Translation of the first part of the new criminal charges concerning Baxter filed last week

Below is a translation into English of the first part of the new set of criminal charges filed last week at the Vienna State Prosecutor’s Office concerning the Baxter case.

Criminal Charges Against

Alois Stöger, Health Minister

Hubert Hrabcik, Department Head General Directorate for Public Health, Federal Ministry for Health, Family and Youth (BMGFJ)

Ulrich Herzog, Head Vetinary Officer and Leader of the Section IV/B Consumer Health of the Federal Ministry for Health

Maria Rauch-Kallat, Ex-Health Minister

Otfried Kistner, Director of Virology, Baxter

Harmut Ehrlich, CEO Baxter AG

Noel Barrat, CEO Baxter AG

Harald Eisenmenger, Leading Vienna State Prosecutor

Oscar Bronner, Founder of the magazine “profil”

Christian Rainer, Publisher and Editor in Chief of the magazine “profil”

Emil Bobi, Jounralist of the magazine “profil”

Heinz-Christian Strache, Leader of the FPOe political party

Dagmar Belakowitsch Jenewein, FPOe health spokesperson

Karl Korinek, former President of the Constitutional Court

Gerhart Holzinger, President of the Constitutional Court

Werner Faymann, Chancellor

For being under suspicion
of developing, manufacturing, disseminating and releasing biological weapons of mass destruction

with the intention of causing a global pandemic, carrying out mass murder though forced vaccination with toxic substances and of intending to profit from these actions

in an act that violates laws on international organised crime and genocide.


A. Summary of the criminal charges brought and of the grounds for these charges

B. Statement of Facts: Timeline and relevant background information

C. Discussion

a) the parliamentary answers of the Health Minister, Alois Stöger

1. concerning the vaccine material contaminated by Baxter: 72 kilos

2. concerning the “swine flu” vaccine government contract with Baxter

b) The Influenza Pandemieplan: Strategie for Austria, 3. edition November 2006

1. Transfer of power to WHO and the EU in the event of a pandemic emergency

2. Toxic nature of proposed vaccine material

c) Baxter as a developer of bioweapons technology

1. Baxter and the manufacture and distribution of 72 kilos of vaccine material contaminated with the live bird flu virus, supplied by a WHO laboratory: incident in February 2009 in which all biosafety regulations were circumvented

2. Baxter and the application for a patent for the H1N1 virus in 2008, one year before the “completely new” “swine flu” outbreak as proof of a pre-existing plan and the carrying out of plan

3. Baxter: vaccine material

4. Novartis: vaccine material

5. Glaxo Smith Kline: vaccine material

d) WHO as a developer of bioweapons technology

1) The pandemic level 6 declaration of WHO: Manipulation of data?

2) The vaccine guidelines of WHO

3) The legal basis for the take-over of WHO in all 194 member states

e) The responsibility of the Senior Vienna State Prosecutor for failing to investigate the Baxter case which almost triggered a pandemic in February 2009, and which almost triggered pandemic

f) The responsibility of the President of the Austrian Constitutional Court for allowing the transfer of power to WHO in the Influenza Pandemic Plan

g) The responsibility of the politicians: did Heinz-Christian Strache and FPÖ Health Minister spokesperson Dr Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein help cover up the pandemic incident?

h) The role of the media: “Profil” as an instrument used to cover up the fact that Baxter circumvented the Biosafety regulations in the pandemic incident in February 2009.

i) The role of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds als financiers of both WHO and Baxter


1) Criminal charges against Baxter and Avir over the laboratory incident in February 2009

2) Criminal charges against Baxter and WHO over the train incident in Switzerland in April 2009

3) Criminal charges handed in to the FBI, US embassy Vienna

4) Criminal charges handed in to a local US police force

5) The Infleunaz Pandemic Plan: Strategy for Austria, 3. edition November 2006

A. Summary of Claims and Evidence

The defendants listed above appear to be members of, or facilitating, an international corporate crime syndicate. The pattern of their activity strongly suggests the notion they are working in interaction with each other in such a way as to sustain and move forward , systematically and deliberately, the crime syndicate’s agenda, specifically, of mass murder. This by means of the use of an artificial „swine flu“ virus, deliberately developed and released, and also a toxic vaccine, to be mandated on populations under false misrepresentation as a prophylactic measure. The intention is to profit financially and politically from the resulting mass murder in an act that violates laws on organised crime, bioterrorism and treason.

