Only four people on doomed plane, suggests pilot communication

The Polish plane that crashed in Smolensk, western Russia, on April 10th had only four people on board, audio recordings of the pilot’s communuications with the control tower suggest.

According to the recordings found by Jadzia Donatowicz, the Polish pilot said that there were four people on the plane, indicating that the plane was empty apart from the four crew members.

This recording contradicts official statements that there were either 96 people or 132 people on the plane, including many top Polish civilian and military leaders.

The Polish pilot of the crashed plane IGA 703 communicates the information that there are four people on board as part of a routine exchange with the control tower as he approaches Smolensk airfield to land:

The Polish pilot says in Russian in the final sentence of the communication:

        PILOT: “tolko posadka…  a u nas CZIETYRJE czielovieka.”

                      “only landing… and here (on board) we are FOUR people.”

The audio recording could provide corroboration to a video clip that has emerged in which four gunshots can be heard being fired among the wreckage of the plane in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

It has been speculated that four gun shots were fired to kill the survivors of the crash.

The cockpit of the crashed plane appears to be in relatively good shape, and some of the crew could have been expected to have survived.

According to the official investigation, however, the crew were among the most difficult to identify by DNA analysis in Moscow where all the bodies were allegedly taken.

The audio recording suggesting that there were only four people on board the plane — the four crew members — would correlate with the four gun shots, and with the theory of four people being killed by four shots.

None of the video footage of the crash site has shown any dead bodies or parts of bodies or the personnel belongings of crash victims.

Officials have given different figures for the  number of people on the plane.

Russian officials at first said that 132 people were on the plane and 3 had survived. Polish officials said that there 89 people and 7 crew members ob board, totalling 96.

Every flight has to have a precise flight plan declared on arrival and departure including the number of passengers and crew. It is, therefore, not clear why there should be discrepancies.

In addition, the time point of the crash is not clear.

Russian investigators analysing the black boxes recovered from the crash site have said the plane crashed at 8:56 am CET.

But a Polish journalist alerted his newsroom at 8:49 am CET of the crash.

The black boxes stop recording at 8:41 am CET, making this the moment when the plane most likely crashed into the ground.

Smolensk air controllers are supposed to have lost contact with the plane at 8:39 am.

Already at 8:25 am, messages appear on Russian internet forums saying: „Something happened with the Polish airplane at our airport – all fire fighters are on alarm.“

The revealtion that only four people may have been on board the doomed plane will spark speculation that the military and civilians were abducted and killed in Poland.

Alternatively, the Polish delegation could have flown to Smolensk in different planes, adhering to security protocols. These planes could have been redirected to another airport and the passengers murdered on landing.

It is considered extremely improbable that so many Polish leaders would have ignored every security protocol and gone on the same plane together. But if they had been murdered elsewhere, a single plane crash could have been staged to explain their disappearance at the same time.

Adding to the mystery of who was on board, Polish journalists did not fly with the Presidential plane that April 10th morning as usual, and there appears to be no footage showing the Polish delegation boarding the plane at Warsaw.

President Lech Kaczynski is supposed to have made a call using a satellite phone to his brother shortly after 8 am, but it has been speculated that a voice synthesiser could have been used.

Also, Kaczynski usually phoned his brother, Jaroslaw, after he landed – and not before, it has been stated.

Another audio recording of the doomed flight suggests that the pilot had no problems with visibility with the pilot confirming „Haze“ at 8 kilometres.

The term „Fog“ is used to describe weather conditions when there is visibility under 1 kilometre in aviation terminology.

The plane appears to have been landing on the non standard side of Smolensk airport where there is dip in the landscape, according to maps:

It has been confirmed by Polish authorities, in the meantime, that the body of the man found in Poland was the missing signals officer Stefan Zielonka.

25 Responses to Only four people on doomed plane, suggests pilot communication

  1. Szare Szeregi says:

    “Iguana 703” is a Saab 340 belonging to the company’s Skytaxi from Wroclaw, who arrived after the accident and has been redirected to Witebsk.
    I’ve included a link to confirm the plane code IGA = Iguana:

  2. Peter says:

    Jane, I’m a Polish national living in the US. Since the American press is hardly reporting any of the information related to this incident, my source of any news is from the internet; websites such as yours, among others. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right place, but the information you are providing is just incredible, and currently, I do not see any of it in the Polish mainstream media. Why is that? Are they part of the cover-up?

  3. Marcin says:

    The plane IGA 703 is not the crashed presidential plane! This information can be read (in Polish) when you click on the heading “Rozmowa kontroli lotow w Smolensku z IGA 703” on the top of the photo of Smolensk airport.

  4. Pavel says:

    in the video provided in this article, the under description says its not the presidential flight (IGA 703), is the one that was suppose to land before..

