Polish prosecutor to go to Moscow to clarify plane crash riddles

Poland’s chief prosceutor Andrzej Seremet is to fly to Moscow in the next few days to try to obtain more information about the Polish plane crash that is in the possession of Russian officials.

Seremet has joined a chorus of criticism of the Polish Defence Minister Bogdan Klich for hampering the investigation into the causes of the crash that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski, the central bank governor and top military and national security officials, reports Polskaweb.

Because the catstrophe occurred on Russian territory, Polish investigators have no right to conduct their own inquiry under current laws, it has emerged.

According to Polskaweb, Seremet is flying to Moscow to try to clarify questions specifically concerning

–          the equipment at Smolensk airport at the time of the crash

–           photos showing Russian soldiers changing the landing lights shortly after the catastrophe

–          an amateur video with four gunshots

–          the issue of where dozens of spare ammunition magazines belonging to Polish security agents disappeared

–          precise weather data for April 10th

–          why only one fire engine went to the crash site and why the first ambulances arrived without blue lights flashing or sirens on.

According to the official version, the Tupolev 154 crashed after falling short of the 2.5 kilometre runway and plunging into trees.

However, the Tupolev plane was equipped with TAWS devices, a 3D simulator as well as 3D devices to measure altitude and speed. It is not clear how all these instruments could have failed to have functioned.

In addition, it is reported that the Polish crew had a manual with technical information about Smolensk airport on board and had flown there several times before.

The airport is also equipped with signal beacons that can be seen from a long distance even in reduced visibility and dense fog. The first beacon is located one kilometer from the runway, the second 4 kilometres away and the third 6 kilometers way allowing pilots to ascertain their position and the location of the runway.

In another twist, a Russian living a few kilometers from Smolensk airport also reported that fog appeared suddenly on April 10th out of nowhere and was not ususal for that time of year.

 „At this time of year there is no fog around here usually, but from one minute to the next, a thick fog appeared such as I have never seen before. All of a sudden, I couldn’t even see my neighbour’s house,“ he said according to Polskaweb.

An Iljuschin plane flying in circles above the airport was seen by him shortly before the fog materialised.

The mystery surrounding the plane crash deepened with the announcement that Poland has a fourth black box in its possession. Also, the Polish Interior Ministry has claimed Polish Government Protection Officers were at the site shortly after the crash.

A video apparently filmed just after the crash seems to show survivors from the cockpit section being shot.

In spite of the fact the cock pit section of the Tupolev was more or less in tact, increasing the likelihood of survivors, officials reported that the bodies of the crew could not be identified because they were so badly burned. The identification of the bodies of the crew members was finally made at the end of last week by DNA analysis.

6 Responses to Polish prosecutor to go to Moscow to clarify plane crash riddles

  1. name says:

    Whoever did it, it was a professional job and the consequences are probably going to change the course of history.

  2. mak says:

    obviously, klich will be sacrificed first…

  3. […] Polish prosecutor to go to Moscow to clarify plane crash riddles … […]

  4. […] Polish prosecutor to go to Moscow to clarify plane crash riddles … […]

  5. HHH says:

    I am still shocked at the treatment I received to question this henous act of international war. Anyone with any sense of history or geopolitics can cleaerly see the Russians had a hand in this and quite frankly aren’t even doing a good job trying to convince otherwise. The Pentagon-scripted newspapers in the US were sowing the “fog” story from 5 minutes in with no details at all. Obviously the entire NWO apparatus gave the go ahead of this crime and God help the people of Poland because you know they won’t stand for it. They are a strong nation who has been f’d too many timms and lovers of freedom everywhere should support Poland’s quest for awakening, truth amnd justice. These black flag attacks can no longer be tolerated or the perps not to be held to account or the people of this world will never be free. They will continue to eliminate any and all challenges to their global tyranny unless called out and permanent vigilance is achieved by an educated righteous public.

  6. […] 27.4.2010: I haven’t seen much mainstream coverage on the aftermath so far but Jane Burgermeister reports on her blog some things of interest which raise for example the possibility that they might have created artificial fog to surround the […]

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