40 million people in Gulf oil spill region to be “evacuated” by military, sources say

The US military is preparing to “evacuate” 40 million people in the region of the Gulf oil spill under the pretext of toxicity, according to sources.

40 million people could only be accomodated in the notorious FEMA camps, built around the country and resembling concentration camps or prisons and with on site incinerators.

Although this move to camps appears to be being sold to people as only temporary, there is strong evidence that the oil spill was started deliberately in order to implement martial law and find an excuse to put people in FEMA prison camps as part of a Bilderberg agenda to take of the USA.

This is a report:

“Info from an Oil Industry guy in Texas :

Gulf oil spill cannot be stopped using any conventional method as the Well Riser Pipe has become loose in the drill hole and oil is gushing out from around the base of the pipe. and the casing pipe has become fractured from pumping high pressure mud during the top kill process. Other geological reports are now surfacing that there are several other very large leaks some distance from the well head as the sea bottom has been fractured from the high pressure (2200psi) of 80K barrels a day seeping horizontally into layers of surrounding strata.

There is currently a major news black out over the entire area from New Orleans to Florida, but my sources tell me the following is currently in the staging process for the following:
Military is mobilizing for an all out evacuation of the entire region approximately 40M people due to extreme toxicity of the methane, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen cyanide, other reports indicate the only solution that can possibly contain the main leak is a Nuke placed down the second relief Well sometime in September. Remember: I did tell you that was what it would take!.
Big problem is where to put the displaced persons until they can effect a fix.

Furthermore if the seabed is already fractured the Nuke could cause the situation to become untenable if it isn’t perfectly executed and really no one knows exactly how much explosive force is required and not harm the cap over the oil field which stretches from Venezuela to Utah.

Moreover: BP and Transocean will be filing bankruptcy within a couple of weeks leaving the American people to foot the bill which is expected to reach half a Trillion Dollars. BP has already spent 2 Billion and US Coast Guard and Navy another 3 Billion and that is nothing compared to the clean up if this goes on until the Oct or Nov.

This could push the US over the brink as there are no sources available to borrow any additional money.
My source tell me that If the seabed is fractured then all gulf coast drilling will be suspended.. period and that will force the price of energy and gas to double world wide within a few months
There is a lot more but Ill save you from the worst case scenario regarding the final option. Its unthinkable if it goes wrong!
I know this sounds a bit extreme but my information is rock solid.

(end of info)

This only appears to confirm what people like Lindsey Williams, & others, have already stated.

21 Responses to 40 million people in Gulf oil spill region to be “evacuated” by military, sources say

  1. John Best says:

    Will you name your sources here?

  2. Leona Coyne says:

    All we can do is hope this is wrong.

  3. […] Jisses! Är detta slutet på världen!? 40 million people in Gulf oil spill region to be “evacuated” by military, sources say […]

  4. yemek tarifi says:

    good site,i like it

  5. Eyeopened9 says:

    I totally agree. The oil spill was intentional and it is uncontrollable at this point. I heard about them nuking the area and sending people to FEMA camps which are already in place and ready to go. They can do this bc Martial Law was signed into law before Obama took office. Once a state of emergency is declared he can issue this and all possesions must be neglected. We will be under their total control. This is not Fair. Only God can save us and the planet.

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  7. PdxGuy says:

    A mass evacuation of this scale will never happen. One – if there are fissures in the seabed as claimed, a nuke is only going to make that worse. And a nuke in the gulf would have to get the okay of Mexico and other countries in and around the gulf. Two – while there ares issues of toxicity with the oil conversion to methane and the chemicals used for the cleanup, there is no way 40 million people are going to be evacuated. This would mean all of Florida, southern Georgia, most of Alabama and Misssissippi, all of Louisiana, and southern Texas (notably Houstion). An instant doubling of national unemployement. Most of our petrochemical and oil refining is in Houston and Louisiana. Our entire industrial production NATION-WIDE would come to a grinding halt in a few weeks. This would destroy our country. Even if our leaders think such an evacuation is a “better safe than sorry” scenario, they will just hope for the best and not upset the economy this way.

  8. himem says:

    A thought about the oil spill:

    Some times things that happen are just to close to prophesy:

    Then the second angel blew his trumpet, and a great mountain of fire was thrown into the sea. One-third of the water in the sea became blood Rev 8:8

    Hurricanes can lift the water off the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. And then move it onshore with violent force. Not to mention lifting it into the clouds then depositing it as rain, oily rain.

    And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
    “And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” Revelation
    8:10, 11


    We might have tapped into an underwater type of volcano….heres what I found on the web about that:

    What we are seeing now could be small compared to what may yet unfold if things break apart, as they can do under such circumstances. If this thing blew, it could be like the Yellowstone Caldera, except from below a mile of sea, with a 1/4-mile opening, with up to 150,000 psi of oil and natural gas behind it.

    That would be an extinction event

    fifth trumpet: found on the web

    Where is this bottomless pit?
    1. It is like a great shaft, like a well, to the abyss.
    2. This must be somewhere in the center of the earth with a great shaft, like a mine shaft, leading to it.
    3. The abyss is entered by this shaft which is guarded under lock and key
    4. The abyss is the abode of demons – Luke 8:31
    5. When the bottomless pit is opened it is as if a great volcano were erupting. The sun and the air were darkened by the smoke that comes up out of the pit

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  11. Jrome says:

    What sources?

    Gulf oil spill under the pretext of toxicity, according to sources.

  12. Larry D. Lilly says:

    Jusr when is this to happen…especially the relocation of people…there is at least 2 relocation camps in AZ…one is near Phoneix.

  13. SHELDON DAY says:

    Planet-X’s incoming passage caused the Undersea Oil Volcano in the Gulf to RISE.. AS Wormwood gets closer, it’s tugging at undersea land masses, causing more severe earthquakes, etc. etc.. This is one reason for the EXTREME Media blackout.. The Elite are getting very worried themselves as they know that the inevitable Cataclysmic Earth changes are now in front of them as Planet-X gets deeper into our inner solar system.. Planet-X will next cause a massive Quake in the Gulf causing Tsunami’s, then ‘CLIMATE REFUGEES’ will be put into the FEMA Camps.. Planet-X is coming in to cause the REAL CLIMATE CHANGES… SHELDON

  14. Great info but I’m having a difficulty viewing it on my blackberry. The formatting isn’t correct (maybe you can fix this). I’ll have to try again when I get to the office.

  15. larry stephens says:

    I hope none of this never occures and does this show how BP and our own goverment is keeping information away from the people.

  16. Kimber says:

    I know this is all true. We got to stop these crime with no delay

    what I suggest is that all good powerful people who are still on our side gather together and stand up against the bilderberg group. This is an emergency

    Ask Alex to make a research of good powerful people and organize a world marching everywhere in one specific day and protest together. Imagine if more than 6 billion are marching together…??? suggestion but there not a minute left to wait.

  17. Do we trust our government? In retrospect should congress review the Cape Wind permit given out during the failures of MMS ?

  18. bollo says:

    i greatly appreciate this info however,if ppl are to be fully benefited by this knowledge,the auther shuld state a specific timeline within this year. thnk u

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