The international corporate crime organisation appears to use a number of agents and organisations to accomplish their goals in Austria. This includes Baxter’s Austrian subsidiary. Speicifically, Baxter has been involved in the development of the technical means to produce a deadly virus and toxic vaccines. Also, Baxter has been involved in the development of the technical means to make these toxic vaccines available in large enough quantities to inject into hundreds millions of people. The production process for the H1N1 virus includes a 1,200 bioreactor vats and a cell culture technology in Baxter’s production facilities in Bohumil in the Czech Republic. This will allow contaminated vaccine material to be produced on a huge scale.

Baxter and WHO scientists, including Otfried Kistner, Noel Barret and Hartmut Ehrlich, appear to be working together on the same agenda to isolate viruses, bioengineer them to make the more lethal. Also, Baxter has tested and obtained licences well in advance of the so-called unexpected “pandemic” for the core vaccines for the allegedly “new” swine flu and bird flu, strongly indicating that they were part of the release of the swine flu, about 50 kilometers from their facilities in Mexico City.

In addtion, Baxter and other companies are planning to include toxic substances such as mercury and also adjuvants know to cause damage – and that in spite of Baxter’s own clinical studies testifying that, adjuvants have no beneficial effect, underscoring that there can be no benefit from adjuvants.

In addition, the syndicate made use of Baxter’s high standard biosecurity facilities in Orth an der Donau in Austria to manufacture and release contaminated vaccine material to trigger a global pandemic in January/February of this year.

Specifically, Baxter manufactured 72 kilos of vaccine material which was contaminated with live bird flu virus supplied by WHO inside its facilities. It then sent that material to 16 labs in three neighbouring countries, also in Austria. In this way, Baxter nearly triggered a global pandemic, according to a report by the Times of India.

Because Baxter is obliged to adhere to biosecurity level 3 regulations in its facilities in Orth an der Donau when handling the bird flu virus (classified as a biosafety level 3 pathogen under EU Directive), the manufacture and distribution of this material cannot have been accidental and indicates criminal intent.

Furthermore, it is not clear why Baxter had the live bird flu virus in its facilities in the first place or how it could have been sent out of the facilities irradiated.

Key management and scientists in Baxter appear to have deliberately and systematically circumvented safety controls in place in order to manufacture and distribute the pandemic material while positioning itself well in advance to profit from any such pandemic by sealing lucrative contracts with the Austrian government to supply vaccines in a pandemic emergency.

Furthermore, the syndicate appears to have infiltrated its agents or obtained undue influence over officials in institutions in Austria, who act in a coordinated way to further the crime syndicate’s aims by misusing institutions, systems, management and resources to work for the syndicate’s goals, specifically, government health officials and officials in medical regulatory agencies, who are failing to install or implement adequate checks, investigations or controls, specifically Hubert Hrabcik and Ulrich Herzog.

In addition, the syndicate appears to have positioned their agents into high government office and to have taken control of key decision making bodies such as the Health Ministry. These agents, including the Health Minister, Alois Stöger, appear to be acting under the colour of their office to ensure public resources are available for companies like Baxter to produce the “swine flu” and “bird flu” vaccine. They have also unblocked political opposition to a mass, potentially forced, vaccination “swine flu” campaign planned for autumn in Austria.

In spite of the ongoing criminal investigation by the police in Austria into Baxter’s release of 72 kilos of pandemic vaccine material, of which the Health Minister is fully aware as is shown by his own correspondence, the Health Minister has rushed ahead with giving Baxter the authority to active the pre arranged contract to provide the “swine flu” vaccines.

