Former high-level Bush financial insider says “swine flu” vaccine part of depopulation agenda

Catherine Austin Fitts, an investment banker and high level government official in the 1st Bush administration, writes in her blog that she believes the H1N1 “swine flu” vaccine is part of a population reduction agenda.

She also analyses the way the international, offshore banking “elite” have plundered the US and (other) economies, impoverishing millions, if not billions, by their crime spree, corruption and greed.

The political and social problems that arise when a small group rob and impoverish a state by their inordinate greed are discussed in Plato’s book, the Republic, sections 8-9. Plato notes that when a state is mismanaged, exploited and ruined by a materially minded clique (timocracy), there will inevitably be many poverty-stricken people resulting in increasing social breakdown and chaos. These impoverished people pose a threat to the corrupt rulers, and they will therefore try to dispose of them by the imposition of ever greater force followed by mass murder (tyranny).

Plato’s analysis of the roots of a state’s decline appears in some respects to be a pretty accurate description of the events unfolding before our eyes in the USA today: the international criminal “financiers” of WHO and the UN, who have destroyed the US economy and just robbed it of 14 trillions in a “bailout” fund for Wall St Banks, now need to use UN troops and WHO killer vaccines to deal with the people of the USA that they have impoverished by their crimes.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the framers of the US Constitution, admired Plato and carried his books around with him wherever he went, it’s been said. I can see why. I also think Plato’s “Republic” is a as good a description as any around today of the political history of the USA from the high ideals of the Founding Fathers to the gradual descent into total corruption by the “rulers” or, in this case. the “President”, “Senate” and “Congress” in the past few years.

When elements of the federal and state government either actively plan or allow the take-over and mass murder of their own people through “UN troop exercises” and “FEMA/Homeland Security” drills and “mass forced vaccinations” with “bioweapons” because they would prefer mass murder of the victims of their crimes to being put in goal, then the “culture in charge” truly is “dark” are Catherine Austin Fitts says.

The time has now come to remove these “dark” and degenerate elements and restore the Constitution, Democracy and the Rule of Law, to rebuild a sound economic and education system that works for the liberty, prosperity and happiness of the people as Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers envisioned. A sould political, social, health and economic system needs to be rebuilt in Europe, Africa and other countries just as urgently.

“I believe one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation. Perhaps it is the goal of a swine flu epidemic as well, whether bio-warfare or hype around a flu season,” writes Austin Fitts on her blog.

“As trillions of dollars were shifted out of America by legal and illegal means to reinvest in Asia and emerging markets and to build a global military empire, we left a sovereign nation economic model behind. Finally, the expense and corruption of empire resulted in bailouts of $12-14 trillion, delivering a new financial war chest to the people leading the financial engineering. Now we have exploding unemployment, an exploding federal deficit, an Inspector General for the TARP bailout program predicting that the ultimate bailout cost could rise to $23.7 trillion and a Congressional Budget Director who is concluding that we can no longer afford the social safety net.

That is, unless you change the actuarial assumptions in the budget – like life expectancy. Lowering immune systems and increasing toxicity levels combined with poor food, water and terrorizing stress will help do the trick. Review the history of vaccines rushed into production without proper testing and peer review – it is clear about the potential side effects. In addition, a plague can so frighten and help control people that they will accept the end of their current benefits (and the resulting implications to life expectancy) without objection. And a plague with proper planning can be highly profitable. Whatever the truth of what swine flu and related vaccines are, it can be used as a way to keep control in a situation that is quickly shifting out of control.

In short, an epidemic can be used to offset the inflation of capital with increasing deflation of the value and income of labor and continual demand destruction. It is a great deal of time and money spent on something that will not help build a real economy. The disinformation and control opportunities are profound. They keep the slow burn going. It is the next, meaner face of “the establishment against the rest of society.”

That’s what I believe. I am not an expert. I have no case worth presenting in a court of law. There are hundreds of hours of research on the swine flu and related vaccines that I have not done and I am not going to do. It is just what I believe, listening to the people I respect, and in no small part because if you map out all the financial ecosystems around the issue and people and incentives involved, it seems to me to be the logical conclusion.

Now, if this sounds ludicrous to you, it may be because you do not appreciate how dark the culture has become that is now in charge. Do you have any idea how impossibly frustrating it is to manage a highly centralized system in which the vast majority of people lack any responsibility to ensure that the whole thing works? Everyone wants their free lunch and there are no real markets or democracy to force accountability or a shared intelligence. Force works. Force has increasingly become the way to achieve most everything. Using force is a lot easier that living with rising risk and the costs of subsidizing an aging population.

So the question for you and me is “what do we do?” Are we going to take a vaccine? Are we going to allow our children to be vaccinated? Will we have a choice? How can we organize to make sure that we do? Is self-quarantine a practical option? How would we prepare for it?

What you believe is your responsibility. The time has come to build time into Summer schedules to research options, discuss them with those you trust and make informed decisions about what you believe and what actions you intend to take under a variety of scenarios.

