Criticism of Polish PM mounts after failure to address plane crash questions

Criticism of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has grown following his press conference on Wednesday when he spoke for the first time about the plane crash that killed President Lech Kaczynski  in Smolensk on April 10th.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk looked pale and shaken as he brushed aside tough questions from journalists on the plane crash that also killed the central bank governor, military chiefs, the national security chief and much of the opposition.

Tusk’s claims that the investigation was being conducted properly and that the plane crash was an accident were described as a “grotesque comedy” by Polskaweb.

Tusk said there are no indications of a system malfunction or an explosion aboard the Tupolev Tu-154.

He said that the exact time of the crash had not been established, but suggested 8:41 am CET was the likely time.

Tusk denied that Polish investigators are being denied access to information held by Russian officials. He also denied that the Russians had recovered sensitive information from the crash site, but it as not clear on what facts or basis he gave this assurance.

“I want to reassure the country when it comes to laptops or mobile phones, our intelligence agencies, in consultation with the Russians and with their help, have access to this equipment,” Tusk said.   

He had strong praise for Defence Minister Bogdan Klich, who has been urged to resign for hindering the investigation: the Polish Chief Prosecutor called for Klich to be fired on Tuesday.

Tusk repeatedly refused to answer questions put to him by journalists about the plane crash.

Instead, he focussed on the amount of compensation to be paid to the families of the victims of the crash. Forty million Zloties have already been paid to families for funerals and for compensation. In addition, families can expect „special“ pension payments as well as financial help for the education of the victims childrens in a package that could amount to 100 million Zlotys.

„It cannot be overlooked in connection with such announcments that the embrassing criticisms among the victims families are to be pushed into the background by the tingle of the cash register,“ said Polskaweb.

Polish TV station TVP1 showed a programme on Monday in which a person interviewed suggested that Tusk had blood on his hands, underlining how the mood has changed.

The mounting evidence that almost 100 honest Polish government officials have been murdered in cold blood so that the Globalist bankers and their minions in government can plunder the country is fuelling public outrage not just in Poland but in the world.

No honest government official in any country is safe unless this mafia style practice is checked.

Huge crowds are reported to have lined up to fulfil the signature requirements of the dead Polish President’s brother Jaroslaw Kaczysnki to run for president on June 20th.

Polls from the Globalist-controlled media suggest the acting president Bronislaw Komorowski from Tusk’s party will win but the mood in the country suggests Kaczynski will be the next president as long as the elections are fair.

3 Responses to Criticism of Polish PM mounts after failure to address plane crash questions

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Jane,
    Great job – and you’re right – we are angry about this apparent mafia-style killing. Whoever did it will pay.

  2. Harv says:

    We need, at the least, a full explanation of the video taken minutes after the crash. That can be done immediately and independently from any other investigations to be done.

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