How a cream with retinoids and nanotechnology destroyed the health of Linda Auxer – and how it could have been predicted

By Linda Auxer

I want to warn all people, especially women and children about retinoids and their use with nanotechnology. I saw an advertisement in my dermatologist’s waiting room for a cream that promised to fade wrinkles and freckles and prevent wrinkles. This cream was developed by Prof. AM Kligman at the University of Pennsylvania. Johnson and Johnson gained owernship of this cream and marketed it as an antiwrinkle cream that would give glowing radiant skin. I began using this cream and started getting sores and chemical burns and blisters on my face. The patient pamphlet gave no warning of this. My skin got worse and my health started to deterioate. I would go from one doctor to another with none doing any tests.

I began researching chemicals on my own. The research led to nanotechnology. My research led to these agents being bacteria, fungus, yeast and the oxygenated plasma from the intestines and from other animals. In 2008 I found the New Drug Application (NDA) 21 108 that on Renova 0.02% that included the three patents used in Renova 0.05%.

This NDA included all studies done on this cream and subjects tested. The majority suffered skin reactions, respiratory problems, some had impetigo, edema of the face and cellulitis, one man died of a myocardial infarction, there were high lipid counts and high glucose counts, intestinal pain. I pleaded with Johnson and Johnson for help, as well as the FDA and CDC, to no avail. I was being passed off by the FDA to various other state agencies and they refused to help. I contacted many attorneys and they refused to help, even the Accutane attorneys.

The patent 4877805 states that Accutane Isotretinoin was used in this product, as well as the NDA 21 108, which has now been deleted by the FDA. In May 2010, I received the NDA 19 963 for the approval of Renova 0.05% via the FOIA act. I was shocked and in awe to find that all my side effects were listed in this report under the US Pharmacopeia MSDS. It stated these agents cause blisters, respiratory problems and I have been diagnosed with silicosis from the liquid silicone used in the patent by Johnson and Johnson as a drug delivery agent, intracranial pressure which physicians are to monitor and have not done so, double vision, skin rashes, crusty patches on the eys, dry eyes, dry lips and mucousmembranes, headaches, fatiuge.

What was really shocking was the admittal of Johnson and Johnson using two microorganisms called pseudomonas and staphlycoccus aureus. These two agents are very infectious and contagious. They are an epidemic and cause amputation, morbidity and mortality. Not one physician would do a test for microorganisms. Physicians and attorneys have these NDA’s to use to treat patients and for filing civil actions against pharmaceuticals. The knowledge was there and not one physician nor attorney can say they didn’t know this. After I found this information I have still been denied tests and legal redress. This product contained a chemical compound known as TTNPB, which is the hepatitis B virus.

This is very infectious, toxic and contagious even at nanomolar. It causes eczema rashes, eye and skin problems, hepatitic disorders, Epstein Barr virus and mononucleosis and reproductive damage. I found that retinoids and agents used in this cream self replicate and self assemble. They are horrifying facts to find out after you used something that your physicians highly recommeded and stated he uses himself. These physicians are supposed to order tests before using these type of product, during and after treatment. These agents are not to be used on a melanom patient.

These agents can cause secondary tumors when discontinued. These agents are known as signaling agents and can receive signals These agents secrete endotoxins and mycotoxins. These agents react with RXR and RAR receptors which in layman language are the human recombianant ecoli. EWG released a report in May 2010, stating the FDA knew these retinoids were carcingenic and were being used in suntan lotion. Retinoids are Vitamin A. I researched the Pharmacopeia website and called up retinoid used in Renova as listed in patent 4877805. I found that tretinoin (all trans retinoic acid) isotretinoin (Accutan) and Etretinate (banned in 1998) and Acitretin were not to be consumed by humans. Biomol and Marligen state the same warning that these agents are not to be used on humans. The Pharmacopeia listed all side effects that were not listed on the patient and physician inserts.

This product was mislabeled and misbranded and included tritium and other radioactive agents. No one who uses these agents are to donate blood as the recipients could suffer serious health issues. This was not labeled on the patient or physician inserts. I am pleading with all ethical attorneys to help me and to stop the marketing of these toxic agents. I am pleading with ethical politicians to stop the FDA from approving these agents to be marketed as safe agents and have them removed. I feel serious criminal charges must be brought against who allowed this to occur and those involved held responsible for all health damages they have caused to innocent unknown victims. This can not wait as we now know that the Royal Academy of Medicine knew the harm of asbestosis and didn’t give warning to people exposed to it until it was too late. These chemicals kill. No one gives up their eyes, lungs, intestines, heart and endure life long migraines and respiratory problems to fade freckles.

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  2. Alex says:

    Hi did you read my previouse email

  3. Linda Auxer says:

    To All,

    I am honored to know Jane Burgermeister. All this woman has tried to do is save lives. All she has tried to do was warn people about a dangerous vaccine and the toxic metals involved in it. You want to know how dangerous metals are in our medicines read Dr. Robert Nash’s, toxicologist, “Metals in Medicine.” He was hired by the NIH to investigate the toxicities of metals in our medicines. He states they cause autism, behavior problems, attention disorders and learning disorders and alzeheimers. He stated and warned years before Jane Burgermeister filed charges and released her story. If you don’t believe her, then read his publication out on the internet. He is a toxicologist and trained in this field. If one child dies or suffers disabling effects from these vaccines, that should be enough to stop the vaccinations. No child should ever suffer life long effects from any vaccination, let alone a forced vaccination. Our children are being poisoned and vaccinations are not just one example of this. We didn’t learn from lead being put in paint, we didn’t learn from organophosphorous pesticides, we didn’t learn from dioxin, we didn’t learn from asbestos that these agents proved lethal and disabling to human life. No one should be forced to put poisons in their bodies. Jane Burgermeister should be commended and should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for saving lives, and she should not be disrespected nor abused by people who are just heartless. You want to take a vaccination that is your decision, but don’t push it on others. Read the patents that are out on pharmaceutical drugs and you will be shocked at what poisons are being put in our medications to cause health problems and even death. It is a personal choice to chose whether you want to be vaccinated or not. That choice can only be made after reviewing all NDA’s that include all ingredients put in them and all side effects these ingredients would have. These side effects need to be in clear view for all to see.

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