German central banker Thilo Sarrazin echoes Nazis with blatant racism

Thilo Sarrazin sits on the board of Germany’s conservative Central Bank and has worked for the IMF, and so when he makes racist remarks about Jews and Muslims, you can be pretty sure he is making them with the blessing of the entire German power elite.

The big guns of the country’s corporate media, Bild and Spiegel newspapers, have devoted acres of print to Sarrazin’s racist views, and his book on „immigration“ and „integratin“ has just been published by Bertelsmann in a fanfare of publicity.

Caught red-handed trying to inject their own population with toxic swine flu vaccines as well as  wrecking the economy with an engineered financial crisis and now facing an awakening among the German people thanks to the alternative media, the German branch of Bilderberg elite, including their corporate media arm, are desperate to play the race card to divide and conquer and, above all, divert attention away from themselves.

Sarrazin’s remarks that all “Jews share a certain gene…which make them different from other people” were made in an interview with Germany’s “Welt am Sonntag” this Sunday.

In the politically correct atmosphere of Germany, the blatant racism of Sarrazin is theclearest sign yet that the German elite are modelling themselves on the Nazis.

The Nazis also considered Jews to be genetically different – and crucially racially inferior. This alleged racial inferiority was supposed to be the justification for butchering millions of Jews in concentration camps in world war two.

By positing the existence of a Jewish gene, Sarrazin is only one step away from criminalising it and then punishing it just as the Nazi did.

Sarrazin regularly launches racist tirades against Muslims and scathing attacks on the millions of Germans impoverished by the bankers scams who are forced to draw the meagre Hartz IV benefits while the bankers get billions if not trillions of tax payer money thrown at them under the pretext of one bailout or another by their friends in government.

Sarrazins’s views are a chilling echo of the statements of NSDAP Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick, who complained in 1933 about the low birth rate among Germans and the growing proportion of „inferior people“.

Predictably, Sarrazin’s remarks have met with only luke warm condemnation for the public from Germany’s Bilderberg political elite.

Helmut Schmidt, the former Social Demcorat Chancellor, said that he would have agreed with much of what Sarrazin said if he had expressed himself more carefully. CDU Chancellor and Bildererg member Angela Merkel made a half-hearted attempt to appear outraged on television on Sunday.

But there can be no doubt that Sarrazin is just a puppet of the elite and from his remarks, it is clear the Jews and the Muslims look set to be made the scapegoats again for Germany’s very real decline, which has been caused by the Bilderberg elite and the bankers like Sarrazin.

It is this global elite that has introduced policies that have led to the decimation of the middle class in Germany, the erosion of the education system and the collapse of social security, the impoverishment of large sections of the population through the euro and financial crisis scam as well as the introducion of a police surveillance state just as has happened in the USA.

The global “elite’s” agenda for a one world government and police state has been documented by websites such as Infowars.

To achieve their goal of igniting world war three with Iran in 2011, the German power eilite clearly believe they have to whip up hatred against the Muslims and Jews living inside the country as a first step.

Cue Sarrazin: the central banker, former finance senator of deeply-indebted Berlin and a top manager of German state railways is wheeled onto the corporate media stage to portray the Muslims and Jews as the „enemy within“. He implies they are racially despoiling the German people with their low „IQs“ and foreign „genes“.

A false flag (bio?) terrorism incident is all that is needed to provide the pretext for a big internal crackdown as well as for world war three. We can all read the script.

In the meantime, hardly a day goes by without Bild newspaper showing the Defence Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg – the George Bush of Germany from the pampered Bilderberg elite circle – parading around as a psdeuo patriot, visiting German troops in Afghanistan while placing yet more orders for weapons, which will generate yet more profits for his banker and industrialist friends.

Aside from engaging in photo opportunities for mass media war mongering, Guttenberg is also pushing plans to scrap military conscription, the last block to Germany engaging in another disastrous offensive war. Conscripts, at least, can only serve on German territory.

At a time when the German people are increasingly waking up to the fact that it is their own corrupted government and corporations that are their biggest problem, the country’s elite cannot, it seems, divert attention away from their activities fast enough.

An example of the growing grass roots anger among Germans were the demonstractions against the Stuttgart 21 project: more than four billion euro is to be devoted to plans to build a supermodern, underground station which will benefit only a tiny corporate elite will use the expensive trains.

Germans from all age groups marched together in Stuttgart to demand an end to the waste of their tax money money on the pet projects of the elite when budgets for schools, hospitals are being slashed and not even the climate conditioners of the trains work.

State railways manager elite have — with typical disdain for the ordinary people who have to fund their many lavish projects — vowed to press on with their pet hi-tech railway project in Stuttgart and called in the police to guard the station while slashing social budgets to the bone.

It is not just in Germany but also in Austria that political parties are whipping up racism: the far right Freedom Party is also scape goating Muslims while the OVP Interior Minister Maria Fekter has made insulting remarks about the Roma.

