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August 19, 2009

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The ‘Second American Revolution’ Has Begun, says Gerard Celente

August 13, 2009

The ‘Second American Revolution’ Has Begun

Gerald Celente
August 13, 2009
KINGSTON, NY — The natives are restless. The third shot of the “Second American Revolution” has been fired. History is being made. But just as with the first two shots, the third shot is not being heard.

The White House and the media have labeled protestors “conservative fringe elements,” or as players in staged events organized by Republican operatives that have been egged on by Fox news and right-wing radio show hosts.

America is seething. Not since the Civil War has anything like this happened. But the protests are either being intentionally downplayed or ignorantly misinterpreted.

The first shot was fired on April 15, 2009. Over 700 anti-tax rallies and “Tea Parties” erupted nationwide. Rather than acknowledge their significance, the general media either ignored or ridiculed both protests and protestors, playing on “tea bagging” for its sexual innuendo.

Initially President Obama said he was unaware of the tea parties. The White House later warned they could “mutate” into something “unhealthy.”

Shot #2 was fired on the Fourth of July, when throngs of citizens across the nation gathered to again protest “taxation without representation.” And as before, the demonstrations were branded right-wing mischief and dismissed.

The third volley, fired in early August, was aimed point blank at Senators and House members pitching President Obama’s health care reform package to constituents. In fiery town hall meetings, enraged citizens shouted down their elected representatives. It took a strong police presence and/or burly bodyguards to preserve a safe physical space between the politicians and irate townspeople.

The White House and the media have labeled protestors “conservative fringe elements,” or as players in staged events organized by Republican operatives that have been egged on by Fox news and right-wing radio show hosts.

In regard to this latest wave of outbursts, health industry interests opposed to any reform are also being blamed for inciting the public. But organized or spontaneous is not the issue. While most protestors exhibit little grasp of the complex 1000 page health care reform document (that nary a legislator has read either), their emotion is clearly real and un-staged.

Rightly or wrongly, the legislation is regarded as yet another straw on the already overloaded camel’s back. A series of gigantic, unpopular government-imposed (but taxpayer-financed) bailouts, buyouts, rescue and stimulus packages have been stuffed down the gullet of Americans. With no public platform to voice their opposition, options for citizens have been limited to fruitless petitions, e-mails and phone calls to Congress all fielded by anonymous staff underlings.

Now, with Congress in recess and elected representatives less than a stone’s throw away, the public is exploding. The devil is not in the details of the heath care reform, the devil is the government mandating health care. Regardless of how the plan is pitched or what is being promised, to the public the legislation is yet another instance of big government taking another piece out of their lives and making them pay for it; again telling them what they can or cannot do.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Though in its early stages, the “Second American Revolution” is underway. Yet, what we forecast will become the most profound political trend of the century ­ the trend that will change the world ­ is still invisible to the same experts, authorities and pundits who didn’t see the financial crisis coming until the bottom fell out of the economy.

Trend Forecast: Conditions will continue to deteriorate. The global economy is terminally ill. The recession is in a brief remission, not the early stages of recovery. Cheap money, easy credit and unrestrained borrowing brought on an economic crisis that cannot be cured by monetary and fiscal policies that promote more cheap money, easy credit and unrestrained borrowing.

Nevertheless, Washington will continue to intervene, tax and exert control. Protests will escalate and riots will follow.

Fourth Shot of the “Second American Revolution”: While there are many wild cards that could light the fuse, The Trends Research Institute forecasts that if the threat of government-forced Swine Flu vaccinations is realized, it will be the fourth shot. Tens of millions will fight for their right to remain free and unvaccinated.

Publisher’s Note: The power of the Internet and new technologies is inexorably fermenting the “Second American Revolution.” However widespread and emotionally charged, had the tax rallies, tea parties and healthcare reform protests occurred in years past, they might have been covered by the local media, but might not have made national headline news and thus would have died stillborn.

Now, with the ubiquitous camera-equipped cell phone, universal access to YouTube, and millions of twitters and tweets, the uprisings cannot be ignored, contained, managed, spun or edited down. The revolutionary fervor will prove contagious.

Can anything stop it?

Trend Forecast: Before the momentum of the “Second American Revolution” becomes unstoppable, it could be derailed through some false flag event designed to deceive the public, or a genuine event or crisis capable of rallying the entire nation behind the President. In a worst-case scenario, according to Trends Research Institute Director, Gerald Celente, “Given the pattern of governments to parlay egregious failures into mega-failures, the classic trend they follow, when all else fails, is to take their nation to war.”

A false flag attempt, a genuine crisis, or a declaration of war, may slow the momentum of the “Second American Revolution,” but nothing will stop it.

WHO calls meeting in Johannesburg as it plans mass vaccination of Africans with killer jab

August 13, 2009

Health Officials Gather In South Africa To Discuss H1N1 In Africa
Main Category: Swine Flu
Article Date: 13 Aug 2009 – 3:00 PDT

On Tuesday, South African Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi cautioned that Africa might be hit harder by H1N1 (swine) flu than other parts of the world, the Associated Press reports (8/11). According to SAPA/, health officials from nearly all African countries gathered outside Johannesburg to discuss preparedness and prevention of H1N1 (8/11). The meeting was called by the WHO “to discuss the pandemic and its effect on Africa,” The Times reports (8/11).

“It is well known that this continent has always been worst affected by any outbreak of a communicable disease – whether it is HIV, tuberculosis, malaria or one of the haemorragic fevers,” Motsoaledi said during the three-day conference, according to BuaNews. “What is of advantage for us is that we can learn from the experiences of others,” he said (8/11).