Furthermore, the Health Minister has refused to reveal details of the contract Baxter has with the government or the sum it will be paid for supplying every person in Austrian with two doses of this vaccine. This refusal is sparking concerns that the Health Minister is misusing his position to facilitate Baxter’s access to significant funds for reasons of personal profit.

In addtion, the Health Minister and his officials failed to issue a press release or notify the people of Austria that 72 kilos of vaccine material contaminated with live bird flu virus has been sent out by Baxter’s laboratory or to discuss the incident in the Council of Ministers even though the Health Minister is obliged by the Constitution to act in a way that is transparent at all time and keep the general public up to date. It was only in parliamentary questions that came in May, on the last day of the 8 week period allowed to the Health Minister, that he, however, revealed that 72 kilos of vaccine material had been sent out, a quantity that underscores the seriousness of the crime.

Furthermore, the Health Minister falsely claimed there was no danger to human life even though 18 staff employed by one lab in Vienna that had received the contaminated bird flu material had had to be immediately treated preventatively for bird flu in hospital as soon as BioTest in the Czech Republic issued an alert concerning the material.

In addtion, the Health Minister falsely claimed in his parliamentary answers that the correct legal basis for handling the Baxter incident was the vetinary code when the correct legal basis is, in fact, the biosafety regulations as well as bioterrorism laws and the criminal code. In this way, he trivialised the crime.

The agents of this syndicate have also passed an act, specifically the Austrian Influenza Pandemic Plan of 2005, that allows for the forced mass vaccination of the population in the event of a pandemic emergency as well as also for the restriction of movement, quarantine etc.

The Austrian Pandemic Pan of 2005 establishes the policies, laws and regulations of the World Health Organisation and the EU as supreme over Austria law during a pandemic. It sets the stage for militarizing the management of the country’s health emergencies.

The 2005 plan sets up a special crisis committee in the Ministery of Interior that will follow WHO and EU directives, so that WHO controls will be controlling over relevant Austrian statutes or authorities. Austrian law enforcement forces can be used during a domestic emergency involving a pandemic flu and will be answerable ultimately to WHO.

The Austrian agents of the syndicate appear to have conspired with WHO to develop and distribute a bioweapon, by helping to fund and licence the creation of dangerous viruses, by putting created diseases in into the public domain to trigger a pandemic and cause fear that they will exploit to stampede people into a vaccination.

In spite of claims that the vaccine can be taken voluntarily, the Health Minister revealed there are no plans to store the vaccine in the long term, indicating that there are plans to use all of it on the population, as WHO has instructed, also employing force as WHO laws allow.
WHO supplied Baxter — by a Baxter spokesperson’s own admission — with the live bird flu virus that it then used to contaminate 72 kilos of material, in order to trigger a pandemic, and then helped Baxter secure contracts contracts for vaccines and without adequate safety controls.

Two memos from 1972 prove WHO has been preparing for a long time a 3 step approach to turning vaccines into killers.

Members of this crime gang appear to meet to discuss their plans in secretive establishments, and also at the annual Bilderberg meeting. This was attended this year in Athens by Chancellor Werner Faymann and the CEO of Novartis, Daniel Vassella. It appears that tactics and procedures for obtaining their goals for the mass murder of the people of Austria, and in other countries around the world, this autumn under the pretext of offering them a vaccine as a prophylactic measure, which is planned to be toxic.

The syndicates appears to have undue influence on the highest ranking State Prosecutor, Harald Eisenmenger, who has failed to launch an investigation into Baxter’s activities, and appears to have accepted Baxter’s act of filing charges against itself as a ploy to circumvent an investigation.

Furthermore, the President and the Head Constitutional Court appear to be unblocking avenues of illegal activitiy and allow the group to carry out their criminal activities with impunity including the transfer of sovereignty of Austria to WHO and the EU under the 2005 Austrian Influenza Pandemic Plan.

