WHO poised to take over governments around the globe after mandating toxic vaccines against H1N1 “swine flu” virus

Yesterday, WHO formally instructed its 194 signatory countries to “vaccinate” their entire population in response to the H1N1 pandemic.

The transcript of the WHO press briefing can be found here.


WHO issued its instructions on the formal advice of a vaccine expert group called “SAGE” that is also composed of executives from Baxter, Sanofi, Novartis and other vaccine manufacturers who have “observer” status.

To clarify: WHO has given lucrative contracts, worth billions in the USA alone, to Baxter, Novartis, Sanofi among others for the H1N1 vaccination programme mandated by WHO on the advice of Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi and these same vaccine companies, in what is surely a clear-cut conflict of interest.

Also, WHO, a UN public health body legally obliged to promote world health, has given these contracts to vaccine companies such as Baxter in spite of their poor record, and in spite of an ongoing criminal investigation into Baxter’s contamination of 72 kilos of influenza material with the live bird flu virus, obtained originally from WHO.

In addition, there is evidence WHO, the CDC, Baxter and other vaccine companies are also engaged in actively seeking out pathogens, bioengineering them to make more lethal and patenting these viruses, and that they developed and released the H1N1 virus.

The “swine flu” is an artificial virus never before seen in pigs or humans as WHO itself implicitly acknowledged when it switched officially to the term “H1N1” and dropped the designation “swine.”

Finally, in the event of a pandemic emergency, WHO obtains sweeping new global powers as national governments around the world are dissolved and replaced by special “crisis committees” answerable to WHO and the EU or UN under pandemic plans. In such an “emergency”, WHO takes over not just the health but also the security and communications infrastructure of a country.

WHO’s pandemic control room is linked to supercomputers of the UN and their security forces.

The WHO is bankrolled by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rothschild Group. I rang the Rothschild Group with an inquiry as to the funding and am waiting for a reply from 0033 1 4256 44 46 to find out what financial links exist between WHO and the Rothschild Group and or Foundations if any as alleged.

The transcript of the WHO press briefing indicates the H1N1 jab will be very toxic indeed.

However, liability in case of damage or death has been limited for vaccine companies in advance by numerous legal provisions.

Tacked on to the homeland security bill (H.R. 5710) are also numerous special-interest provisionsthat limit the liability of vaccine companies as well.


This bill was passed by President George Bush, whose grandfather Prescott Bush, sat on the board of the vaccine manufacturer Eli Lilly. Prescott Bush also helped finance Nazi leader’s Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.


The download site for all legal documents concerning this boterrorism case: http://wakenews.net/html/jane_burgermeister.html

File criminal charges yourself today!

Also, please donate to janeburgermeister@gmx.at pay pal’s account for this fight.

One Response to WHO poised to take over governments around the globe after mandating toxic vaccines against H1N1 “swine flu” virus

  1. Rob says:

    There are reports coming in that Norway has declared vaccinations mandatory- http://projectcamelot.org/index.html

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