About my 2-hour interview with the Austrian anti terrorism unit and the criminal charges filed in Florida

In the meantime, I’ve been for an interview at the

The Security Directorate Vienna
For the Protection of the Constitution
and For Fighting Terrorism

following an invitation, which can be seen at this link.

I presented more evidence, arguments and facts concerning Baxter and the 72 kilos of live bird flu material, which was sent out to 16 laboratories from its facilities in Austria in February – material which was destined for vaccines in four countries: Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.

The original live bird flu virus came from WHO.

The Austrian Health Minister Alois Stöger confirmed that Baxter sent out 72 kilos in Parliamentary Answers dated May 20th, 2009.

He also revealed he had undertaken no steps to conduct a full in investigation into Baxter’s breach of biosafety level 3 regulations.


He claimed the 72 kilos of live bird flu material had been destroyed, but gave no details of that process; the suspicion has been raised the 72 kilos is still in circulation.

The original parliamentary questions tabled on March 20th (also in German), — which the Health Minister was obliged by law to answer within 8 weeks –, can also be seen on the download-site for all documents on a secure website in Switzerland:


Under Austria’s Influenza Pandemic Plan of 2005, WHO and the EU are set to take charge of Austria via a special crisis management team (SKKM) to be set up in the Federal Ministery of Interior in the event of a “pandemic” emergency.

Innoculating the entire Austrian population with (Baxter) shots is a declared objective of the SKKM. The injections will contain a mix of “whole virus”, mercury and adjuvants – and so be very toxic.



Similar pandemic plans exist in countries all over Europe.

In some countries, such as France, the injections could be mandatory.

This week I will file a new set of criminal charges against the Health Minister, Alois Stöger, the Chancellor Werner Faymann, Dr Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein and others for their role in the cover up of Baxter’s crime here in Austria.

Interestingly, Faymann was at the Bilderberg meeting in Athens this May. A member of Austrian Parliament tabled questions on 17th May concerning Faymann’s visit to the Bilderbergs, which the CEO of the vaccine company Novartis also attended.


Novartis seems to have been involved in the bird flu vaccine trials in Poland that killed at least 21 people in summer 2008.

There is also evidence that depopulation was discussed at the Bilderberg meeting in Athens. Furthermore, a Swedish politician is reported to have floated the idea that WHO should be transformed into a global health department.

Onto another subject, my special thanks to Drew Malone who has also offered to put up all the relevant legal documents on his secure site, and to file the criminal charges in his local district court.

Many corrupted and old copies are circulating, some of these apparently from Dr Bill Deagle, so please make sure to get your copy from one of the secure sites.

I am a graduate of Edinburgh University, a journalist who has written for Nature, the British Medical Journal, The Scientist, Reuters Health, the Guardian and the Observer as well as for Renewable Energy World, (where I was European Correspondent until being fired this week) and adhere to professional journalism standards at all times, though the sheer speed at which some od the documents had to be produced may have resulted in some minor typos etc.

Finally, Elizabeth Book from Ormond Beach Florida emailed to say she has presented the criminal charges to the Daytona Beach Police Department after thoroughly reading them, and talks about her experience.

“When I handed them the papers [the police officers at the window] both started smirking and laughing. The young male officer said, “Mam, I think that you have to file these charges in Federal Court.” I replied, “Yes, I probably do. But my interest is in protecting Volusia County right now. So I will file them here.”

An older officer who had been listening in stepped up and took what I had to say quite seriously. He told me that I should hear a reply from them within five days. I looked the young smirking officer in the face and said to him, “Laugh now, if you will, young man.”

“Will you be reading the charges?”, I asked him. When he told me that he would be reading them, I told him to write down some of the websites mentioned in the evidence and to go see for himself what is actually going on. He said that he would.”

Elizabeth also writes:

“I have heard that F.E.M.A. is planning nationwide terrorism drills in the United States. They are set to begin on July 27th. I can only pray that I might make it in time to offset this tyranny over my nation. I am well aware that the U.N. has almost total autonomic authority here, now, with the level 6 Pandemic Alert being called . We have more than one million foreign troops here ready to react upon their orders. How could the F.B.I. even overcome that?”