It appears that these agents are working for the crime syndicate n return for bribes, kickbacks and offshore bank accounts. Novartis, for example, is reported to have paid a five figure sum for a buffet for the President.

Furthermore, there is credible evidence that the leader of the far right party, Heinz Christian Strache, put pressure on his health spokesperson, Dr Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein not to ask in depth parliamentary questions about Baxter’s activities in relation to the contamination of the 72 kilos of vaccine material bird flu.

It is on record that Dr Belakowitsch-Jenewein in disregard of her parliamentary duties and although she is a medical doctor and although she was fully aware of the criminal charges and the biosafety regulations, did not initiate a parliamentary or other inquiry into the Baxter incident. It could be argued she should have after parliamentary answers from the Health Minister revealed that 72 kils of vaccine material had been contaminated by the live bird flu virus by Baxter, sparking questions about whether there are financial or personal links between Baxter and Strache that motivate him to cover up Baxter’s activities.

From these facts, it appears Baxter and Novartis and other vaccine companies have formed an oligopoly that operates to maximise their profits together with WHO and their agents in the Austrian government.

Of significance is that Baxter and Novartis executives participated in the vaccine advisory group that recommended mandatory vaccines across the world to WHO in July in a clear conflict of interest.
As a result of the planned, deliberate and coordinated activities of the members of this organisation in Austria, the people of Austria, and other countries, are now in danger of being forced to take a toxic vaccine with heavy metals, adjuvants and a live whole virus this autumn. This to treat an influenza virus that appears to have been deliberately developed and released by the very same vaccine companies, and other allied organisations such as WHO.

There is a danger that the public will be given false information deliberately and systematically in order to encourage them to take this dangerous vaccine of their free will. The Pandemic Plan of 2005 gives especial weight to control of the „messsage“.

Specifically, the magazine Profil appears to have deliberately, systematically and wilfully misrepresented the Baxter incident and used languages, false sources and images to deceive the public in a report written by Emil Bobi in April 2009.

Profil’s founder Oscar Bronner is reported to have attended Bilderberg meetings regularly.

Profil and the Health Minister appear to be acting in coordination to control the flow of information reaching the Austrian general public in such a way as to hide the evidence of Baxter’s crimes and to incite fear over the “swine flu” to drive people to take a vaccine that will be dangerous to their health while ignoring other effective measures such as colloidal silver.

Furthermore, in a pandemic emergency being declared, the people of Austria will lose their sovereignty and their civic rights and could find themselves being forced to take toxic injections under WHO instructions in a climate of fear and hysteria pumped up by the government and Profil. Vulnerable groups could be killed first followed by other groups in a series of injections.

B. Relevant facts: Timeline and background information

[part still to be translated]

C. Discussion

a) the parliamentary answers of the Health Minister, Alois Stöger
1. concerning the vaccine material contaminated by Baxter: 72 kilos

The Austrian Health Minister Alois Stöger und government officials in charge of the government contracts for vaccine material, as well as the General Director of the Public Health Department Hubert Hrabcik as well as the head government vetinary official, Ulrich Herzog, appear to be key figures in this international crime syndicate. The nature of their activities indicates that they are working together with Baxter in a synchronished and coordinated way to promote their financial, technological and political goals, and also to cover up the traces of their crimes.

Only in parliamentary answers concerning the “lack of information about a serious laboratory incident involving the contamination of seasonal flu vaccine material with the H5N1 virus” did Stöger reveal that the quantity involved in the Baxter incident was 72 kilos of contaminated material.

The original parliamentary questions of Dr Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein and the answers of Alois Stöger, the Health Minister, are presented in relation to each other below.

Parliamentary Questions and Answers to the Baxter case:

The parliamentary questions of Dr Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein:

The answers of the Alois Stöger, the Health Minister:

THE TEXT von Dr Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein:

“This text was sent electronically. Slight changes from the original are possible.