In France, President Nioclas Sarkozy has ordered police to raid Roma camps and deport Gypsies, sparking protests The Roma were another target of Nazi racism during the second world war.

The Germans and Austrians have seen this all before, and awakened by the independent media, they will reject the barbaric brew racism and wars being concocted by the Bilderberg elite this time round, and bring this group to court to account for their many financial and other crimes.

20 Responses to German central banker Thilo Sarrazin echoes Nazis with blatant racism

  1. Tedesci says:

    There we go again!
    The people of Germany are growing tired of this kind of reports.
    Everytime someone has the guts of speaking the truth, he is being called a Nazi.
    I suggest, people read the book of Thilo Sarazzin and then judge.
    By the way, the german government has in fear for the reputation of Germany condemmed the book of Sarazzin before they had read it.

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  3. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    …its not always the point, whether what has been said is true or not. The point is the outcome of it…
    I have not, I admit, read the book. But if the outcome of what is writen in it is the separation of artificial impoverished HARTZ IV recievers from the rest of the population and the division between christians, muslims and Jews, it is not a good outcome in a time where we all might only survive when we stay together….

  4. Lacher says:

    kung ano ang magiging ang susunod na hakbang, sabihin sa amin


  5. Marie says:

    What he basically says is, that German society gets more children in the less educated communities, whether they are German or not. And then he points out, that a lot of Muslims are less educated. And getting more children than the German average. So he points out that – simple calculation – over the time the less intelligent people will get more, while the more intelligent people will reduce. Which will have an effect on society. He is right with that, and there is no racist point in it. The people who interview him try to make it look like racist. Because, otherwise, they shoud take action, for example to enable better education for Muslim society. The Jew question in this hole discussion came up by Jews themselves, who try to culpabilize the German wherever possible!!!
    I am Jew myself, and i have to say, this man is right!

  6. MK says:

    What we all need to fight against without pause is WAR. Dividing us against each other cannot work this time. We have to refuse to permit it. The fact is that the elite pushed for boundless in-bound migration in order to destroy the unions and decent wages. Now, they want to pit those that they brought in against those that they betrayed. What we (the ones that they are trying to manipulate) need to do is to get together to resist them and refuse to do what they want.


  7. MK says:

    It is important to understand the Jewish situation as well. Read the 13th Tribe to find out who the Jews were duped by. The group that is pushing against the Jews will use this opportunity to wipe out the Shephardic and actually Semitic Jews and replace them with more Khazars.

    The Khazars destroyed Judaism by overwhelming its core group and then demanding changes to its central religious tenets. The fact is that the world needs to move away from the many “organized” religions that have been the source of conflict and begin to embrace the belief system of the First Peoples like the Sammi, the Native Americans etc.


  8. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    In every society that I know of, the “less educated” have more children then the rest. One can also say, “the people with less MONEY” have more children then the educated and rich.

    Thats why great scientists, great artists and geniuses tend to come out of the “less educated” and the poor then out of the familys of the elits. Because the less educated and poor have more children, so the chance of a genius being born is greater. Well, I am out of the less educated and poor parts of society, which is part of the reason why I dont tend to become a legalized mass murderer like the kids of the seducated and wealthy….

  9. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Oh? It is better, Germany keeps out the less educated, the poor and those who find german society and its political system strange?? What about the thousands and thousands and thousands of foreign workers germany needed after the war, when all its own men had bled to death in the dirt of Stalingrad? Who did the industrialists and bankers like Sarrazin bring into germany back then? Masses of poor and uneducated greecs, italiens, jugoslavs, turks. Did anyone see the quarters that them people had to live in, does anyboy rememberthere isolation in germany? Well, I do. I grew up among them. And where are thei today? My god! Thei got themselfs educated! You find their kids everywhere, in every school, in every university. The best medical doctors in germany are iraniens, back then kids of uneducated foreign workers. And where are the old ones of those “less educated”? Thei opend shops on every street corner, the last shops by the way, where one still can buy healthy good tasting food. This Sarrazin banker doesnt know what he is talking about. He sees things only out of the financial perspectiv of his own kind and he cant see anymore, that the poor and uneducated are and allways have been, the salt of the earth ! We, the people, must reject Sarrazins perspectiv !

  10. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Exactly my words, Lacher…

  11. mats says:

    This is a complicated situation but the article correctly draws attention to the diversionary nature of present events.

  12. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    I rather see that the articel shines a light on how elits first create things to their own advantage, just to condem them as soon as they disturb the profit.

    Who brought all them “uneducated” “foreigners” and “muslims” into the country, that now spread by becoming many children, if not the tribe of Zarrasin, that needed them as a cheap workforce for its factorys?