Lethal adjuvants will be added to satisfy WHO

August 13, 2009

David Fedson talking on ABC news admitted there was no need for adjuvants in the USA but indicated vaccines with adjuvants are required under internetional guidelines issued by WHO.

ABC News Explores Adjuvants In H1N1 Vaccine

ABC News examines the pending decision over whether or not adjuvants will be used to extend H1N1 vaccine supply. “[W]hile Americans may not face a shortage, [David] Fedson [former medical director for the pharmaceutical company Aventis Pasteur] said that not using adjuvants is a problem from an international perspective, although it makes getting the vaccine approved in the United States easier” (Stein, 8/11).

Restarting the Facebook group

August 13, 2009

If anyone from the FB group is reading this, please email three others in the group (or more if you can) and ask them to send their email addresses to me at jmburgermeister @ so that I can compile an email list to contact people directly now that the FB group has reached a threshold number where a key messaging feature is disabled.

UK’s Edge Media TV to report on dangers of WHO flu vaccine this evening

August 13, 2009

The UK’s Edge Media TV is going to be exploring the issue of mass vaccination against the swine flu in the UK this evening from 8 pm. Amanda Blake and Paul Byrne of the UK campaign to stop forced vaccinations will be in the studio live.

UK TV presenter confronts health secretary over his daughter’s near death after taking Tamiflu

August 13, 2009

Cracks are beginning to appear in the UK’s mainstream media coverage over the “pandemic”, involving hyping Tamiflu and mass vaccinations while exaggerating the threat of the “swine flu”.

Check out this report:

Swine flu: TV presenter’s daughter ‘almost died’ after taking TamifluGMTV star Andrew Castle confronts health secretary, Andy Burnham, over policy of giving drug to children

Press Association, Tuesday 11 August 2009 10.40 BST Article history
Andrew Castle, right, with co-presenter Penny Smith confronted the health secretary, Andy Burnham, over giving Tamilflu to children during the swine flu pandemic.

The health secretary, Andy Burnham, today defended giving the antiviral drug Tamiflu to children for swine flu as TV presenter Andrew Castle said his daughter “almost died” after taking it.

Burnham was confronted by Castle on GMTV after researchers said the antiviral drug’s benefits did not outweigh its side-effects during the flu pandemic.

Castle said his older daughter, Georgina, had a “respiratory collapse” and “suffered very heavily” after being “just handed” the drug without a proper diagnosis.

The presenter said: “I can tell you that my child – who was not diagnosed at all – she had asthma, she took Tamiflu and almost died.”

Burnham sympathised with Castle, saying it must have been “very worrying”, but maintained that advice to parents to treat swine flu with Tamiflu remained unchanged.

The MP said Georgina would have been given Tamiflu during the earlier “containment” phase of swine flu.

He stressed that the research dealt with seasonal flu, not swine flu: “It’s very much a safety-first approach.”

Given that swine flu had a “disproportionate effect” on children, the minister maintained that the antiviral drug was “our only line of defence”.

Some 300,000 people in England, including children and adults, have received Tamiflu through the government’s National Pandemic Flu Service for England.

But yesterday, Oxford University researchers said children should not be given the antiviral drug to combat swine flu. They urged the Department of Health to rethink its policy on giving the drug to under-12s during the current pandemic.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), warned that Tamiflu could cause vomiting, which could lead to dehydration and the need for hospital treatment.

The researchers said children should not be given the drug if they had a mild form of the illness, although they urged parents and GPs to remain vigilant for signs of complications.

Parents of children with a compromised immune system or a condition such as cystic fibrosis should discuss the harms and benefits with their GP, they said.

But overall, the researchers said, children who were otherwise healthy could suffer more harm than benefit from taking Tamiflu or another antiviral, Relenza.

The researchers also found that using antivirals as a preventative measure had little effect – reducing transmission of flu by 8%.

The study was carried out in April and May, before the government decided to stop using Tamiflu preventatively.

Only those with suspected or confirmed swine flu were now getting the drug and are being urged to get access to Tamiflu through the pandemic flu service, which is accessed online or via a telephone helpline.

A Department of Health spokesman yesterday dismissed the researchers’ claims that their findings would also apply to swine flu.

“The BMJ review is based on seasonal flu and not swine flu,” he said.

“As the authors note, the extent to which the findings can be applied to the current pandemic is questionable – after all, we already know that swine flu behaves differently to seasonal flu, and past pandemics have hit younger people hardest.”

Georgina, 16, was given Tamiflu when five pupils at Alleyn’s school in south London were diagnosed with the illness in May.

“We saw a respiratory collapse through [the drug] and it almost cost my older child her life,” her father said on GMTV.

“Nobody checked that she had swine flu beforehand. The Health Protection Agency just handed it out … and a lot of kids suffered in the school very heavily.”

He went on: “The doctor’s surgery wouldn’t take her. The doctor said, ‘No, we can’t take her to A&E.’

“So she’s just on the floor having this nightmare of a situation. A lot of people are in this situation. They don’t know what to do.”

Burnham told the presenter: “It must have been a very worrying situation for you, but that was in a very different phase of the illness when we were seeing the scenes from Mexico and we were in what we call the containment phase, where we were trying to isolate every case and then give Tamiflu to those around those cases.

“We’ve got to keep things in proportion and people shouldn’t worry unnecessarily. People shouldn’t take Tamiflu unless they have got swine flu.”

Burnham said his message to parents was that they should not be worried if their child was taking Tamiflu for swine flu.”