[Introduction and summary of the facts concerning Baxter’s contamination of vaccine material with the live bird flu virus]

The answers of Alois Stöger.
Received on 20.05.2009

“This text was sent electronically. Slight changes from the original are possible.

Federal Ministry for Health

Answers to questions


President of the National Parliament

Mag. Barbara Prammer


1017 Vienna

Dear Madame President!

I would like to answer the written parlamentary questions Nr 1437/J directed at me by Member of Parliament Dr Belakowitsch-Jenewein using the information available to me as follows:

In advance, I would like to make it clear, that the names of companies cannot be given for data protection reasons.

[ ]

BJ. 1. How long have the above-mentioned facts been known to you?

AS.1. Your description of the incident in which allegedly “seasonal flu material” was infected with the bird flu virus [influenza A/H5N1) is only partially correct.

Comprehensible [Nachvollziehbar, ie, what can be imagined, understood] is the following:

A company located in Lower Austria [Baxter, Orth an der Donau] manufactured exclusively for research purposes (and not for use on people) a certain research material. Because of mistakes in the production, the research material was contaminated with bird flu virus (influenza A/H5N1). The research material was obtained within the framework of a research project on a new vaccine material. This material was transferred as part of this project to a company in the Czech Republic. As a consequence of the results of a test on animals the contamination of the research material sent out was noticed.

This incident was communicated by the company active in the Czech Republic [BioTest] and as a result reported to the Austrian Health authorities.

On February 9 2009, 17:OO hrs, the Federal Ministry for Health (BMG) was informed of the contamination with live bird flu virus (Influenza A/H5N1) of a material produced for research purposes.

The relevant health authorities carried out the necessary steps and investigations and measures to proatively prevent a general danger to humans and animals.

Among the proative measures taken was the prophylactic treatment with neuraminidase inhibitors by the potentially contaminated persons as well as a medical examination in a Vienna hospital. It could be very quickly established that it had no come to an infection.

BJ.2. Who informed you of this incident?

AS. 2
*The Regional Sanitary Directorate, Vienna
*Companies that cannot be named for data protection reasons

BJ. 3. Was this incident discussed in the Council of Ministers [Cabinet] and if yes, when, in what depth and with what result?

AS.3. The incident was not discussed in the Council of Ministers because there was no danger for the general public.

BJ. 4. Which authority in Austria was the first to learn of this incident and how long did it take until the Federal Ministry of Health learned about it?

AS. 4. The Regional Sanitary Directorate, Vienna/Town hall department 15 – Health Services of the City of Vienna (from now on called LSD/MA 15) and the Federal Ministry for Health (from now on called BMG) were informed on 9 February 2009.

BJ. 5. What measures have been implemented by you so far?

AS. 5. The LSD/MA 15 was according to the existing laws, responsible for taking care of the possibly contaminated people and implemented the necessary measures. The measures were carried out prophylactically. The LSD/MA 15 carried out an audit of the companies involved.

The Federal Office for Safety in Health, which belongs to the BMG’s operation, carried out the inspection of the two companies involved. On the basis of the results of the inspection, necessary measures were implemented, to prevent a new incident of this kind.

As soon as the incident was publicised, the import and expprt of all influenza viruses was immediately prohibited by instructions to the border and Information of the companies involved because at this point in time a valid permit for the inner-community [EU] transport of material with influenza viruses (for the influenza virus H5N1) was in place.

The laboratories of the companies were visited by the vetinary authorities. A representative from the human medicine area participated in the visit.

Because of the result of the laboratory inspections, the above-mentioned instructions were again repealed.

BJ. 6. Who decided on what measures and which measures have been implemented until now (List of the type and time of the measures implemented)

As. 6. As already explained in the answer to Question 5 – LSD/MA 15 – and the Federal Ministry for Health.



9. February 2009

Information of the BMG and the LSD/MA 15 –

Continuously upon receiving the report

Ascertainment of the facts, assessment of the risks and crisis management by the LSD/MA 15 and by the BMG

9. February 2009

Examination of potentially affected company staff in a Vienna Hospital.

