Was the Polish President killed over landmark gas deal?

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk is set to seal a key gas deal with Russia’s Gazprom days after the death of  opponents to the contract — including Polish President Lech Kaczynski — in a mysterious plane crash in Smolensk, Russia, reports Polskaweb.

Under the contract worth an estimated 100 billion dollars – the biggest business deal in the history of Poland – Poland is to increase its imports of Russian gas.

The contract to buy gas from Gazprom until 2037 will make Poland 100% dependent on Russian gas for the next 28 years in spite of the announcement of the discovery of huge gas reserves in Poland in April just before the memorial service in Katyn, Smolensk.

Poland could have 3 trillion cubic metres of reserves of shale gas, enough to satisfy domestic demand for more than 200 years.

Europe’s gas reserves could jump 47% as a result of Poland’s gas reserves, according to the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

Poland currently consumes 14bn cubic metres of gas a year and imports more than 70% of it from Russia.

The development of its own shale gas deposits could have allowed Poland to satisfy all its gas needs, and even export ga, becoming a competitor to Gazprom. Shale gas already accounts for up to 20% of US natural gas production.

President Lech Kaczynski and many other opposition party politicians, who were killed in a plane crash in Smolensk, had opposed the Gazprom deal.

Earlier this year, Russian energy giant Gazprom and Polish gas monopoly, PGNiG, signed agreements extending gas deliveries until 2045.  Under one of the agreements, Gazprom gas supplies to Poland will increase from 8 to 11 billion cubic meters per year and the current agreement will be extended by 15 years, through 2037.

But the deal was put on ice after the opposition party had threatened legal action over the contract which was so disadvantageous to Poland’s economic and energy interests, alleging „lobbying“ (bribery?).

Kaczynski said that he was „deeply worried“ about the contract which would have made Poland even more dependent on Russian gas for 28 years.

It was also argued that Poland already had a contract with Russia until 2022, and there was no need to rush into a 30 year contract.

In addition, customers in Germany could face higher gas prices because of an expansion of Gazprom’s and PGNiG’s monopoly of the production and transport of gas.

US energy companies such as Exxon have also been given generous incentives by Tusk to develop the shale gas reserves – when Polish companies could use the new technology.

A verbal agreement between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and was struck at the Katyn memorial service in Smolensk just days before the death of Kaczynski and other opponents to the deal, and formal documents are soon to be signed, says Polskaweb, asking whether Kaczynski was murdered over the gas.

Gazprom has also just begun construction on the Nord Stream pipeline, designed to pump Russian natural gas to Europe and  running through the territorial waters of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

It is easy to see how Gazprom, Exxon and other energy companies could benefit from removing the main obstacles to their exploitation of the gas reserves in an engineered plane crash, though investigations have yet to be concluded and are unlikely to yield results as they are in the hands of Russian and also Polish prosecutors widely believed to be in the hands of the government.

The sound of four gun shots on a video suggest members of the crew of the crashed plane were murdered. The same video was shown, however, on Russian TV shortly after the accident without shots, raising questions about which version of the video is authentic.

This is the video of the gunshots with translations etc:

It has also emerged the allegedly dead pilot stopped Kaczysnki from flying to an EU summit in Brussels by reporting sick at short notice.

No trace of the dead pilot’s body has been found at the scene of the crash. It has been speculated another pilot was in the plane.

This raises questions about which voices are on the black box and whether the voices are authentic or not.

Photos posted by Polskaweb show the sun shining on Smolensk airfield just 40 minutes before the crash, which was  allegedly due to dense fog. Photos taken one hour later show the runway lamps being changed – also in sunny conditions.

43 Responses to Was the Polish President killed over landmark gas deal?

  1. robert says:

    Jane, I admire your work, thank you and congratulations, you are a shining example of a person with class and style doing the right thing.

  2. Most likely Poland got traded to Russia by the Neocon/Zionist faction in the West for Iran. Russia did not kill the Poles–look to the people who DIDN’T show up at the funeral. FSB does not operate that freely in Poland. But Western intelligence agencies do. And Poland is swarming with Israelis, some of whom are Mossad.

    Did the Russians warn the rabbis not to board the doomed flight? I doubt it.

    Poland, a this point, has got to “lie back and enjoy it”. They got sold out again. They should build closer ties to Russia.

    Kaczynski was dead the moment he agreed to host missiles aimed at Russia’s ability to launch a counterattack if it were hit with a nuclear first strike. It was a very stupid move on Poland’s part. Just like starting a war with Germany in 1939 was stupid.

  3. E says:

    I know the Russians did it–I have my grandfathers blood.

