Please contribute to our legal fund to fight the WHO “bioweapon” vaccines today

To take legal action in the USA, Europe, Africa — in every country in the world –, against these “swine flu” vaccines, which are classified as “bioweapons” by EU and US regulators, we need funds.

These “bioweapon” vaccines are to be made compulsory in autumn by the WHO, which is heavily influenced by vaccine companies, such as Baxter.

Baxter’s subsidiary n Austria was caught deliberately contaminating 72 kilos of vaccine material with a live bird flu virus supplied by WHO in February. The police are investigating after I filed criminal charges but Baxter, among other companies, still has the contract to provide the “swine flu” vacicne, and there are no controls in place.

WHO still has the right to assume control of every country’s health and security infrastructure in the event of a pandemic level 6 being declared.

Much progress has been made in stopping this global coup d etat by WHO and their backers but we have some way to go to stop the gnocidal agenda around the world, and time is short. Please contribute what you can today to a fund for legal action.

Jane Buergermeister (Jane Bürgermeister)

Bank Austria Creditanstalt
Schottengasse 1- 6, A-1010 Wien, Austria
Account number: 152 115 33300
Swift code: 12 000
IBAN = AT83 11000 152 11 53 3300

This also works

Buergermeister, Jane
IBAN des Empfängers AT831100015211533300
BIC / SWIFT-Code der Bank des Empfängers BKAUATWWXXX
Kreditinstitut des Empfängers UNICREDIT BANK AUSTRIA AG
Straße und Hausnummer des Kreditinstituts 231, SCHOENBRUNNER STRASSE
PLZ und Ort des Kreditinstituts VIENNA
Zielland Österreich/Austria

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