WHO poised to take over North America and Europe

The United States, Norway, Sweden, Austria and other countries have announced that in case of a “swine flu” pandemic all health and security authority shall revert to teams and command centers run by the WHO and either the UN or the EU.

Check out the various country’s pandemic influenza plans for details.

The “swine flu” or novel H1n1 virus is an artificial virus just like the “bird flu”.

Both these viruses were developed with the assistance of WHO. Also, WHO supplied Baxter in Austria with the live bird flu virus that Baxter used to contaminate 72 kilos of vaccine material, according to Baxter’s own spokesman.

So, WHO helps develop a lab virus and also a so-called “vaccine”. There is clear evidence, WHO is in involved in supplying the virus to companies (Baxter) who then release it nearly triggering a worldwide pandemic.

At the same time, WHO stands to profit most politically and financially from just such a pandemic and from declaring a pandemic level 6, triggering, among other measures in many countries, forced vaccinations with shots from companies like Baxter.

In the USA and some other countries, it will be a criminal offence to refuse the shot. Police ae entitled to use deadly force on criminal suspects.

2 Responses to WHO poised to take over North America and Europe

  1. Emergency Containment Area says:

    This is the most recent topic I could find which most closely relates to this video:

  2. Anne Kivari says:

    So why don’t you contact the local Department of Highways who most likely erected that sign and question them as to what it means?
    Pretty simple, no?

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