I don’t have the answers yet. Somehow, I believe we can find them together. And while we do, let’s remember to pray for the love of humanity to be rekindled and nourished in each and every heart.

3 Responses to Former high-level Bush financial insider says “swine flu” vaccine part of depopulation agenda

  1. sosMsos says:

    “That’s what I believe. I am not an expert. I have no case worth presenting
    in a court of law. There are hundreds of hours of research on the swine flu and related vaccines that I have not done and I am not going to do. ”

    You will have to do that, to dig out the truth, and to stop that vaccination is being used to depopulate. THis old dogma of immunization that just doesntz work has to be cleard , people/ politicians, have to get enlightet about this in what they blindly believe. The whole virology is build around postulates that have never been proofed for nearly 100 years, and cant be proofed.
    This whole pseudo science virology is just there to justify all the contradictions it creates.
    Why do retroviruses in the 70th were invented? Cause Genetic science was build until then then, on the believe that the DNA in a cell is some kind of static thing. THat only RNA can be generated from DNA not the way round! But evolutionary Genetics has prooven that there was at first RNA from which DNA was recreated. And this they have observed in the 70th that RNA is transcribed back into DNA , the reverse transcription. And they had to invent an exceptional rule to protect the world of science they worked for. And that exception rule was that this RNA was not from the host organizm itself, but from a exogenic virus that invade the cell, breeds there and destroys it. Never peen proven.
    So when they tried to explain cancer through a vrius infection, they observed that there was reverse transcription going on in the whole body all over the place, and when they tried to stop it, they must admit that this had not any influence on the cancer. So they quickly had to give up this idea.

    But then this drug was taken out of the drawer again with birdflue, as a anti-retroviral drug. It stops the enzyme reverse protease to transcribe RNA back into DNA, which is a repair process, obsrved in phyto planktons that thoses RNA material “viruses” live in coexistence with the cells and it has never been observed that they do something harmful.

    So infact Tamiflue prevents the organsim, the DNA of the cells from repairing himself/ itself.

    there can be discovered so many frauds in that pseudoscience virology based on:
    arbitrariness of symptoms
    arbitrariness of diagnosis
    arbitrariness of detection methods/ test methods, (CPR, lol is not even reccomended from the designer for virus virus deseases diagnosis, chk how they proceed there, for quantitative ananlysis, they use a multiplicational analysis tool..)

    the way of reproduction (virus morphology based on the chicken embry modell , lol still in use ck what is done there and how they try to justyfy it what they do there, lol)
    and much more…

    Its time that pople get enlightened about this leathal fraud, that has always been used to kill people.
    Goethe wrote in Faust 300 years ago:

    “Here was the medicine, the patients died and nobody asked who recovered, thus we have ravaged with infernal Latwerges, in these valleys, these mountains, much worse than the pest, I myself have given the poison to thousands, they withered away, I must witness that the unabashed murderers are praised.”

    And its still the same world, the unabashed murderers the practitioneers are praised. This has to be stopped, if you can stop tthat medicine is being misused for politics, then politics has a chance to recover.

    “The domination of the Pseudo-Science must be overcome by means of a Social science which is characterized by its obligation to truthfulness and by the possibility to verify it and to control its actions. The language of the present university medical science reveals that in it, an uncontrolled democratically-lawfully prevailing orthodoxy stands in the foreground, when the Orthodox Medicine Practitioners and the State are referring, as justification for their actions, to the dominant opinion of medical science to which we supposedly have to submit even if this prevailing orthodoxy maintains that the babies are brought by the stork or that the earth is flat. We have however no reason to complain. It is us who tolerate this Governmental behavior. Anyway, nobody should wonder, if he continues to accept that we must surrender ourselves to this prevailing orthodoxy. as we are doing now faced with the absurdity of the Bird Flu allegations, if he then wakes up one morning and with horror realizes that he is dead. Killed by that prevailing orthodoxy which he as a citizen of a democratic state built on law has tolerated. In a democratic state built on law, the bird flu panic would be just as impossible as would AIDS and vaccinations. We the citizens must create the constitutional state. Then not only AIDS but also the pseudoscience and the bird flu will have no chance. I can only say: Check things out! Use your reason!”
    Dr. Stefan Lanka


  2. sosMsos says:

    PS: it has been taken 100 years to finally convince orthodox medicine that amalgam is harmfull and not being used anymore, just only 15 years ago every dentist would have loughed about this claim and would argue there is no desease that stays in direct relation to mercury as its cause, ” sure not in THAT direct relation what orthodox medicine understands as being the cause for a desease. Only cancer and germs are cause for a desease in their world what in fact isnt true at all.

    I mean this germ fraud is already going on 100 years, i dont want to wait another 100 years though i feel we are so close to it to recover this to the whole world population, having this powerful informational tools like the internet! And you are so close to do that! If you wont be able to recover this fraud in combination with you investigations dealing with “the new world order” crime then there is the chance that its gonna been misused over and over again…

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