Supervision of the persons, who pontentially had come in contact with the contaminated research product by the LSD/MA 15.

13. February 2009

Information of the BMG by the LSD/MA 15 about the result of the audit of the companies involved

16. February 2009

Inspection of the Lower Austrian location of the company [Baxter, Orth an der Donau] on behalf of the BMG

23. February 2009

Inspection of the Vienna company on behalf of the BMG ;

In connection with a vetinary permit, the laboratories of the company were viewed by the vetinary authorities. A representative from the human medicine area participated int his inspection.

24. March 2009

A discussion of the case followed within the framework of the Federal Commission for Zoonose

BJ. 7. What is the reason why no information has reached the public yet?

AS. 7.

There was and is no reason to inform the general public about the contamination with the bird flu virus (Influenza A/H5N1) of a material produced for research purposes. There was no danger for the general public.

BJ. 8. Can you exclude a threat to the Austrian population?

AS: Yes.

BJ. 9. Who are the 18 people, who were given preventative treatment against H5N1 in the Otto Wagner Hospital, and why were these 18 people suspected of having come into contact with the bird flu virus?

AS. 9. It is a well know fact that personal data concerning health care cannot be released.

All 18 people were staff in the companies involved.

In the handling of the research material, the usual precuatiounary measures and protective measures were applied (e.g. working with clossed system or micobiological security work benches, special rooms accessible using locks,…). That was why an infection with the bird flu virus involved (Influenza A/H5N1) not very likely.

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  1. sosMsos says:

    HeyJane ore ayone else german speaking person,
    can anyone please translate that inquiry into English and post it here again, so everyone can send this to his health department and ask for clarification. I have only formulated this in German cause my English is not that profound.

    So here it comes:

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    1. Wer und wieviele Labore haben die Gensequenz die angeblich verantwortlich für die Schweinegrippe ist definiert und herausgegeben, und wer wieviele haben das überprüft?! Haben alle Gesundheitsorganistationen das vom CDC erhalten ? Das wäre doch eine ziemlich unverlässliche Quelle.
    2. Ich würde gerne eine Publikation lesen in der hervorgeht/ eindeutig belegt wird, das dieser “H5N1 Virus” pathogen ist – nach den Robert Kochschen Postulaten. Wiegesagt die gesamten Nachweismethoden auf die sie verweisen, analysieren nicht die Pathogenität, bzw Krankheitsursache. Es wird bei den Nachweismethoden vorausgestzt (aufgrund der vor 100 Jahren aufgestellten Postulate, nie mehr auf Richtigkeit überprüft), das diese Viren die Ursache für die Zellzerstörung sind.
    Reverse Transcription gilt in der Evolutionsgenetik als natürlicher Prozess, RNA ist Grundbaustein des Lebens. Außerdem wurde in Phytoplankton beobachtet das die sogenannten “Viren” in Koeksistenz mit der Zelle leben und keinen schaden anrichten d.h. eine Reverse Transkription abläuft die für die Zellen nicht schädlich ist.
    D.h wenn die Reverse Transcription komplett falsch interpretiet wird von der Virologie, sind die gesamten Detektions Methoden BESTANDSLOS auf die sie verweisen, d.h sind Viren nicht pathogen, sowie auch die Interpretation von Antikörpern falsch wäre, die nur lösbare Blutproteine wären und eine Rolle bei der Zellversiegelung bzw beim Wundheilungsprozess spielen. Diese Globuline kombinieren sich somit willkürlich mit anderen Proteinen im Test (abhängig vom PH Wert und der Menge der Elektrolyten in der Lösung). Das heißt ob die Diagnose mit H5N1 positiv oder negativ ausfällt ist rein willkürlich.

    Und dafür möchte ich einen Nachweis bzw einen Link zu einer Publikation die das nachweist, das anhand des isolierten und gereinigten RNA Materials der Viren eine Krankheit vom Donor in einen gesunden Organismus übertragbar ist.


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