Exit stage left Bilderberg Merkel….enter stage right Bilderberg Koch

Bilderberg member Roland Koch is set to replace Bilderberg member Angela Merkel as Chancellor of Germany in an elaborately choreographed piece of theatre to hoodwink the general public into believing they are being given a real choice when both Koch and Merkel work for the same corporate and banking interests, grouped around the Bilderbergs.

Koch resigned from his position as Prime Minister of Hesse  a few weeks ago to distance himself from the unpopular Merkel government, which has just slashed the budget to give yet more money to the banks under the guise of having to pay interest on paper debts. Now the German controlled mainstream media is paving the way for the return of Koch, presenting him as a knight in shining armour, who will reinvigorate the shattered CDU/CSU.

The Bilderbergs clearly do not think they can push through all the cuts with a nominal SPD leader Olaf Scholz as Chancellor. Nor can they go on with Merkel whose government has become one of the most unpopular in post war history. 

“The plan for her critics is becoming clear: to pave the way for her replacement before an early election. They even have a candidate, Roland Koch, the recently resigned prime minister of Hesse, although he has been promising to withdraw from politics. Watch his every move over the coming six months.”

Read more at: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/angela-merkels-support-in-party-ranks-falls-away/story-e6frg6so-1225887303137

One Response to Exit stage left Bilderberg Merkel….enter stage right Bilderberg Koch

  1. willy says:

    Wouldnt Iceland be a good choice, considering the global political climate and Icelands obvious opposition against it?

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