Austrian government attempts to frame Jane Burgermeister

July 31, 2010

The Austrian government’s and Big Pharma’s ludicrous agenda to frame Jane Burgermeister and get her jailed has now reached a new level.

Anyone who thought that judges and prosecutors in Austria are not capable of the most blatant mafia methods to set up critics of the swine flu vaccination campaign for arrest needs to think again.

The state prosecutor for corruption Mag Katja Wallenchewski sent me a letter yesterdayas part of a blatant attempt to switch the criminal charges I filed on July 23 with documented evidence of file manipulation and corruption of Austrian judges and replace them with a completely different set of charges I never filed and which belong to a total stranger.

According to Wallenschewski’s letter dated July 27th, the criminal charges of complete strangers – two people called Christine Cote and Heiner Lohmann  —  are listed under my name and under my file number.

You have to read the small print on page 2 to find out that the letter informing me that the prosecutors office has dropped the criminal charges against the Judge Michaela Lauer actually refers to completely different criminal charges altogether – namely to the charges of someone called Christine Cote filed on July 5th as well as of a Heiner Lohmann filed on 15 July.

So why am I getting the letter? What have their charges got to do with me and my file number?

It can be assumed that these criminal charges by total strangers are now filed under my name while my own criminal charges have been switched over to their file or another file.

To send me a letter informing me that the criminal charges of totally unknown people have been dropped is in itself a serious error at best because a third party should never be informed about the status of the charges filed by others.

Googling around, I found out that Christine Cote appears to have run an eccentric swine flu vaccine site that has also been  critical of me. I tried to email her at yesterday but the email bounced. No one answers a number listed under that name in Vienna or replies to messages left on the answerphone.

My bet is that these criminal charges by Christine Cote and Heiner Lohmann against Judge Michaela Lauer are full of violent threats and hysteria and so will offer the perfect excuse for the Austrian police to arrest me any time. Certainly, this pair of “swine flu activists” have never ever contacted me.

My own set of charges with the stamp of the prosecutors office confirming I handed them in on July 23rd are very factual: every single allegation of corruption and file manipulation is well documented as anyone can read at this link:

I also filed appeals in civil courts in Vienna  on July 5th and July 9th documenting the evidence of systematic corruption by Judge Lauer in connection with the inheritance of my father and the court custody of my aunt as can be seen under the link:

I am happy to send anyone pdf copies myself if the above links don’t work.

The systematic corruption is so well documented by me, in fact, that the Austrian judges are obviously getting very worried and having  to resort to this blatant frame up and maneuver to get me jailed or under custody.

As soon as a criminal charges with threats against a judge are put into my file, even if it is a blatant error by the prosecutor, the police can be sent to arrest me and at literally any moment.

I have not seen Christine Cote’s and Heiner Lohmann’s charges against Judge Lauer but they probably confirm every cliché about conspiracy swine flu theorists as lunatics.

In fact, the claims I made from the beginning about the swine flu pandemic being hyped by the pharmaceutical companies have been substantiated by bodies such as the widely publicized report by UK MP Paul Flynn at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly at the beginning of June —  — as well as the prestigious British Medical Journal.

Deborah Cohen (BMJ features editor) and Philip Carter document in a June 3rd report how scientists who convinced the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare swine a global pandemic level 6 emergency have close financial ties to the drug companies that profited from the sale of those vaccines .

Even the corporate mainstream media that played an instrumental role in hyping the virus has printed reports saying that the pandemic was exaggerated.  Der Spiegel published a report called the “Chronology of a hysteria” in March 2010.

Der Spiegel also reported on the Bilderberg meeting in Spain in June 2010.,1518,698844,00.html

Far from being a crazy conspiracy theorist, I have thoroughly documented the claims I have made thanks to my background as a science journalist who has been working for years for publications such as Nature:

the British Medical Journal. See, for example,


The Scientist

 As well as the Guardian, the European Voice and American Prospect and many other publications.

But before the next mass vaccination campaigns or pandemics are launched, effective investigative journalists who document the corruption of WHO and national governments have to be removed and the internet censured.

They have to be framed by an elaborate process involving judges and state prosecutors interacting with “swine flu” activists”.

Ever since I filed charges against Baxter at the beginning of April 2008, presenting evidence that the contamination of 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the bird flu virus – supplied by WHO – had been deliberate given the fact the laboratories have to follow strict biosafety level 3 regulations, I have been hounded by the government.

I have also been ridiculed by much of the corporate mainstream Austrian media.  But then again, every journalist in Austria working for Austrian media still needs a government license!

The same media were largely silent about the Baxter incident and also about that the fact the Vienna state prosecutor had ordered an investigation into Baxter’s contamination of the vaccine material, although the charges were dropped in September 2009 just in time for Baxter to get its approval for its swine flu jab.

