Investigative journalists face intense, new persecution in Europe

I am just one of many investigative journalists, who is being persecuted in Austria and Germany in the last few weeks as Christine Cote details in her letter to justice officials in Austria on July 4th (see translation below).

A troubling pattern is emerging in Europe of a crack down on anyone who criticises government policies, inlcuding, artificially engineered pandemics, wasteful vaccine campaigns, contrived financial crashes and debt mountains and plans for a world war three.

Polish investigative journalist Rafal Gawronski has to spend 45 days in prison without even being sentenced for any crime at all. He was not allowed to use a phone for two weeks. His family and supporters have only just been able to find out where he is after he was arrested for „slander“ outside the President’s Palace in Warsaw – and simply because he reports the facts about the mysterious Smolensk plane crash incident.

Natascha Koch, Rainer Hoffmann and Christine Persch are other internet bloggers who have faced or are facing persecution, detention and arrest in Austria and Germany in the last few weeks.

As Christine Cote points out in her letter to Judge Lauer, I am also the victim of an attempt to misuse the laws on legal guardianship to detain me and strip me of all my rights simply because I have criticised the overhyped swine flu pandemic and vaccination campaign.

Parallel to manipulating files and making false accusations that I am incapable of handling my inheritance that are supposed to justify the need for a legal guardianship, the Austrian corruption state prosecutor has been caught red-handed faking criminal charges to bury my own criminal charges.

My criminal charges filed on Friday July 23rd offer documented proof that the accusations of Judge Lauer are false, and are up on the Wake News website for everyone to see. But clearly, the Austrian government is not hooked into the internet age and beleived it can steamroll on.

To block a proper investigation into this shocking incident, the corruption state prosecutor Katja Wallenschewski even invented fake charges.

She sent me a letter on July 27th  informing me that criminal charges filed by Heiner Lohmann and Christine Cote had been dropped. Shortly afterwards, Heiner Lohmann and Christine Cote contacted me after they heard about the case on the internet to say they never filed any criminal charges. They had, in fact, protested my persecution as well as the persecutionof others, and such a letter can never be turned into a criminal charges by a state prosecutor, especially not then when there was absolutely no investigation and they were dropped within days after I filed my charges.

By cynically turning a protest letter into illusory criminal charges, and dropping those fake charges at top speed without investigating just two working days after I filed charges, the prosecutor had an excuse to drop my own charges, giving hard evidence proving the lie after lie of the judge, and continue to hound me, discredit me and eventually detain me.

In addition, if these fake charges – (I have asked to see the files to find out what these charges are)  — that go under my name also give the impression of mental instability I can be arrested and detained at any moment if  there is also a staged threat and I am accused of it.

This is the set up which was used to detain Austrian  blogger Natascha Koch a few weeks ago.

In my own case, the webmaster of the, Johan Niklasson, also posted an inflammatory report inciting people to mindless violence called the „10,000 list“ on July 4th while blocking my access. It was just up long enough for screenshots to be taken and for the website to be classified as a terrorist site.

I had moved back to my birdflu666 blog early in June and so was able to distance myself from the report. It was clear to me that Niklasson was sabotaging the site when it went down for three weeks in April and May. It turns out Niklasson had himself cancelled the site. Instead of renewing the domain name as requested, Niklasson closed down the flucase website this week. I refused to take over the domain name now that the website is classified as a terrorist website.

My case shows just how easy it is to slip into a spider’s web of false accusations and lies put out by the authorities and the corporate minions.

If they can do this to me, they can do it to anyone. No one is safe from judges making up lies, manipulating files,and  inventing fake charges as an excuse to detain someone.

A screen shot from a website like the flucase can be slipped into anyone’s file. Anyone who gets in the way of governments can be tarred a terrorist and face the lock down of their bank acounts and even imprisonment.

Especially, under new terrorism laws, people can be detained for the flimsiest of reasons in the USA and Europe.

It is one minute to midnight. The people of the USA and Europe are being pressured to take ever more inadeqately tested and damaging vaccines – and the punishment for spreading facts about vaccines is becoming ever more draconian.

It is time to say stand up and take back control of our health and our lives and our governments by voting in honest people.

The US Constitution makes it a duty to resist tyrannical government. The EU Convention on Human Rights upholds our right to freedom and security also from tyrannical government.

The legal principles formulated during the  Nuremberg Trials of top Nazis, including Nazi doctors and judges, also makes it a  duty to resist totalitarian governments. These legal principles are still binding in Germany today. Only a parliamentary vote can overturn them.

Germans today need to start to resist the totalitarian elements in their government, in the EU and WHO and the UN and fight for freedom and justice as is their right and also their duty, flowing from the legal principles crystallised during the Nuremberg Trials which are still the law of Germany today.

17 Responses to Investigative journalists face intense, new persecution in Europe

  1. Jewell says:

    I totally agree with Jane! The U.S.A. is doing EXACT same, to it’s citizens, Not just Journalists. Elites have done EVILS for so long, and MUCH is being exposed(reporter Anderson Cooper, threatened with Arrest & Terrorist label, over BP oil spill reporting IF didn’t stop!). Elites ARE scared of Majority in their Nations! -O- to be afraid of if they weren’t Corrupt? Worldwide and Yes, they have World WAR III plans in the making. Elites are Idiots-Power, Greed, and MUCH more;Sold their Souls’ to the Devil!

  2. […] also their duty, flowing from the legal principles crystallised during the … See more here: Investigative journalists face intense, new persecution in Europe … Share and […]

  3. Sören Backman says:

    They are afraid… I support you Jane!

  4. Leon says:

    Jane is a very, very couragous woman. I am a Buddhist and will be sending prayers and meditations for your protection. Your courage is an inspiration – thank-you. i tried to post a comment to youtube incidentally and was unable to.

  5. Simon says:

    Jane, thank you for all that you doing. I’ve sent you an email, but if it doesn’t reach you, I’d like to send a small donation to you, and I suspect I’m not alone in that. If there is some way to do so (as the paypal donations don’t seem to work, I read that your cards have been taken away on Icke’s site), feel free to drop me an email, or chime in on the GLP thread that is currently pinned about you.

    Very best,


  6. Philippa says:

    Please continue your amazing fight for justice. I don’t understand what they have framed you on, but it’s obvious that you have exposed their lies and conspiracy, and that is why they are persecuting you.

  7. antoll says:

    Hallo Jane, this is a strongly and big substain and solidarity!

  8. saddani says:

    Thank you for the article and thank everyone for submitting their comments because it provided additional clarification for me. This information has been extremely helpful me

    Md.Alamin Khan

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  17. Jewell says:

    Let’s do Without the Jewelry and Physique comments Please! Stick to JANEs situation and Investigative Journalists RIGHTS being removed via Corrupt Governments! THANK U!

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