CLG Updates: WHO/UN “Counter terrorism” exercise underway as first real “terrorist” arrests made and “swine flu” hype grows

While the largest “counter terrorism” exercises ever on American soil by UN troops are underway with no mainstream media coverage, more “clinical trials” on the “swine flu” vaccine are set to start.

Vaccine experts like Dr Rebecca Carley say the “trials” are a pretext to give the subjects, often children, a disease, which they will carry into the population and spread.

Also, target groups for the swine flu “vaccine” are being selected by the government, including pregnant women and those with diabetes or asthma, reports the CLG.

The WHO/UN and affilated organisations appear to be scaremongering and spreading the “false flag” rumour that German soldiers are participating in the UN exercises, something the German Ministry of Defense has denied. It is reported that a caller in to Alex Jones’ show said that German troops were heard saying they had come to “destroy” the USA, fueling confusion and fear.

The NLE 09 “counter terrorism” exercises are going ahead as the real arrests of so-called “terrorists” have started in North Carolina, according to a report on Infowars.

“On Monday, the feds swooped down on an alleged terror group plotting murder and mayhem in North Carolina. A federal indictment against the gang claims Raleigh drywall contractor Daniel Patrick Boyd and associates sought to wage “violent jihad” abroad and engaged in “military-style training at home,” according to the Associated Press. Specific details are not provided by the government,” writes Kurt Nimmo.

In addition, the rights of US prisoners are being restricted under the pretext of the need for a medical quarantine due to the “swine flu”, which so far has caused far fewer deaths than the seasonal flu. A judge set a precedent when he ruled that prisoners could be kept in quarantine in a “medical emergency” and have their constitutional right to a speedy trial and preliminary hearings suspended. This paves the way for holding people on a large-scale in “quarantines” in a legal vaccuum.

In the UK, the government is planning to use an “emergency clause” to take control of the content of BBC transmissions, turning a covert propaganda tool into an overt one. It was the BBC that reported on air and live the collapse of the third tower in New York on September 9/11 20 minutes before the actual collapse occurred.

Talk to your local Sheriff, military and any UN troops in your area today, and explain your concerns that the “counter terrorism” exercise is being misused to begin mass illegal detention and prepared for forced vaccination – and with a substance classified as a bioweapon by US and EU regulators.

Take action today to get your local Sheriff, military and community standing behind the Constitution and rule of law.

A short letter you can send to them can be found here.

a variation of this can ´be found here

and this is a good summary of the vaccine danger by two academics.

All items from CLG are here:

NLE 09 Target Analysis -—CHI NYC HOU PDX DC By Captain Eric H. May, Dr. James Fetzer, Sgt. Maj. Merlin Neadow, and Patti Woodard 26 Jul 2009 National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09) will run from July 27 – July 31. It will be the largest terror drill yet conducted under the Obama administration. NLE 09 will place thousands of US and foreign troops across the nation, with a scripted mission to prevent a terror attack in the U.S. in the wake of a terrorist attack abroad. While the official version of events to come is innocuous, public affairs and public information officials with FEMA, Homeland Security and the military have refused to answer reporters’ questions, or even to return calls.

Judge: Swine flu good cause to suspend some constitutional rights –Judge made ruling over objections of county public defender’s office and alternate defender’s office after special 90-minute hearing 28 Jul 2009 (CA) A Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that there is legal justification to keep the Central Men’s Jail under medical quarantine – at least for a couple of days – to control a swine flu outbreak. Judge Thomas Goethals said the “significant medical public health event” in the men’s jail is good cause to temporarily suspend constitutional guarantees to speedy trials, preliminary hearings and arraignments for some criminal case defendants.

Pandemic ‘contingency planning’: Govt may invoke emergency clause to force BBC to air content –Such action would be “tantamount to a government takeover”. 29 Jul 2009 The BBC could be asked to clear its schedules to make way for educational programmes if schools have to close due to swine flu, it has emerged. Ministers are understood to have had discussions with BBC officials as part of “contingency planning” for the pandemic. Discussions have centred around government moves to invoke a clause in the BBC’s agreement which states that, in the case of an emergency, the government has the power to make the BBC broadcast another announcement or programme than that scheduled. However, the proposal has attracted strong criticism, with one BBC source saying such action would be “tantamount to a government takeover”. The insider also claimed the clause did not give the government the right to direct programming.

Swine Flu Vaccine Testing In Oklahoma 28 Jul 2009 Clinical trials in Oklahoma City of a possible swine flu vaccine will begin with tests on children ages 3 through 8. IPS Research will begin enrolling about 200 children for the program starting August 17. The study will last 42 days and follow-up calls will continue after that. IPS Research medical director Dr. Louise Thurman says 12,000 children nationwide will be given the vaccine for the trial.

U.S. panel to set priorities for H1N1 flu vaccines 29 Jul 2009 Vaccine experts who advise the U.S. government are likely on Wednesday to put [guinea pigs] healthcare workers, pregnant women and patients with asthma and diabetes at the front of the line to get vaccinated against the new pandemic H1N1 influenza. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices may also at its meeting examine ways to manage a complicated U.S. flu season… “I think at the end of the day we’ll have a firm idea who will be recommended to receive vaccine against novel H1N1,” Tom Skinner, a spokesman for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in a telephone interview. [‘Novel’ aka lab-generated]

3 Responses to CLG Updates: WHO/UN “Counter terrorism” exercise underway as first real “terrorist” arrests made and “swine flu” hype grows

  1. sosMsos says:

    i have formulated an inquiry that you can send to all the health organisations, to ask for a scientific proof regarding the pathogenecity of the H5N1 virus, to become aware that they have no proof:
    Just bomb them with this:
    I think you have to correct my English a bit sorry but the content should be good and correct.

    Please post answers here im curious:

    So here we go:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    1. who and how many labs have the gene sequence for allegedly responsible for the pig flu defined, published, and how many have proofed this? Did all health organisations received this from the CDC? That would be a fairly unreliable source if it’s the only.
    2. I’d like you to refere to me a publication that shows clearly that this “H5N1 virus is pathogenic – according to the Robert Koch’s postulates. As said all detection methods to which you refer, do not analyze the pathogenicity and / or cause of the desease. The reliability of the detection methods results are based on the presupposition (on more than 100 years ago established postulates, never been proofed again) that this virus is the cause of cell destruction.
    Reverse Transcription in evolutionary genetics is a natural process, RNA is a fundamental building block of life. It was also observed in phytoplanktons, that the so-called “viruses” live in coexistence with the cells and don’t do any harm or damage.

    That means, if the Reverse Transcription would be totally misinterpreted by virology, the overall detection methods would also be insubstantial – meaning, that are no pathogenic viruses, as well as the interpretation of antibodies would be wrong,.

    Those alleged antibodies would be soluble blood proteins, which play a central role in the sealing of cells which are growing and dividing and in the healing of wounds. These blood proteins, also called globulins, will combine arbitrarily with other proteins in a test-tube containing appropriate concentrations of acids and bases, minerals and solvents. Thus you can make any sample taken from an animal or a person test arbitrarily positive or negative.

    And I would like a proof or a link to a publication which demonstrates on the basis of the isolated and purified RNA material of the virus that the same desease can be transferred from the donor into a healthy recipient.

    Thank you, …

  2. quakergirl says:

    I would suspect that the test trials could be innocuous- in other words they may simply put water in the vials of vaccine, causing no deaths. then they may say, “See, no deaths…” and proceed to vaccinate upon and unknowing public?

  3. Rob says:

    Quakergirl is right. They could do this. Baxter and Novartis have control over what goes in vaccins so yes it is possible.

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