    IGA Skytaxi IGUANA Poland


    I’m doing a review of military/civilian plane crashes–some of them suspicious. I noticed the Russians just reopened the closed investigation into a 2008 plane crash that took the life of a senior Russian general. The original cause was attributed to pilot alcoholism. No witnesses could be found of any pilot alcohol consumption prior to the crash. Further, during decomposition the sugar remaining in a body ferments and produces some alcohol. Similar set of circumstances.

    The Polish Tupelov in the latest crash is known as a brick s***house in aviation circles. It was kept apparently because it can suffer severe damage and still keep flying. Polish air force maintenance of planes is said to be among the best among world military.

    I was monitoring Russian shortwave and they reported all the bodies fit into two (2) standard helicopters. Without a major explosion, I can’t see how this is possible with 100 people.

    As for the 2008 Polish plane crash that apparently took the life of their entire senior air force staff–VERY suspicious. The usual, fog, wing coming off, clipping trees, ground warning/ILS not operational. Plane falls 300′ and they cannot find the black boxes! All of them attending an air safety conference together?! Then, major security protocols put into place so officers and government officials won’t fly together in large groups on military flights. But these are suddenly disregarded because it was considered a “civilian” flight?! I know Poles–give a Pole soldier a duty and, if he has any honor, you’ll have to shoot him before he deviates. (You could say people who charge tanks with horses are a bit thick headed!)

    Aside from the fact that the Russians couldn’t have pulled off a hit on all those people inside Poland (if that’s what happened) another reason I disbelieve it is Katyn. It is very painful for a country to admit a crime of this magnitude after years of denial and cover-up. Why go through this public humiliation–undoubtedly to mollify Poles and improve relations–if you’re going to then decapitate their government and permanently estrange them?

    It may be the Russians have a pretty good idea of what happened–hence the reopening of the investigation of their 2008 crash. (The dead senior general was the architect of the defeat of the Chechens, which were backed by various Western intelligence agencies.) Russians are notorious for secrecy, during the Stalinist era even road maps were secret and the ones available were inaccurate. Or maybe they don’t know yet but starting a panic might spook the perpetrators and destroy evidence and witnesses. (I speculated the shots may have been of people trying to plant evidence–or maybe if there were only 4 people on the plane they figured it was a setup.)

    I just can’t believe this was a deliberate act of Putin and Medvedev as they are rational and this makes no sense. It’s possible that some faction in Russia that wanted to destabilize the government might have had involvement. This includes the “Russian” Mafia. I’m guessing it’s someone who wants a future war and who wants to keep the Russians occupied while they engage in military and financial adventures.

    I’ll keep you posted as I research the past plane crashes.

    Tom Mysiewicz

    P.S., I’m looking for a casualty list for the 2008 plane crash in Poland if any of you can find me a source (

  6. Mike Philbin says:

    there was video footage of the Polish plane TAKING OFF from Poland yesterday – I think it’s high time we saw footage of all the Polish delegation GETTING ON that plane. You’d imagine that was priority now. And what of Lech Koczynski’s twin brother – Jaruslaw – what has he had to say about all this speculation?

  7. Broadway says:

    Hi Jane
    Please, do not refer to ANYONE nor to ANYTHING that is not CONFIRMED. Writing about possible black-box records, or writing about what pilots said is inadvisable once we dont know if this is true or not;-) You should not also present those ALLEGED voices of Polish pilots who supposed to talk with the tower.

    1. This very record is a combined version of 4 different conversations between Polish and Russian pilots.
    2. This very audio file has been published on 11th or 12th of April on Russian site Then the same site published picture of ALLEGED Polish TU-154 plane starting from Okecie, Warsaw (WAW) with engine failure (fire inside the engine).
    3. Those two things DISPEARED from after 2 days. But all files spared to the web. This was an attempt of discrediting Polish pilots in public opinion’s eyes.
    4. IGA 703 is a POlish “Skytaxi” code, call-sign IGUANA. 703 is a number of the flight. This is an Air taxi and small charter airline, based at Wroclaw Strachowice airport (EPWR/WRO). EVEN if this is recorded on April 10th 2010 it might be Polish smaller plane that landed BEFORE the crash of TU-154 or AFTER with members of Katyn ceremony guests (there could be 4 passengers only, but not 4 PILOTS). But more possible is the version that the recordings are from different days.

    Sky Taxi has 4 planes:
    1. Cessna T303 Crusader
    2. PZL-Mielec M-20-03 Mewa
    3 and 4: Saab 340A

    Polish Airforce ICAO code is PLF.
    Number of the flight is 101
    Army flights are not being found in unprofessional flight trackers.
    PLF has 39 working planes (with this TU-154 there were 40 planes).