    Who, in its unsaturable gread, created poverty in Germany, the ones that have to go to work with the age of 15 just to survive (I started work when I was 13!) and cant get an education because of it? Wasnt it the tribe of Zarrasin?

    What was the name of the condemd crook that wrote the book of how to manage poverty through the HARTZ regulations? Wasnt his name Hartz, a industrial manager and worthy member of Zarrasins tribe? Those crooks are building a murderous empire on our bad memory and its time we noticed!

  13. flebo says:

    Sarrazin is a jew

    Sarrazin ist ein jude

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  15. avi G. says:

    Germany is the true hotbed of the powers that wish to enslave humanity, together with England, the EU aristocracy and the Vatican. America is only their arm.

    Thank you Mrs Burgermeister to remind us of the importance of the reality that must never be buried under the lies of the capitalist (& communist) propaganda.

    (more on this subject, in an article I just wrote yesterday ! here:

  16. avi G. says:

    Germany Still Upholding Nazi Era’s Citizenship Law

  17. Leona says:

    Jane, as much as I wholeheartedly support your efforts to expose the (flu) vaccine scam, I believe you’ve missed some important facts in relation to the “Jewish Gene”:

    “Und jüdische Portale, die Sarrazin nun kritisieren, jubeln zu den Juden-Gentest.

    Auf der jüdischen Gentest-Seite heißt es:

    »Haben Sie jüdische Wurzeln?(…) Es gibt bestimmte genetische Merkmale, die auf eine jüdische Herkunft hinweisen. Mit einem DNA-Test von iGENEA kann Ihr DNA-Profil auf diese Merkmale hin untersucht werden. Träger derselben oder ähnlicher genetischer Merkmale werden in Haplogruppen zusammengefasst. Die Zugehörigkeit zu bestimmten Haplogruppen kann auf eine jüdische Herkunft hinweisen. Ausserdem wird ein bestimmtes DNA-Profil »Cohen Modal-Haplotyp« genannt, weil es vermehrt in der jüdischen Untergruppe der Cohanim vorkommt. Dieser Haplotyp weist deutlich auf eine jüdische Herkunft innerhalb der väterlichen Linie hin. Auch wenn Sie keine typisch jüdische Haplogruppe haben, können Sie trotzdem jüdische Wurzeln haben.«

    Es ist also verlogen, wenn jüdische Verbände Sarrazin kritisieren, zugleich aber für Gentests zur Bestimmung des Judentums werben.”

    Read more at;jsessionid=F35DB7A6B02F56D9817C23773522CEC5



  18. Blumenthal says:

    Actually, Sarrazin is simply speaking common sense about immigration difficulties. Researchers have known for some time – that human populations vary in behavioural and cognitive traits. So assuming that immigrants will all assimilate or contribute equally is based on a creationist belief system. In reality there are average differences due to divergent evolution.

  19. Michael says:

    The greatest problem about Thilo Sarrazin and his speaches and his book and his views – is that all what he is saying is TRUE.

    Everyone who is not a PC hypocrite will agree that the IQ of the Eastern-European Jews is higher than that of an average European or American. I taught at several good Universities in the US, and I know this first-hand. (And if you still don’t believe me – look up the list of Nobel Prize winners.) Similarly, everyone who is not a hypocrite will agree that the Arab and Turkish and Pakistani communities make a self-segragated world in those Western countries, which were silly enough to let in considerable numbers of emigrees from the Islamic world. The truth is not politically correct – sorry about that. We should be thankful to Thilo Sarrazin for having guts to say the truth aloud.

  20. Robert says:

    Unfortunately you are so very correct, I have also wrote similiar articles on this subject. The media here in Germany is absolutely submissive to the Zionist agenda. However, this has much to do with waging a cultural war against non-germans. Germany is the perhaps the worst in termsof virulent rasism. I´ve lived here for over 24 years, studied at a German University, am married to a highly educated german and consider myself to be very competent with their language and psychology. The Germans suffer from a syndrome induced by WWII. They are verbally very aggressive, but physically wimps and fearful. They constantly provoke, insult and are deeply rasistic, This applies to well over 60% of the population. Recall how Hitler manipulated their hatreds and fears. Sarrazin equates to a quasi banker-Hitler. He´s outrageously arrogant, and is following a well-planned, well coordinated, progpaganda or indoctrination psy-ops hatched out by far-right nazi architecths. The media followed with barely any condemnation, but maufactured consent for his thesis. Keep in mind the Nurnberg Racial Laws, where jews and non-aryans, (today non-Germans) are isolated, abused verbally, targeted with violence and discriminated against. The need for a counter Nazi movement is urgent. Merkel was also a component in this offensive. It´s really shocking for me. Merkel is desperate to hang on to her dramatical decline, the Germans despise her entirely. A new conservative-right political party has been engineered to replace the CDU/ FDP entity. The Sarrazin book was launched as the spear head blitzkrieg attack.

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