In the event of a pandemic, WHO will coordinate the activities of Homeland Security and FEMA from a special pandemic control room linked to supercomputers of the UN security forces.

This control room appears set to be the the nerve center for any operation to transport large numbers of Americans by rail or road to the FEMA camps or from special quarantine centers set up at 19 airports.

Any systematic and sustained disruption to the operation of the WHO pandemic control room, of Homeland Security and FEMA headquarters or of the logistics of its units, of railways or other transport infrastructure leading to FEMA camps would be a severe blow to any covert mission to mass murder Americans and leave the country to be occupied by foreign troops under the direction of WHO and the UN.

6 Responses to About my 2-hour interview with the Austrian anti terrorism unit and the criminal charges filed in Florida

  1. Starla says:


    Thank you with all of my heart & soul for courageously coming forward trying to save 305 Million + Americans and all of the people on the earth in ALL of the countries that are on the earth from being silently and secretly attacked by the hideously corrupt & insane “Elites” who are planning to mass murder billions of people to get their Agenda accomplished of gaining total control of the world’s banks, wealth, and land and turning this world into a Radical Islamic Muslim world dominated Dictatorship!

    I want to give you info about some web sites to visit. Jane, and ALL people here, PLEASE LOOK at this web site:


    The article above will 100% completely & absolutely verify & support exactly 100% that everything you are reporting & saying & warnings ALL people about is 100% factual and true, Jane. The article above is written by Lorraine Day, M.D. who was miraculously healed from terminal breast cancer by our GOD & SAVIOR Lord Jesus Christ.

    Jane, next, Please also go read Dr. Lorraine Day’s web site at: http://www.drday.com

    Please also go to: http://www.freedomfighterradio.net & Please go to: Dr. Orly Taitz’s web site at: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com

    I heard Dr. Orly on the http://www.freedomfighterradio.net a few nights ago! I highly recommend that everyone go into the archives on this web site and listen to Dr. Orly being interviewed on this radio program last week, as it was one of the best interviews I’ve heard in my life.

    I am writing to tell you Jane, I think you would be VERY WELCOMED to be a guest on this excellent radio show. Jane, please contact: http://www.freedomfighterradio.net and tell them all of the work you are doing to try to warn and to save billions of people from certain mass murder in America and all around the world, and the same man who interviewed Dr. Orly, will have you come on and be interviewed as well.

    Jane, Everything you are saying is 100% factual and 100% faithful & true in your recent court filings about the contaminated deadly vaccinations!! I recommend to everyone to NEVER accept any more vaccinations on this earth for the rest of the time people live on earth!!

    Jane, I stand up with you completely!! I am a humble faithful & true Christian that is ready to take America back from the criminals who have invaded our country and the world with prayers to GOD and constant good works!!

    Jane, I am praying for you to GOD THE MOST HOLY TRINITY, May GOD protect you & keep you safe & lead you & guide you constantly Jane. And may all of the Holy Angels of GOD being lead by St. Michael the Archangel stand by your side to protect you everywhere, in the Most Holy Name of Lord Jesus Christ Emmanuel.

  2. Tim says:

    How can people donate funds to Jane Bergermeister? anyone filing a lawsuit like that needs funding and support.

    Is there a paypal address we can send paypal donations to? If so, I will put it in a video and circulate it.

  3. Tim says:

    There is a documentary showing the US govt tested a virus by smashing vials of it under trains in New York 1956 in a very similar manner to how the flu virus vials exploded in the train as mentioned in Jane’s complaint.

    Army Tested Biological Weapons On U.S. Citizens part 1 of 2

  4. Tim says:

    If Jane is questioned by higher up Austrian government officials, she may want to recommend that the Austrian government prepare legal papers to sieze the assets of any person or group which evidence shows they have engaged in, or allowed through negligence, the vaccine debacle to occur in the future.

  5. quakergirl says:

    Hmm….where is the control room? In the US or abroad? the rails would probably be easy to disrupt…..

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