Why there is no reason to fear this “swine flu” virus or any “virus” * Colloidal silver and how to make it at home easily * Bionaid and ZeoHeal use NASA technology * Fight stress as well as mass vaccinations

July 31, 2009

As the scare-mongering over the “swine flu” continues, it is important to remember that colloidal silver has been proven to kill every virus as Dr Rebecca Carley, expert on vaccines, has noted. (www.drcarley.com)

Under a recent EU directive, colloidal silver manufacturers were obliged to dilute their silver by 90 per cent, making it much less effective; in the USA, this powerful tool to kill every virus has also been marginalised.

Nevertheless, a colloidal silver generator is easy to make yourself. You just need some distilled water, a couple of silver rodes attached to batteries and a dark glass bottle.

Drew Malone gives the low-down on making your own generator:

“Gang, I’ve researched this and this and REGARDLESS of what you
are told, and promised THIS IS the cats meow… YOU can make this
and it’s not hard, ANYONE with any mechanical background can and
should have a Collodial Silver generator in their possision asap ….

check these direct links out…

EVERYTHING can be purchase at 80% of the malls around
the USA…. radio shack has the 33 OHM resisters, aligator clips etc.
any jewelery store has 9999 silver rods

voltage use is 3 or 4 9volt batteries (I have used 4 and 3 both work)
the only difference is the time form 13min – 20 min

extra hints , email me your question if need be…
Semper Fi,

Drew Malone; Raines III
Master Electronics Engineer
USMC 1967-1977
Owner: H.E.A.R.T. & Associates
3423 Avery Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72209
SKYPE: drewmalone.rainesiii

In the view of experts like Dr Carley, there is no better investment you can make of your time or money right now than in building or buying a colloidal silver generator. If you generate extra colloidal silver, you can also help your neighbours and your community.

If you are really desperate, just put a silver coin or rod into some water and leave it there for a while.

Two things are important to remember about colloidal silver generators; firstly, a possible overdose of large silver particles and argyria, which is not toxic but which can you turn blue or grey if you drink large enough quantities; and secondly, the particle size may not be effective enough to penetrate all areas of the body.

However, a colloidal silver generator along with vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immune system will be a big help to anyone.

Another helpful product is Bionaid and ZeoHeal.

Bionaid’s primary particle is below .004 microns in size, thus not tecnically classified as a colloid, so referring to Bionaid as a colloidal silver is not accurate.

Being that Bionaid is under 3ppm, no dilution is necessary, and even when it is diluted in water it is still quite lethal on pathogens. 4 oz per gallon of pure water is one of the suggested uses, mainly to encourge hydration at the same time and flush the body. The water base in Bionaid penetrates the cells as well, faster than any water tested.

What is important about Bionaid is not so much the silver in it, with other monatomic trace minerals, but the trioxide covalently bonded to all the monatomic minerals, including silver. Oxygen is the key, and the superior ability to enter through the aquaporin channel of the cells. The natural immunization with the oxygen is the key to its effetiveness. Bionaid uses NASA technology in Bionaid and has $1million dollar reward regarding superior safety and efficact (that has never been claimed by vaccine and drug proponents).

The particle is permanently suspended and the product is nonperishable and non-photosensitive.

ZeoHeal attacks pathogens also, chelates and clathrates the die-off and many other foreign metals and chemicals.

The fact that the US government has not investing in stockpiling these products as a way of combatting a so-called “pandemic” virus makes them guilty of gross negligence.

The existence of colloidal silver and bionaid make a forced vaccination with a vaccines full of disease and squalene at gunpoint in a quarantine center superfluous, even supposing the virus were dangerous, which it isn’t.

David MacLucas has given his assessment of squalene, its impact and how to counter act it if you should ever find yourself being injected with the stuff under duress.

“I researched the Squalene extensively today… wow! What a catch 22 immune system quagmire that is. Squalene is both good and bad, but its how and how much that causes the variances of immune problems. When injected it bypasses the liver and overloads the immune system. Since the Squalene gets stored in fat and is what your body already uses theres no real way to eliminate it naturally.

Basically it will really effect overwieght people, stressed people, and / or anyone with liver problems since Squalene is a super enzyme that eventually gets converted into Cholesterol by your liver.

Anything that lowers cholesterol, stress, balances the immune system and improves liver function will help… but still not a silver bullet to remove the Squalene.


