Trials on “swine flu” vaccines without adjuvants start at St Louis University – even though vaccines with lethal adjuvants will be used in mass forced vaccination

Trials on two A/H1N1 flu vaccines that appear to have no adjuvants started in St Louis University on Monday even though the people of America — like the rest of the world –will be given vaccines with the dangerous and unapproved adjuvants as part of the “swine flu” vaccination programme ordered by WHO.

Is testing two candidate vaccines that will NOT be used for mass vaccination gross negligence on the part of people like Dr Sharon Frey of St Louis University and Anne Schuchat of the CDC or is this an action with criminal intent aimed at delivering a misrepresenting set of data to give a spurious and illegal justification to vaccination with a different, untested toxic substance?

U.S. volunteers receive first shots of A/H1N1 flu vaccine

HOUSTON, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) — About 125 volunteers received their first shots of the A/H1N1 flu vaccine on Monday at St. Louis University in the state of Missouri, according to local media reports.

“What we are looking at is both the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine,” said Dr. Sharon Frey, infectious diseases expert from St. Louis University.

“We measure antibody responses by taking pre-vaccination blood and post-vaccination blood, and comparing the change in antibody to the vaccine,” Frey explained to TV reporters.

The volunteers in Missouri are among some 2,800 people in eight cities who will participate in the government-led studies across the country.

Dr. Frey, who is leading the government-funded testing at St. Louis University, said scientists had been working late nights and weekends to organize the studies and recruit volunteers.

“Typically it takes a year to do this,” said Frey. “I can tell you we’re working at breakneck speed.”

Also under way are separate studies by five flu vaccine manufacturers under contract with the U.S. government.

The studies will help determine dosage of the A/H1N1 flu vaccine and whether it can be given with a seasonal flu shot.

Participants will be given different combinations of two A/H1N1 flu vaccines made by drug makers Sanofi Pasteur and CSL Limited, as well as a seasonal flu vaccine.

Frey said the data will be turned around quickly for review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

It is possible the government will begin a public vaccination campaign before all of the work of the trials is complete, said Dr. Anne Schuchat, who oversees the flu vaccination programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The next flu season begins in the fall and is forecast to be unusually intense this year.

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