Website on the anti-smoking vaccines

Check out a website giving information about the up coming anti smoking vaccines and potential ban:

4 Responses to Website on the anti-smoking vaccines

  1. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Next they’ll invent a vaccine against dissent thinking…-

  2. Richard says:

    It`s going to get VERY BAD folks.

    REFUSE all vaccines – and please alert everyone of the evil intentions of TPTB (aka: the-powers-that-be)

    They cant arrest and kill us all.
    United we stand… divided we fall.

    The best way to DEFEAT these evil `elite` will be if people ALL stand together and say `NO`
    Therefore, irrespective of belief system…. colour….. or your culture ect….. at least we DO need to agree on this one issue : `the elite are out to kill a high percentage of us`
    We can, therefore, either allow our cultural /religious differences to divide us… thus WEAKEN us…. or we can set our other differences aside and say: `we are humanity and we are NOT going to allow them to do these evil things to us`

    NO more vaccines !!

    NO more wars !!

    NO more lies !!

    So long as people continue to fight against each other, they will never defeat the elite.

    Jesus said : `LOVE ONE ANOTHER as I have loved you`

    He also said : `Let he who is WITHOUT sin cast the first stone`

    Therefore we must stop playing `judge & jury` against each other because NONE of us are without sin.

    Therefore let us stand firm, show LOVE to ALL…. and leave GOD to be the judge of everything else.
    It is written : `Judge not, least you be judged`

    We face the fight of our lives, but LOVE is far stronger than evil.

  3. Bob Newman says:

    I agree with you Richard in principle anyway. The elite have a deliberate and active policy of divide and conquer and they are doing a damn good job of it. They are unfortunately not people of God. They are all part of a secret society of free masons who worship Lucifer who they see (in their eyes and twisted minds anyway)as a separate entity to Satan. These powerful and very dangerous people need to be watched carefully, incarcerated and above all else separated from their wealth which is the main source of their POWER. REMOVE THEIR WEALTH AND YOU EXTRACT THE TEETH OF THE BEAST.

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