    I am also a journalist (but now I am more a freelance storyboard artist) and I gather all information from the very beginning. I am one of those who DON’T BELIEVE in ACCIDENT, nor other vis maior, nor pilot’s fault, etc, etc. I would give you many information but if I see that you present UNCONFIRMED revelations, I just cannot give you all I have prepared for you and wanted to pass. I am not talking about THIS VERY POST only. I am talking about more unconfirmed THEORIES that you describe. Please focus on information that can be confirmed WITHOUT ANY DOUBT.

    Reading all blogs, posts and forums of home-grown detectives has no point once YOU ARE the journalist. You are doing GOOD and BAD job. GOOD is that you care about this issue. BAD is that you do it in wrong way. Try to search for the TRUTH. How? By making a BUZZ, not by quoting others’ words. I think that only such BUZZ in European media can focus world’s (and POLISH) public opinion on how STINKY is this case. No Polish media, no Polish journalism can do this. No one would risk his job and no publisher will risk his company’s future, if you know what I mean;-)

    You have so much potential and I bet you can handle this. But if you have a close family, I suggest not to get involved in this. This is why I am not doing this;-) So if you start something, you must decide whether you continue this or stop. For me, as a Polish citizen, it is very important to uncover the truth. The further we are after the April 10th, the tougher is to find the path to the truth. This is why so important are all examinations that take place at the “crime scene”. If you have guts (and don’t have a family like husband, children etc.) you should go for it;-) But remember that this is not this safe;-)

  8. Chris says:

    While the crucial suspicions You have presented are definitely worth of investigating, the ‘evidence’ here lacks substance. The communication recordings belong to the flight IGA 703 which clearly was not a government plane. The airline code signifies Saab 340A – type plane used by a private charter airline in Wroclaw, south-western Poland. It landed at the Smolensk airport too. The recordings of the presidential plane that crashed near Smolensk have not been published yet and what we hear on YouTube is clear disinformation. The purpose for spreading it are unknown to me but I believe the motive to be sinister like the whole question of crash itself.

  9. Franek says:

    IGA 703 It is other plane, which landed later in Moscow.

  10. […] Only four people on doomed plane, suggests pilot communication […]

  11. ID says:

    Reply on youtube
    ” “Iguana 703” to Saab 340 należący do wrocławskiej firmy czarterowej Skytaxi, który przyleciał po wypadku.
    Na potwierdzenie podaję link:

    “Iguana 703 it’s Saab 340 owned by Wroclaw charter company Skytaxi, which came AFTER accident.”
    IGA Skytaxi IGUANA Poland

  12. Taha Khan says:

    Jane Burgermeister The Polish plane that crashed in Smolensk

  13. Jacek says:

    4 peaple – yes, but on another plane: call signd IGUANA, India Golf Alfa 703 it is Saab 340 operated by SkyTaxi (charter company located in Wroclaw), you can verify this on: h t t p : / / e n . w i k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i / A i r l i n e _ c o d e s – S

  14. […] all accounted for, but this goes in direct contradiction to pilot voice logs that states that only four people had been on board. Likely the stated passengers had been kidnapped or shepherded off to some other […]

  15. […] all accounted for, but this goes in direct contradiction to pilot voice logs that states that only four people had been on board. Likely the stated passengers had been abducted and diverted to some other […]

  16. […] all accounted for, but this goes in direct contradiction to pilot voice logs that states that only four people had been on board. Likely the stated passengers had been abducted and diverted to some other […]

  17. […] all accounted for, but this goes in direct contradiction to pilot voice logs that states that only four people had been on board. Likely the stated passengers had been abducted and diverted to some other […]

  18. […] all accounted for, but this goes in direct contradiction to pilot voice logs that states that only four people had been on board. Likely the stated passengers had been abducted and diverted to some other […]

  19. […] all accounted for, but this goes in direct contradiction to pilot voice logs that states that only four people had been on board. Likely the stated passengers had been abducted and diverted to some other […]

  20. […] all accounted for, but this goes in direct contradiction to pilot voice logs that states that only four people had been on board. Likely the stated passengers had been abducted and diverted to some other […]

  21. […] all accounted for, but this goes in direct contradiction to pilot voice logs that states that only four people had been on board. Likely the stated passengers had been abducted and diverted to some other […]

  22. […] all accounted for, but this goes in direct contradiction to pilot voice logs that states that only four people had been on board. Likely the stated passengers had been abducted and diverted to some other […]

