Jane Burgermeister’s aunt signs appeal on Sunday, is on the verge of death by Thursday

Jane Burgermeister’s aunt, Bibi, signed an appeal on Sunday to reverse the appointment of Mag Daniela Ehrlich as her court guardian after shocking evidence of fraud by Dr Stephan Pflugbeil from Krankenhaus Hietzing and Judge Michala Lauer from Hietzing Court , which was documented in the appeal filed on July 5th.

On Thursday, after a mysterious accident in the Geriatrie Centre Liesing, Bibi fractured her hip and was transferred to Vienna’s biggest hospital, the AKH in Vienna.

She was about to have an operation that could have killed her — Ehrlich had already signed the permission form — when Jane Burgermeister intervened to stop it.

Bibi is now in very bad shape.

But a hip replacement operation for some one of her age — 84 — and with her current heart condition could, together with the complications, have brought her death within days.

And yet this traumatic operation was what was being planned for her on Thursday evening after Ehrlich signed the forms.

Because none of the correct procedures were followed in appointing Ehrlich, the appointment is illegal, and Ehrlich’s signature is illegal.

Lauer also said that the family members had refused the court guardianship in official court documents – but this is also false. Myself and my brothers have actively sought the guardianship.

Ehrlich and Lauer will be sued for damage and their illegal actions.

Burgermeister had to bring the documents of the appeals to the hospital on Friday and give a long explanation to the doctor to regain some measure of control of her aunt’s medical treatment, and stop the operation from going ahead.

The head doctor was apparently on the phone with Ehrlich for hours, so a junior doctor told her, raising the question of what their relationship is, and how close it might be.

Burgermeister filed a second appeal yesterday, Friday, over the handling of her father’s estate by the same judge Lauer, documenting more evidence of the manipulation of files, falsehoods and abuse of office .

On June 29th Lauer started the process to put Burgermeister under a court guardianship on the grounds she is a conspiracy theorist and will cause financial damage to herself, and she is to appear before a judge on August 12th.

Her aunt, Bibi, has now broken her arm and her hip in the space of about two months, first in Krankenhaus Hietzing and then in Geriatrie Liesing, resulting in a rapid deterioration of her otherwise perfect lifelong health without any visits to doctors.

An attempt by Burgermeister to find out what happened to her aunt on Thursday was blocked by staff there : one staff member said she was not on duty on Thursday, the station nurse on duty had suddenly called in sick and she had to speak to the head of the home.

Her aunt, who is clear in mind according to the evaluation of Lauer’s own minion, Marianne Doublie, told Burgermeister, her hands had been tied. It is not clear what happened.

The Krankenhaus Hietzing closed down the ward where Bibi was on Monday without warning for two weeks and all patients were moved out.

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