Best recommendations for anyone that HAPPENS to get the Vaccine, here is the beginning of a protocol… meaning not complete, nor approved 😉

Firstly, Bionaid is a must must must. Anyone who understands the principles of Oxygen therapy and the effects of Collodial silver on viruses will have their jaw drop open when they learn how Bionaid is made. Bionaid is a 1, 2 punch of godly proportions on killing a virus that gave me butterflys when I learned how they made it.

Secondly, I have done years of research on Zeolite and have included it in my Cancer Elimination Kit. Zeolite is uncontestable and irrefutable at removing heavy metals… the molecular structe could not be more perfect at this task.

Thirdly, things like excercise increase your livers ability to process cholesterol and mediate enzymes. Eliminate the bad cholesterol from your diet now.

Fourth, if you do get the vaccination… relax, relax, relax for 2 weeks non-stop and reduce your bodys immune system response while the Squalene gets removed from your body naturally. I only found advance research done using a rat liver to accelerate the removal of Squalene – not a realistic choice.”

It is important to recognise just how damaging stress is.

Indeed, some have even said the international crime syndicate has collapsed the US and European economy also to induce massive amounts of stress in people, so making them more susceptible to illness.

Fight back today by taking charge of your mental household and throwing out the old furniture of thoughts that create anxiety, worry, stress or fear and bringing in thoughts that bring power, energy, inspiration, confidence and hope.

The biggest single thing you can do to stop stress in the long term is to help pave the way to the return of the rule of law. Then those responsible for these mass vaccinations with toxins can be made accountable for their actions once and for all.

Swiss army stockpiles “swine flu” vaccines in preparation for mass forced vaccination

July 30, 2009

The army in Switzerland is starting to stockpile “swine flu” vaccines as it gears up for a mass forced vaccination of the Swiss population in autumn, according to a report in the Basler Zeitung.


The Swiss army today received the first shipment of a total of 16 million doses of vaccines as well as needles in readiness for mass forced vaccination of the entire population using two doses.

Thomas Meister, the head of pharmacy products and technology of the army pharmacy department, told Swiss TV that the vaccines came from USA, Germany and Spain, but it is not clear which pharmaceutical companies delivered them and whether Baxter was one of them.

It is not clear either whether the vaccines have passed clinical trials or whether they have been subjected to any safety tests.

The Swiss Ministry of Health ordered the army to buy the vaccines on the basis of the country’s pandemic plan – and WHO’s instructions to all 194 member states to mass vaccinate their populations by use of force.

The Cantons of Switzerland are reported to have plans already in place to force every single person living in each Canton to appear at a “vaccine center” at a specified time to take the vaccine or face prison.

The local police have been instructed to go through the register and ring every single person to get them to go to their vaccine center during the pandemic “emergency” predicted by “WHO” to occur from September onwards. No exceptions to the vaccine will be allowed.

Plans for “vaccine” bracelets to be forced on people at road blocks

July 30, 2009

Former Kansas State Trooper Greg Evensen reports that there are plans for road-blocks to force vaccines with military personnel putting bracelets on people. Those who refuse to take the steel band with a microchip will be put on a prison bus and taken to a quarantine camp.

Evensen also says he believes that many law enforcement officers will reject using this “Gestapo” approach on their fellow citizens, and will question the legitimacy of the orders of what looks like a bunch of criminals in federal government who appear to be seeking to retain their grip on power by setting up an apparatus of state terror, all too reminiscent of that if Nazi Germany where the inmates of concentration camps like Buchenwald were killed by injections in the heart.

Law enforcement officers anxious to restore law and order and arrest really dangerous criminals should look no further than at the people sitting in the top echelons of government, he hints.

“Have you been made aware of the massive roadblock plans to stop all travelers for a vaccine bracelet (stainless steel band with a micro-chip on board) that will force you to take the shot? Refuse it? You will be placed on a prison bus and taken to a quarantine camp. What will you do when your children are NOT allowed into school without the shot? What will you do when you are not allowed into the workplace without the vaccine paperwork? Buy groceries? Go to the bank? Shop anywhere?? Get on a plane, bus or train? Use the toilet in the mall? Nope. Police officers will become loathed, feared, despised and remembered for their “official” duties,” writes Evensen.


