German troops spotted in Michigan * Letter sent to German military warning of forced vaccinations in the USA and Germany

German troops have been spotted in Michigan, Australian troops in California and UK troops in North Carolina as part of the UN-led on “counterterrorism” exercises starting today in the USA.

Michigan is, outside Region VI were the military “exercises” were due to take place,

We have sent a letter to the main branches of the German military, informing them of our concern that German and other UN troops will be misused to provide cover for a mass detention and forced vaccination program by WHO, the controlling authority of the Homeland Security and FEMA.

We presented evidence that the people of Germany are also at risk from forced vaccinations with toxic substances supplied by Baxter and mandated by WHO this autumn.

We noted that Baxter’s Austrian subsidiary is under criminal investigation for contaminating 72 kilos of vaccine material with bird flu this winter, and sending it out to 16 laboratories, also to the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, we sent a copy of the latest criminal charges which contains credible evidence that the Austrian Health Minister is involved in covering up Baxter’s crime.

We observed that authority over Germany will be transferred to WHO in the event of a “pandemic emergency”.

Contact your local Sheriff and your military base today and ask them to ensure that there will be no mass detentions or forced vaccinaitons by FEMA and Homeland Security under cover of a UN exercise.

Take active steps to keep track of the movement of UN units across the country and to identify headquarters, logistics, and communications networks.

If you see UN troops and have a chance to talk to them as they move around or set up camp, tell them about your concerns and point out that the people of Germany, Australia and the UK are facing the same danger of forced vaccinations. Give them the links to the evidence.

I have emailed the German Ministry of Defense for more information.

You can find contact information for German army press spokespersons to make inquiries here:!?yw_contentURL=%2FC1256F1200608B1B%2FW265ABZ6873INFODE%2Fcontent.jsp

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