Law can force Norwegians to take H1N1 vaccine from GSK

Norwegains could be forced to take the H1N1 vaccine under a law that allows mandatory vaccination to be enforced. §3-8

The Norwegian government has contracted Glaxo Smith Kline to supply 9.4 million doses or two doses for each person in the country. GSK is rushing the H1N1 vaccine through trials, sparking concerns over safety.

Some of the facts about the situation in Norway reveal the close financial and personal links between the head of the privatised Norwegian authority responsible for vaccinations, the vaccine industry and its promoters, fuelling fears of a conflict of interest:

1) The supreme vaccination agency in Norway is Folkehelseinstiuttet (FHI):

2) Camilla Stoltenberg, Director of Division of Epidemiology since 2002, is the sister of our prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg.

3) Jens Stoltenberg is travelling hand in hand with Bill Gates on vaccination campaigns, marketing vaccination.

4) FHI’s accounts are exempted from public scrutiny due to their being a private player in the vaccination market.

5) FHI has ordered 9,4 million doses of pandemic vaccine for the Norwegian people, two doses per head, from Glaxo. The price: 650 million NKR.

6) The vaccine is supposed to be ready for use in Nov/Dec 2009.

7) There has been no mandatory vaccination programme for many years so the authorities will be very nervous if they have to enforce vaccination on the Norwegian people. But if pressed hard enough by WHO and CDC, I guess they will feel that they have no choice but to follow up.

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