  23. Pro rok says:

    Skutočný priebeh akcie “havária v Smolensku”
    Crashed in Smolensk? or conspiration in Lipeck?
    1. Dva dni pred haváriou sa stretli v Prahe Obama s Medvedevom, kde sa dohodli mimo iného aj o riešení Poľskej “raketovej obrany”. Čo s Kačínskym? Poľsko patrí stále do sféry vplyvu ruska.
    2. 10. apríla odštartovalo z Waršavy lietadlo TU154 s uvedenými cestujúcimi. V Smolensku malo pristáť 8,26. Letová dráha je zalomená pri Minsku nakoľko oblieta hlavné mesto cca50-100km na juh. V tomto mieste sa mal kurz zmeniť o cca 5-8° ale nestalo sa tak. Lietadlo pokračovalo priamym smerom na mesto LIPECK , ktoré sa nachádza cca 300-350km v smere daného kurzu ďalej ako Smolensk. Poľské radary po prekročení Ruských hraníc už nie sú schopné zachytiť polohu lietadla. Tá sa dá zistiť len pomocou GPS ale vzhľadom na zmiznutie šifranta je viac ako pravdepodobné , že tieti údaje už boli pod kontrolou inej služby.
    3. V čase 8,26 t.j. plánovaného pristátia vstúpil do pilotnej kabíny veliteľ letectva a informoval sa prečo ešte nepristávajú. V tom čase prebiehal rozhovor s vežou , ktorá ich odporúčala na iné letisko. V komunikácii sa nehovorínič o povolení pristátia.
    4. V tom istom čase prelietavalo nad letiskom IL62, ktoré urobilo spomínané tri prelety pričom veža komunikoval s Poľským špeciálom, ktorý mal úplne inú polohu juhovýchodnú a cca 100km od Smolenska.
    Po treťom oblete 8,39 bola odstavená dodávka elektrickej energie v okolí celého letiska, krátko nato cca 8,50 vybuchli nálože na dovezených častiach starého lietadla v lesíku na začiatku pristávacej dráhy. Benzín nebol použitý vzhľadom na jeho nekontrolovateľné správanie.
    5. V tom čase už Polský špeciál pristával v LIPECKu, kde sa konalo vejenské utajené cvičenie avšak v pondelok sa to dostalo do miestnej televízie. Pozri DNES 14.4..
    6. Na letisku v Smolensku nastúpili na scénu Hasiči a zčali hasiť fiktívny požiar. Fiktívny preto, lebo keby skutočne spadlo lietadlo so 16t paliva=21 000 litr. tak by to jednak nezahasili a horelo byto minimálne pol dňa aj s celým lesom a výbuch by to rozšíril na ďaleko väčsiu vzdialenosť.
    7. Za necelé dve hodiny sa v médiach objavilo video aj s reportážou (takže bolo natočené cca hodinu po hav.) ako hasiči končia s hasením požiaru pričom používali vodu, ktorá sa na takéto účely (benzin) nepoužíva len na hasenie dreva a pod. Pričom každé letisko je vybavené penovým HZ.
    8. V zápätí po cca troch hodinách špec. jednotky pozbierali tzv. pozostatky a previezli ich do moskvy.
    9. Čo je na celej veci zarážajúce, že na letisku boli profesionálny novinári a kameramani, ktorý nenatočili žiadny záber ani z diaľky, pričom keby tam to palivo horelo tak je ho vidieť pekne ďaleko. Zrejme mali jasné pokyny a tak sa dostali do médií len tzv. amatérske videá spracované agentami.
    10. Tento spôsob medializácie mal za úlohu zmiatnuť čitateľov, divákov a poslucháčov a vniesť do prípadu veľa nejasností , čo sa aj podarilo.Ten kto pozorne čítal a sledoval priebeh musel pochopiť, že takto sa udalosť stať nemohla.
    11. Preto si treba položiť otázku “prečo by to robili”. Odpoveď – Prečo sa stala Katyň? Prečo je taký problém objasniť príčiny a priebeh udalostí v Katyni? Zrejme sú veci , ktoré by verjnosťou zahýbali veľmi značne a preto treba nad všetkým vytvoriť tieň polemík aby skutočná prevda zostala zabudnutá.
    12. O osude posádky po pristáni nechcem polemizovať ale tvrdím len , že bol dramatickejší ako sa oficiálne deklaruje.
    13. Je veľa ďalších technických príčin , ktoré vyvracajú pravdivosť havárie ale bolo by to príliš dlhé čítanie a nezaujímave hlavne pre toho , kto nemá značné vedomosti z fyziky.

    napadlo Bielorusko. Vystrašila ruská TV divákov
    14. apríla 2010 20:25
    Podozrivé vojenské cvičenie:
    Policajná razia:

    Nebezpečné zábery:

    Ploské pochybnosti

  24. Peter says:

    WOW! great post! I’m looking into going to audio recording school at PAVI. Check it out. I would like to hear your advice on this school.

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