I soon felt the wrath of the government after filing charges on the Baxter incident in April 2009.  I had to take legal action in May 2009 against the same Judge Lauer at the court in Hietzing for the way she tried to smear me and exclude me from the court guardianship of my father, who ended up dying on October 23,2009 in a hospital in Hietzing in which the Rothschild family through a foundation still play an active role .

I stated in my criminal charges Lauer might be working for the shadowy Bilderberg network and Big Pharma and asked for an investigation.  But the very same Mag Wallenschewski who is now trying to frame me as a crazy swine flu conspiracy theorist also played a key role in stopping an investigation back then. I never even got to see the files. 

More than one year later, the evidence is even stronger that Judge Lauer is under orders from higher ups who work for Big Pharma and the Bilderberg network in Austria — and that the orders are coming in from high up to do everything to strip me of my assets and my civil liberties and bend every law to do it.

The Chancellor Werner Faynmann went to the 2008 Bilderberg meeting of the world’s shadowy elite.

The banking family Rothschilds – considered by many to be at the core of the Bildeberg group together with the Rockefellers — are even active in the hospital in Hietzing (Krankenhaus Hietzing mit Neurologischem Zentrum Rosenhügel) where my aunt and Dad had so many problems.

On another flank Johan Niklasson, the webmaster, has hijacked website as well as the website.

At the beginning of June.  I moved back to my old birdflu666 blog because I realized Johan Niklasson was working to sabotage the site and my work.

At the end of June, just as Lauer was starting to try to get me under court custody on the grounds I am a conspiracy theorist, Niklasson posted a report advocating mindless violence which conveniently got the website classified as a terrorist site.

He also blocked my log. I immediately had to put a disclaimer on my birdflu666 blog to make it clear this report had nothing to do with me.

We can see how the whole shadowy network pulls different strands together to implement a long term plan to destroy an investigative journalist’s work and even life.

But the Bilderberg minions must realize. I was born a free person and I will die a free person and I will never go under the court custody of Austrian judges, whose corruption has been so well documented it borders on a black comedy. That is like surrendering to the mafia.

I recognize I will highly likely never come out of any court custody alive anyway for what incentive is there for these people have for allowing me, a whistleblower documenting their crimes, to live?

I refuse to be held as a prisoner or slave by the minions of the Bilderberg international corporate crime syndicate which has its tentacles so deep into governments in the EU and USA that they ordered 100s of millions of inadequately tested and toxic jabs for their populations for a mild virus, and who have crashed the entire economy for the profits of the banks.

 It is clearly better to commit suicide than to be murdered or abused after an illegal court guardianship process or arrest. I have no fear of death.  My conscience is clear. I will not spend one minute alive under the court custody.

I was born of an Irish mother who was fearless as her own parents were fearless and I owe them nothing less than that I too stand fearlessly against the ludicrous frame up of the Bilderberg and Big Pharma minions in Austria – and if necessary to die fearlessly.

I remember my mother telling me how the IRA shot bullets at the feet of my grandparents when they walked down the mainstreet of Sligo, Ireland, after getting engaged and how they never flinched but kept on walking arm in arm without even looking at the people who could have killed them any moment. My grandmother, an O Hara, supported the IRA while my grandfather, McGoldrick, was an Irish army officer who supported the partition of Ireland. The IRA did not like it that my grandmother got engaged to him.

So God give me strength, I too will never flinch as my grandparents never flinched.

Appeal for donations

July 30, 2010

If you wish to donate to Jane Burgermeister’s fighting fund, please send money

by bank transfer to Buergermeister, Jane

Account number IBAN     AT831100015211533300




VIENNA, Austria Österreich/Austria

Or wire donations using Western Union (Please make sure to send me an email with the MTC at to Jane Burgermeister, Gentzgasse 14/9/12, 1180 Vienna, Austria.

Please do not use paypal as my bank did not renew my credit card this February due to my income having become so irregular.

Jane Burgermeister distances herself from theflucase website now classified as a terrorist site

July 30, 2010

I had an offer of help to get the website transferred to me from Johan Niklasson but after thinking about it, I have turned the offer down.

The flucase website is now classified as a terrorist website following Johan Niklasson’s 10 K list report.

Niklasson posted it for only a few hours — but it was enough time for screenshots to be made and added to government files and to terrorist watch lists.

He did so without my permission or knowledge and after blocking my access to the site and after we have stopped working together.

It has also emerged that Niklasson cancelled theflucase website himself in April and so caused it to be offline for three weeks while falsely claiming it was hacked. It is not clear what happened to the donations.