“Note: There are significant numbers of officers at all levels that simply detest the forced training at FEMA centers, the requirements to stop Patriots and others simply because they “look” dangerous, and are exercising free speech statements on their vehicles. By whose ultimate authority does this take place? By whose ultimate judgment is it that it is necessary to harass INNOCENT drivers and families? The public sees this Gestapo mentality as far more of a danger than any stickers they put on their vehicles? Where are all these “faithful” enforcers of the law when it comes to confronting the unlawful, unconstitutional, unjustifiable, and unmerciful rotten bunch of usurpers, communists, atheists, deviated, immoral scungebuckets that are walking the halls of Congress, the White House, and the Federal Courts? How is it that the “get ‘em at any cost” morons at Homeland Security have created an environment in amerika that is an unwarranted intrusion of power in 186 other nations?

So, once again, I implore those officers of the law who are in grave doubt about the legitimate authenticity of their superiors in any agency, to simply read the constitution, re-read their oath of office, seek out retired officers for guidance, and remember this very carefully—to brutalize citizens in the pursuit of order, is a guaranteed recipe for resistance. PLEASE do not pit yourselves (all 650,000 officers at all levels in the US) against a seething and angry populace who outnumber you 5000 to 1. Believe me; you want all of us working with you, not against you.”

About my visit to Baxter in Orth an der Donau – a bioweapons facility?

July 30, 2009

Germany’s alternative media is increasingly reporting on Baxter, WHO and also on legislation allowing forced vaccination in Germany, such as paragraph §20 of the German Law on Infection Protection which cancels basic civic rights in the event of a pandemic “emergency”.

This morning I recorded an interview with Michael Vogt. After that, I went to visit Baxter’s facilities on Orth an der Donau with Thomas Pfeiffer and Markus Wolf from Grenz tv to take a closer look at the place where 72 kilos of seasonal flu material was manufactured and contaminated with live bird flu virus (courtesy of WHO) this February before being sent out to 16 labs in four countries, nearly sparking a pandemic.

If you check out Baxter’s facilities on the Uferstrasse in Orth an der Donau using Google satellite maps, you will get some idea of just how large the complex is — and also how isolated.

Set apart from an idyllic but tiny village (a church, a castle and a few shops), the Baxter complex is in a thickly wooded area not far from the Danube river.

It can be reached only by one road and that is a winding country lane – a lane so narrow, moreover, that cars can barely overtake. That said, the shade from the woods was very pleasant with temperatures soaring into the mid-thirties.

An arrow straight cycling path runs along a raised bank on one side of the complex, which is screened by more impenetrable woods. But there is no other road or footpath close by.

As we drove along the cycling path and got an idea of just how vast the woods around the complex are, the car’s satellite navigational system stopped working….Mind you, we shouldn’t have been driving on a cycling path anyway.

Lots of cars with German number plates were parked in the parking lot where the flags of Baxter, the USA, EU and Austria flutter from flag poles.

Baxter’s research and production facilities in Orth an der Donau are among the most up to date in the world, and the complex is truly gigantic with an extrension also in the process of being built.

The granite and concrete buildings with narrow, dark, reflecting windows have a martial-look, though the tallest was only three-storeys high. A fence adds to the impression of secrecy. Cars going in and out have to pass through a barrier beside a security guardhouse.

We weren’t allowed to film close to the entrance. As soon as we walked up, a security guard in a blue paramilitary style uniform with his trousers tucked into ankle boots on a bike — used for patrolling the cycling path at the side of the complex? — rushed up and approached us together with a Baxter employee who told us we were not allowed to film the outside of the facilities even though the parking lot is technically public ground.

Anyway, the place sure looked like a high tech bioweapons development and production facility rather than like an ordinary biotech or pharma company to me – and it had the security to match.

It was hard to imagine how lorries could navigate the narrow country road leading to Baxter – as they presumably must to bring supplies in to the production facility and also to transport the products back out.

A woman serving drinks in an inn in the village of Orth an der Donau told us that a lot of the local people work for Baxter but no one seemed to know a great deal about the place.

Thomas and Markus hope to have a short documentary ready by August 20th.

CLG updates: WHO and FEMA harness US Military to carry out their forced vaccination agenda

July 29, 2009

As the militarisation of the “swine flu” mass vaccination program speeds up, contact your local military base and alert them to your concerns that US law enforcement and the US military are being misused by WHO, FEMA and Homeland Security to administer toxic vaccines by force to their own people and for a hyped flu.

Take action and contact your local law enforcement and military bases now by fax and email!

Here is link to a website with information to download and give to your local military http://www.thehealingpraxis.com/OperationFaxtoStoptheVax.html

Susan Wolfrey is trying to turn all the states on her map blue. Can you help her?

CLG reports:

Military Poised to Help FEMA Battle Swine Flu Outbreak –U.S. commander for Northern Command asked Defense Secretary to sign executive order for military to set up five regional teams to deal with outbreak –Orders to deploy actual forces would be reviewed later 29 Jul 2009 The Pentagon is preparing to help the Federal Emergency Management Agency tackle a potential outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, FOX News has confirmed. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted to set vaccination priorities for those groups Wednesday during a meeting in Atlanta. The vote came on the same day that Gen. Victor Renuart, the U.S. commander for Northern Command, has asked Defense Secretary Robert Gates to sign an executive order for the military to set up five regional teams to deal with the potential outbreak if FEMA requests help. Gates is expected to sign the order soon. It is not known how many troops would be needed and whether they would come from the active duty or the National Guard and Reserve forces. As a first step, Gates is being asked to sign a so-called “execution order” that would authorize the military to begin to conduct the detailed planning to execute the proposed plan. [Barack Obama was ‘allowed’ to win so that he could put a friendly face on the military dictatorship that is at our doorstep. Obama has done *nothing* for the Left — those who worked tirelessly for him so that he could implement ‘change.’ Obama has, in fact, out-Bushed Bush. Bush-Cheney could only *dream* of what Obama is poised to ‘accomplish.’ The full-blown police state is here — the raison d’etre for the US Army-created flu pandemic. Just as the CLG has documented and predicted. –Lori Price]

Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak 29 Jul 2009 The U.S. military wants to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials. The proposal is awaiting final approval from Defense Secretary Robert Gates. The officials would not be identified because the proposal from U.S. Northern Command’s Gen. Victor Renuart has not been approved by the secretary.

Video with more evidence the “swine flu” hoax is part of population reduction agenda

July 29, 2009

Check out this video from Jason

giving evidence that the swine flu hoax and it is all part of a population reduction agenda.

John Holdren- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Holdren FERTILITY IMPAIRING VACCINE AND METHOD OF USE- http://www..wipo.int/pctdb/en/wo.jsp?wo=1999034825 AND- http://www.wipo.int/pctdb/en/wo.jsp?IA=US1998027658&wo=1999034825&DISPLAY=DESC Vaccine A-The Covert Government Experiment Thats Killing our Soldiers- http://www.vaccine-a.com/excerpt.html The Philippine High Court convicted WHO (The World Health Organization) of involuntarily sterilizing over 3 million Philippina women through the use of vaccines.

FACT! Delayed effects of neonatal exposure to Tween 80 on female reproductive organs in rats..- http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8473002 The WHO 5-shot vaccine programs for tetanus in third world countries in South and Central America caused the involuntary sterilization of millions of women.

FACT! Monsanto’s MON 810 corn causes sterility according to studies published by the Austrian Government.

FACT! Gardasil contains substances which may cause sterility in women.

FACT! A significant number of virologists and other scientists are on record stating that the Swine Flu was created in a laboratory and could not evolve naturally.

FACT! President Obama announced to the public shortly after his inauguration that every man, woman and child should receive the Avian Flu vaccine this fall along with seasonal flu shots this coming Fall. President Obama is on record saying that he believes that vaccinations should be mandatory.

FACT! Every recent major event like 9/11, the Madrid bombings or the London bombings has been accompanied by a materially identical training exercise simulating the actual event involving, confusing and distracting the legitimate responders.

FACT! Squalene is in the vaccination- http://www.mvrd.org/showpage.cfm?ID=69 EMERGENCY ALERT: Great Danger Lurking In Flu Shots Health Risks Far Outweigh Benefits!- http://www.thenhf.com/vaccinations_70.htm SEE MY NEXT VIDEO ON HOW I LINK THIS TO THE CHEMTRAILS!”

Law rule changes on wrongful death claims from government inoculation program fan fears

July 29, 2009

Have Court of Federal Claims amended its Local Rules ahead of expected increase in wrongful death claims from government inoculation program?

http://www.supremelaw.org/press/rels/anthrax.htm (December 1997)

A concerted research effort is now underway to confirm allegations, made on a private videotapeseveral years ago, that the U.S. Court of Federal Claims has added a huge number of amendments to that Court’s local rules, inanticipation of a massive increase in the number of wrongfuldeath claims resulting from an unspecified government inoculationprogram, says Paul Andrew Mitchell.

One lawyer on that tape even took note that the rules were printed on thin, onion-skin paper, in order to prevent theirvolume from being conspicuous.