Polish investigative journalist Rafal Gawronski.has disappeared after being arrested outside the residence of the newly elected president Bronislaw Komorowski in Warsaw last week.

A police spokesperson said that Gawronski signed a document stating that he „does not want anyone to know where he is”, and was released, but he has not been seen since.

Gawronski investigated the Smolensk plane crash and recorded interviews with witnesses who said that there were no bodies to be seen at the site of the crash, throwing doubt on the official version.

An amateur video that has since been confirmed to be authentic appears to show the surviving crew of four being shot by armed men at the site of the crashed plane.

It has been speculated that President Lech Kaczynski and the 96 other top Polish government officials, including all top military officers and the national bank governor, were abducted in Poland or elsewhere – not least because rules prohibit so many leading figures getting on the same plane.

According to the official version, journalists could not travel with the entourage to Katyn on April 10th because the plane was full but a Tupolew plane contains 152 seats and only 96 passengers were listed as dead.

A strong critic of Komorowski and Prime Minister Donald Tusk and their handling of the Smolensk plane crash inquiry, Gawronski lived abroad for 25 years before returning to Poland. He clashed with the government over the confiscation of  70 hectares of his land, taking the fight to the European Parliament but was sentenced to 4 months in prison in Poland for slander.

Gawronski’s disappearance after being arrested by the police comes amid a growing conflict over whether a cross to commemorate the victims of the Smolensk plane crash should be allowed to remain in front of the President’s square or not.

Rcently, Komorowski ordered the cross to be removed.

Yesterday large numbers of police and security were drafted in to stop crowds protesting the removal of the cross but a small number of Poles positioned themselves in the centre of the square and refused to abandon the cross.

A number of priests then appeared and marched over to the protestors but they too failed to persuade them to give up the cross. The protestors asked the clergy if they were priests or „KGB“ agents in an angry exchange.

The presence of the cross has become a symbol of the determination of Poles to get to the truth about the mysterious Smolensk plane crash that has killed so many of their top officials.


  1. Jewell says:

    Same EXACT cover ups of TRUTH about Politicians Deaths, whether Individually or in numbers, occurs IN U.S.A. also.! Polish people aren’t alone over Frustration at Politics and Secrets, via Presidents. Corruption, YES! One Nation Under Fraud!

  2. ko says:

    I did not know Rafal Gawronski, but found out by searching he was also a critic of the EU.
    Here is a petition he wrote:
    I unfortunately can understand no Polish. So I can not follow what is said during protests there.
    The Polish Elite killed earlier this year all were critics of the totalitarian EU and their criminal Banksters.

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  5. The artical is so excellent!

  6. Bill Jones says:

    My own suspicion, based on nothing other than a knowledge of politicians is that Lech Kaczynski ordered the plane to land over the pilot’s objects.

  7. parasitism says:

    Poland will not be allowed energy Independence…thats what this is about

  8. greenback says:

    Poland is off the deep end into veiled fascism. We should be seeing this occur in countries around the world, the new trend. When it finally consumes the USA completely, the world is in for a lot of trouble, perhaps even the end of life for most of us on the planet; save for the 500 million slaves needed for the scientific dictatorship for labor, sex and perverseness.

  9. Me says:

    OMG. There is maybe 2% of truth in the above press note

  10. Me says:

    The shots that fired were the bodyguard’s spare mags. You think KGB has no suppressors or the could not just strangle them? Why leave traces of buletts? Who believes in such idiocy??

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  12. polish says:

    I come from poland I all of us officially know that Komorowski is american tool on polish land. he’s murderer who reached the best job position in the country because hi did what america said. previous president could never bring any american shit to poland so they just killed him. that’s how it works these days. if you don’t agree they clean you up…

  13. Hi. I read a couple of of this other posts and needed to understand in the event you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

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