In short, theflucase website has turned into a crime site.

Because Niklasson has been collecting all the IP addresses of visitors to theflucase website as well as of donors, there is a potential for trouble to 100s of thousands of people under new anti terrorism laws in the pipeline in Austria.

A new anti terrorism law that could have seen the flucase website classified as a terrorist site and vistors to it  listed as terrorists almost came into force on August 1st in Austria. Its implementation into law has now been delayed following protests. The law is now due to be debated in parliament in autumn.

Posting inflammatory reports iciting people to violence on websites to discredit causes could be a new tactic of the New World Order and provide the basis for mass arrests. site is run by others

July 29, 2010

Just a quick note to make it clear that the website has been set up and is being run without my knowledge or consent.

I have contacted GoDaddy, which has the domain name, and been informed that the person’s identity is held under privacy laws but can be revealed with a subpoena or police report.

GoDaddy is the company that Johan Niklasson always used to register his many websites, and I assume it is Johan Niklasson, who registered the domain in November.

It is possible to set up different account with different PIN numbers with GoDaddy.

Niklasson put up an inflammatory report on the website that can be counted as an incitement to terrorism under new Austrian laws at the end of June without my knowledge or permission and blocked my log in so I could not remove it.

This could be a new tactic: registering websites in the name of activsts and putting up inflammatory material that then sees them hauled off to jail under new anti terrorism laws.

On April 15th, theflucase website went down for about three weeks. According to information from GoDaddy, the company that hosts the flucase site and domain name, the account was cancelled by Johan Niklasson and the cancellation was later reversed.

Johan Niklasson told me he had been locked out of the website by GoDaddy after being informed that there was such high traffic on theflucase website that the website had to be migrated to grid hosting. Now it turns out, he cancelled the account himself resulting in the long delay. As a professional webmaster, he surely cannot claim ignorance of what a cancellation means.

WHO denies plans to scale back swine flu pandemic alert level

July 27, 2010

The World Health Organization’s emergency committee has no plans to recommend that the agency declare the swine flu pandemic over, WHO’s Gregory Hartl has said in reply to a phone query.

The WHO has come under fierce criticism for declaring a global pandemic emergency over the mild swine flu.

A report in June by UK MP Paul Flynn for the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly concluded that WHO’s  pandemic declaration had been influenced by pharmaceutical companies, who were able to sell vast quantities of vaccines.

Hartl denied media reports that WHO was planning to scale back it swine flu response from the highest alert level 6, saying no decision would be made in the coming weeks.

Adding to the confusion, WHO appears to have removed its pandemic phase level indicator for the swine flu from its website.

On the website, a page stating that the bird flu is on pandemic level 3 is given new prominence.

Hartl confirmed that the swine flu pandemic level information was being „moved about the website.“

Another official said that the information that swine flu was still on pandemic level 6 could be found in a pdf document on pandemic preparedness guidelines.

She said that WHO still needed more time to review the flu data.

„Given the diverse pattern of influenza activity in the tropics and with the influenza season in the Southern Hemisphere still ongoing, it is too early to determine if these countries have transitioned to levels and patterns expected for seasonal influenza. WHO continues to monitor the situation in close collaboration with affected countries,“ WHO said on its website.

A pandemic level 6 declaration allows the implementation of national pandemic plans and other regulations that contain provisions for mass vaccination campaigns, and even martial law and forced quarantine and vaccination.

For a good summary of the impact of a pandemic level 6 declaration in the USA read: Martial Law and the Militarization of Public Health at:

UK swine flu regulator to be closed

July 27, 2010

 Health Protection Agency to be shut down and other bodies lose powers as part of government’s NHS ‘streamlining’ measures

By Tim Locke
WebMD Health News

26th July 2010 – The government agency that looked after the swine flu emergency in England is to be closed down. Other bodies are losing powers, under government plans designed to cut bureaucracy.

The cuts affect organisations which work for the government at a national level – but at ‘arm’s length’. Many of the roles and responsibilities will be taken over by the Department of Health.

None of the bodies have a direct impact on the care of NHS patients, but they are involved in areas like regulation, planning and quality control of health services.

etherlands to destroy 17 million swine flu vaccine doses

July 27, 2010

From Expatica:

The Netherlands is destroying more than 17 million unused doses of swine flu vaccine that were nearing their expiry date and that it could not resell, the health ministry said Tuesday.

“We have started destroying” the vaccines, health ministry spokeswoman Inge Freriksen told AFP. “In the coming months, 17.8 million doses will be destroyed because the expiry date is approaching.”

The Dutch government bought 31 million doses of vaccine against the A(H1N1) virus at the height of the global swine flu outbreak last year. About 11 million were used.

Read more at: