Dutch police react fast to the filing of criminal charges over the impending forced “H1N1” vaccination

Susan Wolfrey from the Netherlands filed criminal charges concerning the “swine flu” plot at her local police station last week, and was interviewed almost immediately, indicating that law enforcement in Holland is starting to take the threat seriously, too.

Susan writes in an email.

“I have reported this whole plot to the police here in Holland. I included my own 3 pg cover letter attached to your dossier and turned it in. (see attachment) They interviewed me for about half an hour, sensed that I was dead serious and knew my stuff and then got on the phone. They said they were sending it to the national level immediately—-so…. I guess something like the FBI here in Holland has it in their hands.”

Susan handed the charges in at a police station in Eindhoven on Friday:

“I just turned it in to the woman at the desk who I had spoken to a few days earlier about this. She told me to bring in the dossier and do it formally. I brought it in with the cover letter and she asked me a bunch of questions. I think just to ascertain if this really had any merit. I saw that she took it seriously. She made a call and came back and told me that they told her to mail it to the national dept because it was way beyond the Eindhoven police dept. She said she would be attaching her own memo of understanding along with the report to the national level on Monday (yesterday) and that they should be contacting me. They have my phone number.”

These are extracts from the cover letter Susan, a mother of five unvaccinated children, wrote to the police.

“To Whom it may concern:

This is a cover letter briefly explaining why I feel compelled to file this report with the local law enforcement authority.

The following report shows intent and means to commit the greatest act of genocide ever committed on Earth.

My personal experience regarding this issue dates back about 17 years ago when I discovered the very dangerous and deadly nature of vaccines. Mother of 5 unvaccinated children, I have sought to educate mothers everywhere I go. Many used to look at me as though I was crazy but now they all listen and many have also opted not to vaccinate their children.” she begins.

“Experts agree that the swine flu is a manufactured virus mixing human virus with swine virus and avian virus. There are many who understand that and now you even have people making rap songs and comedy skits about it in an effort to wake up their brethren to save themselves from a system intent on killing them. We understand that the police are often used to support this very system but we also understand that police have children and families and people they love and at some point sanity must enter in before pleasing “The Boss” who cuts the paycheck. If these Eugenicists get away with what they are planning with this Swine Flu Global ‘Mandatory’ Vaccination, worrying about something as trivial as your next paycheck is as useless as straightening the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

And if you think all this is crazy, the evidence [of poisoning] is all around. Look at the sky some day. There are often chemtrails right overhead. These weren’t there 10 years ago. The evidence on this is overwhelming! Look at the dead bees on the ground. Did you see that 10 years ago? Millions of us see it but don’t see any law enforcement stepping up to protect the people. Are they afraid? Do they just not know? I imagine it’s a combination thereof. Some know but have been threatened or bribed to go along being promised security for their own families. Don’t fall for that. There is no honor among thieves. They will kill you too. You are just pawns in their eyes and that’s why we all need to pull together to stop this thing. If we don’t, WE will be the dead lying all over the ground.

I intend to spread the word with the media as well. If they come and kill me then they kill me. If they bribe one of you to lock me up then so be it. I will go down as a martyr for truth and my message will be heard that much louder. My purpose will succeed. My life will mean nothing anyway if people are dropping dead starting in a few months. I imagine it will be a slow death so that they can use us to clean up the dead bodies. And just like always the doctors will label the death with another non-vaccine related name. This game has been going on for a very long time and it is about to ratchet up tremendously in the next few months with an imposed Swine Flu Vaccination Program.

By the way, ozone and MMS drops will kill any flu so there are easy and safe ways to eradicate it even if their laboratory concocted Frankenstein got out of hand.

One thing I have learned about Holland. When the people aren’t happy with something, they speak their mind and this tiny country often has positive reverberations around the world. This is my hope. The future of mankind literally is depending on this.


Susan Wolfrey”

Many thanks to Susan for showing so much concern for all the people of the world expressed with so much knowledge in her letter.

6 Responses to Dutch police react fast to the filing of criminal charges over the impending forced “H1N1” vaccination

  1. Rob says:

    I’m doing the same here in UK.

  2. Rob says:

    BTW Queen Beatrice of Holland is Illuminat and attends Bilderburg….so it will be interesting to see if the authorities are not totally controlled in Holland!!

  3. Ok says:

    I still have yet to find any expert on record saying that “swine flu” was deliberately manufactured.

    The only news article I’ve found has been in reference to swine flu could have been accidently caused in a lab, but there was no statement suggesting irrefutably that the virus was created intentionally?

    Please feel free to link me the article, with a reputable source, someone from the bio community who is known, and not a blog post by some anonymous person.

  4. Artie says:

    My respect, Susan Wolfrey

    I have great respect for you to file a complaint with the police about the vaccination plans against Swine Flue. I am Dutch, 65, living in Thailand, and it is really strange that a big part of the population of Holland does accept what the government, the RIVM and the main stream media are trying to tell you, that you can be vaccinated without any risk, while many specialists in this field are telling the Mexican Flu was created in a lab. More information can be found at this link: http://www.notanotherconspiracy.com/2009/07/wayne-madsen-swine-flu-virus-began-life.html
    I wish you a lot of succes with your actions.


    Aart van Wijngaarden

  5. smartie says:

    Zet hem op Susan Wolfrey,..!!!
    ik heb je al proberen op te zoeken, maar kan je niet vinden,.. wellicht maar goed ook,.. anders zou iedereen nu op je nek zitten,.. maar durf je ook de media aan te klampen met dit nieuws,.. want ik wil wel, maar mijn omgeving vind het te riskant, wat ik me wel voor kan stellen,..

    wellicht wil je lid worden van de Nieuwe Wakkere Onderwerpen hyves om iedereen op de hoogte te houden,..


    sorrie,.. i had to do this in dutch,.. keap up the good work Jane and Susan,.. girl power

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