  4. Eyes Wide Open says:

    This is what happens when you agree to base US missile interceptors in your country facing Russia and then fly to Russia to further embarrass the Russians by bringing attention to a WW2 massacre of Polish officers committed by the Russians…..what were they thinking??

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  6. Boris says:

    Cui Bono ??? Russia, methink NOT !

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  8. logical says:

    Its pretty obvious this did not happen as the Russians state. There are many problems with their story that remain unexamined by the mainstream press. We are back to the timeless issue we face as so called conspiracy theorists and that is that we do not know the truth but only know the official story is a lie.

  9. Jane I really do apreciate a lot of your efforts but this is kind of to much ¨would¨ and ¨could¨. There are plenty cheaper ways, more silent and even more effective and heating up now polish folks can lead into plenty murdering now. Just remember everybody how WW I was initiated.
    Revealing theories are as much responsible in this world than actions revealed because all depends on how and under which purpose. Governments everywhere became long ago dealing corporations not only by its represented economic background but by its leaders and finaciers. Although a generous gift of the non existing former US so they may kill each other this way and we folks are free of war yelling, that would the best happening anyway.
    Best regards

  10. jimmy says:

    It’s rather obvious what happened and why. Just look at history and see how things were handled back then, today is no different. Today is tomorrow’s history.

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  13. Liberty says:

    Thank you Jane! So glad you are still posting somewhere! Blessings in your fight against tyranny. You’re amazing.

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  15. j says:

    anyone who could be naive to think that this was an accident -we truly feel sorry for them -they can be lead down a path right into the brink

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  19. jacques says:

    Very strange indeed.
    Mr Putin was so eager to declare that the crash was due to the pilot’s mistakes shortly after it happened.
    Yes, very strange

  20. Sister Mary Michael OSA says:

    May God have mercy on the souls of the faithful departed who were tragecially taken on that airplane. May God have mercy on those responsible for it. I believed from the first moment I heard that there most probably was sabotage involved. Upon reading the upcoming gas proposals between Poland and Russia only confirmed my suspicions. I hope justice will be sought and found, if not it will by God eventually. R.I.P.

  21. Ebner says:

    Where are your sources for the Gas Deals? You need to include your reference material for this article. Otherwise it’s just Jane’s story.

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    Corporatism, like an octopus, has taken control of Russia also BUT until the demise of the U.S. all is moot BECAUSE the USA still has the opportunity to DECLARED HUEMANITY aGREENbly GREEN and placing a bridle on corporatism once again and for Eturnity…..!

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  28. Hello, I am trying to reach Jane Burgemeister. I am doing research on the Polish plane crash and wanted to ask you some questions regarding the information on your blog, specifically about the gas deal which President Kaczynski had opposed but which Donald Tusk favors. I recently published a follow-up article at our site: http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/04/24/questions-arise-over-cause-of-april-10-polish-airline-crash/

    Someone sent me what looks like an excellent article on the topic, but it appears to be in Polish or German.

    Thank you for your help.

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  30. Damian says:

    I belive many people were involved in this .. Putin was probably the head of this horrible act.. It wouldnt supprise me if obama was involved… Him and putin were meeting together jest a few days before the plane crushed, to discuss their so called Weapon of mass destruction reduction plan. Well i doub any of these two countrys are realy reducing anything.. Was there other reason for this meeting ?? Rossian gas and oil ?? maybe.. But us want their own oil to sell , i don’t think they wanna buy any of the russian oil.

    Polish goverment was involved .. Why wasent Tusk and President Komorowski on that plane? Why is komorowsi so happy to go visit putin in russia.. What did putin and tust talk about, just days before the plane crush. Putin invited Donald Tusk. We know very little details about this meeting.. Who putted Komorowski on the chair of a president ?? Who is this man Komorowski?? Why did media start to lie that new president election won’t be needed coz we have good president ?? was it putin who sat in new president or was it his good friend donald tusk ??

    Now i live in Denmark , but not only denmark many other countrys .. Why are they trying to Quiet this thing out ?? Nothing in the news, very little the day it happened and since then we know nothing .. Comon medias .. this is big .. Just as big as 9/11..

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  33. I love this web video. What editing software did you use?

  34. phaed says:

    I like this content so much.The determined man finds the way, the other finds an excuse or alibi.Thanks.

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  38. Does anybody know the contents of the speech that was supposed to be made by the Polish Pres at the ceremony? Also,What was the response speech expected from Putin? This could easily be available. In other words, how was geopolitic to be reshaped by this meeting about the atrocity of WWII. please send me an Email: cmbooks@videotron.ca Thanks RDuneWilling

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