald Tusk today said. Merkel needs to address the crisis as a military crisis not a humanitarian crisis.

Also, it is not kind to take in millions of refugees if this destabilizes German society. In the same way, it is not kind to plunge in and rescue a child drowning if this means ten other little children are left on a boat without an adult to steer them away from a Niagara-style waterfall and a hundred foot drop.

If Merkel wanted to be really kind to the refugees, she would stop allowing German air force bases to be used for drone attacks in Syria.

The German politicians and public should stop attacking Merkel and start criticising the US and UK governments, who must bear e most responsibility for creating vast numbers of refugees through their wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Merkel’s slowness to change her open doors policy may be due to the fact that she decided that she wants a new challenge. According to Bild newspaper, she is interested in the job of head of the UN. So, even if her political career ends in Germany as a result of her open doors policy, she may remain a prominent figure.


EU President says migrants are being used as weapons, new form of “hybrid warfare”

October 7, 2015

EU Neighbours ‘Using Migrants as Weapons’
By The Daily Telegraph

Migrants are being sent to Europe as a campaign of “hybrid warfare” to force concessions to its neighbours, the EU president has claimed.

An influx of hundreds of thousands of people is a “weapon” and a “political bargaining chip” used by the EU’s neighbours who want to harm the continent, Donald Tusk said. He made the comments as the European Union announced it would give an extra euros 1?billion in aid, and dangled the offer of visa-free travel in an effort to force Turkey to close its borders.

Mr Tusk, the president of the European Council, told MEPs that “many of our neighbours look with satisfaction at our troubles”, and were prepared to extract favours to halt the flow.

“For us, refugees are specific people, individuals, who expect our help. There are forces around us, however, for whom the wave of refugees is just dirty business or a political bargaining chip.

“We are slowly becoming witnesses to the birth of a new form of political pressure, and some even call it a kind of a new hybrid war, in which migratory waves have become a tool, a weapon against neighbours.

“This requires particular sensitivity and responsibility on our side.”

Mr Tusk also appeared to ridicule Angela Merkel’s decision to grant asylum to hundreds of thousands of Syrians without conditions. It was a “beautiful moral gesture” but the German chancellor now faces an “exam in responsibility for the protection of the European political community and its external borders,” he said.


Mr Tusk warned that the Schengen system of passport-free travel will collapse and Europe would become a “breeding ground of fear” unless Europe’s external borders are secure.

Unless leaders provide “order and security”, than votes will swing behind “ruthless and radical” fringe parties, he said.

RED ALERT! “Mengele” Bill to be rushed through UK Parliament

October 7, 2015

The former Medical Innovation Bill, renamed the Access to Medical Treatments Bill (incorporating #SaatchiBill), is to have 2nd reading on 16 October.

In conjunction with experimental vaccines like the Ebola vaccine, this bill is potentially very dangerous. The Ebola vaccine will highly likely not  get regulatory approval even under easier, emergency use terms.

But vaccines like this can be given to people if the Access to Medical Treatments Bill comes into force. The bill gives virtual impunity to doctors, which is why this bill should really be called the Josef Mengele bill after the Nazi doctor who undertook uncontrolled experiments on his victims.

Take action now! Write to your MP if you live in the UK!

Scotland Yard accuses BBC of hindering VIP paedophile ring investigation

October 7, 2015

The London Metropolitan Police, also known as Scotland Yard, has said that a report on sexual abuse allegations and an alleged VIP pedophile ring, which aired on the BBC’s current-affairs programme Panorama, could “deter victims and witnesses from coming forward in future.”

Making an unprecedented statement criticizing the BBC, the Met said: “We recognise that there is a public interest in reporting and commenting on the police and our investigations. We can and do accept criticism of our policing operations.

“But we do believe there is a distinction to be made between fair comment and impacting on victims and witnesses in a way that may damage them or a criminal investigation.”

Deterring witnesses, pressuring them, threatening them or setting them up are in the toolbox of dirty tricks when it comes to thwarting justice.

How come Tsipras mispells the name of Faymann on twitter in exactly the same way as I did?

October 6, 2015

Following evidence that Billionaire George Soros not only avidly reads my blog, but even copies extensively from it, as demonstrated by a textual analysis tool, comes a hint that Soros minion Alexis Tsipras does exactly the same.

When reporting on the first meeting between Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann and Tsipras in February, I misspelled the surname of Faymann as Faynmann, putting in an  extra “n” where none should be. Apologies. I have since corrected the mistake, but you can still see the original mispelling in the google cache.


Tsipras is using exactly the same mispelling of Faynmann on his twitter account showing photos of himself and Faymann in Lesbos. He adds an extra “n” in the same place in Greek letters.


There are a scarce 499 results on Google for the mispelling “Werner Faynmann” compared to the 482,000 results for a search using the correct spelling “Werner Faymann”. The Greek media also overwhelmingly spell Faymann correctly. A much smaller number have the mispelling “Faynmann” . This mistake could come from journalists following Tsipras on Twitter. A total of 307,000 people follow his Greek a.tsipras twitter account.

Interestingly, Tsipras spellt the name of Faymann correctly in his first tweet ever from this twitter account (as far as I can see) from Vienna on February 9th.


This tweet seems to have been made before his meeting with Faymann. It was tweeted on the same day as my blog post reporting on his meeting with Faymann and containing the mispelling Faynmann.

How did the extra “n” come to be introduced into Tsipras’ spelling of Faymann?

So, to mispell Faymann as Faynmann is extremely rare, raising the question of how Tsipras came to mispell the name, and to use exactly the same mispelling as I made? Coincidence? Or does he also read my blog. If Soros does, why shouldn’t Tsipras?

Any evidence that Tsipras reads my blog in the form of an off mispelling could be relevant to an ongoing court case in Greece.




Tsipras and Faymann arrive in Lesbos under police escort

October 6, 2015

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras have arrived on the Island of Lesvos under heavy police escort – to protect the Greek people as well as the refugees there, presumably.

The spin is the pair are to discuss setting up registration centres or hotspots, though there is no need for the heads of two countries to do that in person, and certainly not to go to a far flung island.

Meanwhile, Austria’s Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner this morning announced her ministry is to supply 50 of the 100 of the experts to be sent by Austria to set up registration centres in Greece.

This may be good news for Greece because Mikl-Leitner and the Austrian Interior Ministry has a record of opposing the Globalists, at least at times.

It could be that Faymann has sought an opportunity for a  private conversation with Tsipras on a remote island precisely because the Interior Ministry has him firmly in their “electronic surveillance” sights.

However, judging from pictures posted on twitter showing the pair surrounded by a significant uniformed escort, Faymann and Tsipras may not get as much private time together as they would like.

Media opportunities to show the pair inspecting “chaotic, disease ridden camps” and prep the public for an outbreak of cholera, Mers or something else, have also evaporated. Four ferries came and whisked away nearly 5,000 refugees.

The EU Commission has also announced a new focus on Greece with plans to provide 600 people to protect the country’s borders.

I just hope someone counts all the children on the island to make sure they are still there after Faymann leaves.

EU unveils migrant plan

October 6, 2015

EU officials met with Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan in Brussels to discuss a European Commission plan to limit the number of refugees coming to Europe by strengthening border controls, reports Kathimerini.

According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, the EU will also help Turkey build six  camps for up to 2 million people.

It is to be hoped the refugees won’t just be dumped in sprawling camps. The opportunity should be used to create new model for looking after people who have to suffer devastating wars caused by the USA, UK and their ally Germany, the drone base.

Why not try out a new concept of temporary “tent city”? A quality space with schools, higher education facilities, access to Open University programmes, internet, solar power, parks, cafes, theatres, sports grounds, media, elections and referendums, banks giving interest free microcredits, workshops for people to produce goods and sell them in the camp, markets, police for protection against human trafficking etc.

Best would be to talk to the people from Syria and to design and build the camps with their needs in mind.

The aim should surely be to ensure the people can, at least to some extent, sustain themselves in their own mini economy. Time spent waiting for peace in Syria can be used by people for equipping themselves with the skills and knowledge needed to rebuild the country.


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