Austrian Minister confirms Baxter investigation

June 30, 2009

Confirmation in the form of a letter from the Austrian Health Minister that charges were filed by against Baxter over the bird flu incident and that Austrian law enforcement are investigated can be seen under this link
Download site:

About forced vaccinations in Canada

June 30, 2009

Bill C-42 (R) in Canada provides for the granting of emergency powers to Ministers and would also allow the Canadian Health Minister to order compulsory vaccinations.

Bill C-42 (R) makes significant changes to a number of laws including the Department of Health Act, the Quarantine Act, the Food and Drug Act and the Hazadous Products Act to allow the Health Minister to purchase vaccine material without adhering to the usual specifications for ensuring quality and safety in an “emergency”.

Baxter’s subsidiary has two manufacturing facilities in Quebec and Ontario – and it was Baxter that was caught sending out 72 kilos of vaccine material contaminated with live bird flu virus in Austria this year.

Under the emergency powers granted the Health Minister, Baxter could be contracted to produce injection material for Canadians bypassing the usual safety standards.

News laws will also allow the Transport Minister to set up military zones for up to one year for use as quarantine areas among other things.

In addition, the police are exempted from criminal charges for a broad range of actions that would have led to convictions against the police under old legislation.

The vaccine legislation for Canada and the parallels with the USA are discussed here:

About Akansas mass graves and innoculations

June 30, 2009

I have received an email saying that government officials are instructing people who work for coroners offices’ in Arkansas to prepare to dig mass graves for pandemic victims, informing these officials that they will receive an innoculation against the “pandemic” flu but their relatives will not.

Firstly, these officials are giving false information to employees of the coroner’s offices: no one can know in advance how this artificial virus will mutate, and so no vaccine can ever be guaranteed to work even supposing vaccines worked in the first place.

Secondly, there can be no valid reason why only a selected few — ie those who have been assigned to dig the mass graves — should receive the vaccine and not their family members. If the US government has spent billions on vaccine stockpiles, and if those vaccines are effective, as the government claims, why shouldn’t there be enough available for the family members of coroner’s officials and why should they be refused it in advance?

Thirdly, if the government is planning a mass forced vaccination of the people of the USA on the grounds this will protect them against the flu, then why are they so sure in advance there will be so many victims that even the officials of coroner’s offices will be forced to go and dig the graves themselves? Is it because elements in the government know of plans to contaminate the vaccine material with diseases such as live bird flu as happened in Austria where Baxter’s subsidiary was caught sending out 72 kilos of the world’s deadliest bioweapon this year, an action for which it is being investigated by the police?

Fourthly, how could the government know that a pandemic outbreak was inevitable given the fact that neither the bird flu nor the swine flu are natural viruses but artificial viruses unless elements within the government intended to release those viruses as part of a premeditated plan of mass murder also by means of vaccination?

Fithly, why are elements of the government, such as Homeland Security and FEMA, setting up isolated camps with incinerators, mass graves inside the USA unless they are planning genocide?

I urge anyone who has received similar instructions in the USA to contact me
j m burgermeister @gmail. com (written as one word without breaks)
concerning taking possible legal action on this specific matter as well.

About misleading advertisements

June 28, 2009

A couple of days ago, the government is reported to have floated plans for a 500 million dollar advertising campaign to persuade the people of the USA to take the “swine flu” vaccine.

Any advertising agency participating in such a campaign should be aware they risk exposing themselves to legal action if they intentionally misrepresent the characteristics, nature, origin and benefits of the vaccine.

Specifically, advertising agencies will be called to account if they deceive the public about the nature of the vaccine by using the word “swine flu” in any advertisement when the WHO and US officials themselves have, in the meantime, dropped the use of the “swine flu” and renamed the virus H1N1 in recognition of the fact that the virus has never been found in any pig or animal or human and is, therefore, artificial in origin.

Advertising agencies that put out statements that can be proven by evidence to be false; that create a false impression that the vaccine is the only measure to deal with a natural disease when there is evidence the disease was engineered in a laboratory; that incldue or imply a promise of protection from a disease when there is evidence the shot will itself cause the disease, for example, the fact at least 21 people in 2008 died after receiving a shot from fully licensed pandemic flu vaccine made by Novartis; that imply that the vaccine companies have a record of safety when this can be proved by evidence to be false as is shown by the way Baxter in Austria contaminated 72 kilos of vaccine material with live bird flu in February this year; that conceal the fact the shot is classified as a bioweapon in the US government’s own documents, and so persuade people deliberately, systematically and wilfully to take a shot that is highly likely dangerous to them, risk exposing themselves to charges of conspiracy to commit mass muder – not just of misleading advertisement.

Factually most accurate would be advertisements saying:

“Take your H1N1 virus bioweapon shot this fall. Risk death and injury for no discernible benefit!”

Please find the legal documents to stop this forced mass injection with “bioweapons” (by the government’s own classification) on the Vaccine Liberation website as well.

Also, I have received reports of journalists who agreed to cover this subject being fired. I advise any journalists who are fired after agreeing to report on this topic to take legal action immediately.

As a citizen and journalist, you have a right and duty to expose crimes that potentially affect millions of people. To be involved in a cover up and in an attempt to conceal key information that indicates a crime is being committed is itself a crime. No one can be legally fired for refusing to be involved in a cover up of a crime. Take legal action against your employer!

Finally, it has come to my attention that blogs have appeared slandering me, Jane Burgermeister, and other members of the team rather than refuting the evidence I and the other experts present. Anyone writing those blogs set up, it seems, just to discredit our legal action is not only guilty of defamation, but most likely also in the direct pay of the people who are listed in the defendants of our legal action — why else so much effort? –, and so put at risk of legal action themselves, naming them as co conspirators in a potential crime of mass murder.

The intensity of the efforts to fire journalists who report on the topic, hack the websites with the documents and spread slander are a happy indication, however, that our legal action is an effective approach, and in that respect, are very much to be welcomed.


June 24, 2009

If you live in the USA, Canada, Japan or Europe, you could be forced to take a vaccination against the swine flu this fall.

But you can take legal action today using documents ready  to download from a website in Switzerland. Many thanks to Detlev Hegeler for risking an attack by hackers!