Germany’s media machine revs up for world war three

Media barons were not put on trial at Nuremberg after the second world war unlike other groups that served the Nazi regime such as doctors and judges.

Shame. The role of the media in creating and stabilising Nazi Germany cannot be underestimated.

Article 5 of German constitution drawn up after the war gives explicit protection to press freedom.

Such an article is , however, of little use when editors willingly allow their media channels to be instrumentalised for propaganda by corporations and political parties as is the case in Germany today.

Censorship and propaganda is coming from within the media organisations – not from outside.

Der Spiegel and Bild newspaper played a key role in manufacturing the swine flu pandemic hysteria. The object of all the scare-mongering about the virus was to persuade people to take the swine flu vaccine – and for the profit of the pharmaceutical companies.

The fiction that Germany’s press is free, factual and critical melted away during the false swine flu pandemic.

The extent to which corporate interests dictate the media coverage became abundantly clear among the reams of hype.

Across the entire German, yes, European and US, media spectrum, there was a remarkable uniformity of coverage – press, radio and TV all seemed to be marching to orders from the same centralised corporate authority.

Even though Bild potrays itself as populist and the voice of the people, only 6% of the Germans took the swine flu jab, underlining the huge gap between the people and the self styled „populist“ mainstream media.

Now Bild or Spiegel  joined by sections of the„alternative media“such as Kopp Verlag, are manufacturing an artificial Muslim crisis as part of the well known agenda of the global „elite“ to start world war three.

Germany’s central banker  and IMF insider Thilo Sarrazin’s remarks about Jews sharing a particular gene and Muslim immigrants  lowering the intelligence quotient of German society would have been ignored if Bild and Spiegel and the rest of the controlled corporate media did not insist on plastering them onto the front pages every single day, week in, week out.

The headlines of Bild and Spiegel are dominated by latest chapter of this pseudo drama: will Sarrazin quit the Bundesbank’s board from the end of September or not? Does Chancellor Angela Merkel signal her backing of Sarrazin by honouring a cartoonist who drew the Prophet Mohammad?

Polls presented by Bild suggest 89% of the people support Sarrazin’s racism.

Sure. 89% also took the swine flu jab.

Bild’s polls serve Bild’s objectives.

Germans political „elite“, corporations and banks have been caught trying to give the population inadequately tested swine flu jabs in what some have called a gigantic biological experiment and engineering a mass robbery of tax payer money and other assets through a financial crisis – and they need a war quickly to divert the growing social unrest onto other targets.

They need a pretext for a war like the false flag 9/11 attack. Architects and engineers have proved the WTC collapsed due to explosives but the Washington political „elite“ pretend no one has noticed and push on with their lucrative war plans.

Expect a false flag terrorist attack in Berlin/Frankfurt/Munich soon as the Berlin political elite try to manufacture support for the third world war.

Perhaps even a biological attack of bird flu/west nile virus/“al qreida“ virus by the „terrorist“ faction.

Alternatively, a dirty nuclear bomb can be used to play up the non existant threat of Iran’s nuclear weapons and allow Bild and Spiegel to use all the archive photos of nuclear reactors hidden in the desert.

Expect Al Qaeda/ a radical Iranian Al Qaeda ally/ a radical Taliban group operating in Iran/Pakistan/Iraq to claim responsibility for the attack on the school/church/beer hall/ train station.

Unfortunately, nnocent people to will highly likely once more be the victims of a cyncial government’s bid to garner support to launch a war.

Predictable too if the past is anything to go by is a crackdown on opposition using anti terrorism laws, websites critical of the government to be censored, the iron fist of the police state in the name of protecting the people against the non existant terrorists.

Expect Bild and Spiegel to insist on world war three/vaccines/a crack down on all critics of the engineered financial crisis, swine flu vaccine campaign.

Bild and Spiegel to will no doubt portray Defence Minister and globalist Theodor zu Guttenberg, the George Bush of Germany, as the great patriot and tough soldier, changing out of his Bavarian Lederhosen to lead the troops into war on a Panzer/in a helicopter/with a German flag pinned to his bomber jacket.

Kopp Verlag’s Michael Grandt even praised war criminal Adolf Hitler as a „brave“ soldier in world war one in his latest report.

The people of the USA and UK are sick and tired of the lies over 9/11, Tony Blair’s Iraq war lies as well as lies over the murder of weapons scientist David Kelly – but the global elite clearly hope the German people will swallow the same old false flag „terrorism“ tactic instead of filing charges against this syndicate and putting them on trial for their role in the mass vaccine campaign with inadequately tested swine flu jabs and in the subprime fraud and financial crisis that has impoverished so many.

And this time, the media barons of Bild, Spiegel and the Kopp Verlag et al should go on trial as well for undermining Article 5 of th Constitution and fraudulently pretending to part of the free and critical media when they are in fact instruments of propaganda of a nascent totalitarian police state.

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  2. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    During the Nazi Regime all art and media, from movies,theater, to books and every other printed and published word, was onder direct control of the “Minister für Kultur und Propaganda”, Dr. Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels once said something along the line: “Nowadays, we dont have to tell Journalists what to write. They know instinctively what pleases the Party. So they never leave the party line”…

    Today, the printed and published word again is under total control. All newspapers, magazins and publishing houses belong to just a few men who all work for the same goals. And again journalists dont have to be told what to write. They learn it quick or loose theyr job. Thus, the media situation in todays Germany differs not from the one during the Nazi Regime. We live under a new Nazi Regime, and its urgently time we all woke up to it!

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  4. Hmm, this was very fascinating but not as controversial as the stuff I read on this site which was a real revelation.

  5. csanborn says:

    Muslims threatening western culture… Well, time is over for generalising and trying to scale down a religious, cultural group to just one term. Now there is people. Swarm intelligence – even if we don t know it. Muslims have their Bilderbergs as well (might even be the very same group). And their Agenda differ from what the people actually would emphasize. The mechanical – techno mechanical, psycho mechanical – times are gone long time ago. At these times we have arrived at the true Babylonian Confusion. Absolutely no consense can be achieved by media anymore – be it mainstream or alternative. There is no way out – unless YOU wake up !

  6. […] Germany's media machine revs up for world war three « Case about … […]

  7. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    What is this “realy revealing” material, this “Revelation”, David Reveles? Some kind of SPAM for a book, or what? Realy nice of you, spaming around in here…..

  8. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    It is very obvious what is happening. The ruling and manipulating elit is busy creating an artificial enemy, just like thei did during the nazi regime in germany with jewish people. In the end thei had manipulated the public so far that most people believed, jewish people are monstrous beings that are worthy of destruction for the public good.

    The manipulating elites work according old and proven methods and thei are sluggish in changing them. That is why we see them use the same old methods today against moslems, that thei used yesterday against Jews. Goal of it all is in the end, to convince the people, to destroy the chosen group is necessary for the survival of the general public…-

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