Burgermeister to sue the state of Austria over illegal court guardianship appointments

Jane Burgermeister is looking into suing not just Judge Michaela Lauer, Mag Daniela Ehrlich and associates for their role in the illegal appointment of a court guardianship for her aunt and for herself and in connection with the manipulation of files for her father’s estate, but also the state of Austria.

She will seek damages for emotional stress and loss of earnings by suing the Austrian state, arguing the state is ultimately responsible for a situation where there is no adequate control left over judges.

The onus should not be on Burgermeister to defend her aunt and herself from illegal court guardianship appointments based on obvious falsehoods and file manipulation by a judge as can be proven by documents, faxes and emails and court records. She should not have to file appeals, criminal charges and sue for compensation to stop herself being stripped of her rights. The Austrian state has a duty to  protect its citizens — especially investigative journalists — from such a flagrant abuse of power by a judge that have resuted in Burgermeister’s aunt and in her of being stripped of all her basic rights.

The Nuremberg Judges Trial of 1947 examined the  responsibility of state judges and lawyers in allowing crimes against citizens to be committed on a gigantic scale in Nazi Germany. These principles still apply. As a citizen of Austria, Burgermeister has a constitutional right to protection of the state from attempts to strip her of her basic rights using illegal methods. The state is clearly failing in its duty.

2 Responses to Burgermeister to sue the state of Austria over illegal court guardianship appointments

  1. willy says:

    Remember Jane, the court is trying to proof your nuts by showing, you see conspiracys everywhere and sue everybody because of it. The danger is, that thei will get you into a vice where every movement you give just goes to show the case of the courts.

    [Except Jane Burgermeister has the proof and her views on the swine flu were vindicated by parliamentary inquiries etc. She also has the proof in this case that she is being set up and a court of law is the best place to present hard proof.]

  2. Oliver says:

    The doctors and their helpers at the court in vienna had already been stopped twice! How it was done is completely documented at:

    and in English at:
    (look for : “What to do against medical doctors and clinics
    What to do against examinations”)

    . . .
    The base of the right is the will. I have expressed legally and unmistakably my refusal against every medical examination (see 1. and 2., enclosures).
    Every act of the medical expert Laubichler as well as of possible successors, representatives and follow-up perpetrators* is against the law.
    * Also so-called Psychosocial services are well equipped with “mentally ill law breakers” of this kind, be they just in the practical training (in an honorary capacity so to speak, vulgo: nark).
    The expert has to be prosecuted and sentenced. . . .

    No one needs a court guardian – even if it is someone from his family! Therefore patients developed the following method to work for each other against the doctors class:
    Authorization for representation
    (Representative in illness‘ matters)
    Compulsory admission to a hospital, compulsory therapy – does it exist? Every therapy is compulsory therapy. Psychiatry is only the smallest part of the whole. No illness cries for therapy and treatment, but for new-revolution by virtue of illness. . . .
    http://www.spkpfh.de/Authorization_international.pdf (in english)
    http://www.spkpfh.de/Beistandsvollmacht_Intern.pdf (in german)

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