Suing the Austrian Republic over my false court guardianship

I am now preparing to sue the Republic of Austria over the court guardianship (Anhaftungsklage) that was introduced against me on the basis of verifiably false claims, and that finally had to be dropped because of the publicity.

Every single independent review failed to stop the guardianship in spite of the evidence of lies by the judge Mag Michaela Lauer – including by Walter Geyer at the corruption state prosecutor – indicating a total breakdown of justice system here.

Such a court guardianship would spelled the end of my civic rights and highly likely would have led to psychiatric confinement and forced medication.

I will also examine how I can best make all the individual justice officials personally responsible for their role in allowing me to be stripped of all my civil rights, my property etc. Perhaps charges of attempted murder are appropriate? Certainly, a charge of attempt to rob me of my freedom and intention to cause grievous bodily harm.

Judge Michaela Lauer from the Hietzing Court who initiated the court guardianship on the basis of trivial but verifiable lies has to bear the main responsibility. But the Justice Minister Dr Claudia Bandion-Ortner is also responsible for allowing the justice system to be misused for criminal purposes.

In my case, there is, therefore, clear evidence that the Austrian state and numerous justice officials systematically conspired to rob me of my freedom, and possibly my life, by making up verifiably false statements in connection with the estate of my late father. Because the local magistrates court gets involved automatically in Austria when someone dies, it is easy for a corrupt judge to misuse the administration of an estate to impose a court guardianship on someone.

In addition, Judge Michaela Lauer and other justice officials have been engaged in ruining my reputation, falsely implying I am incompetent and mentally ill by  insituting this court guardianship, and I will see whether I can claim damages for that and just how much. Also, I will see how to make sure this process does not drag on for years, so de facto denying me justice.

And finally, I and my brothers still have absolutely no control over our father’s property inspite of having an agreement in August as Judge Lauer knows very well – but that does not step her telling the blatant lie to one of my brothers she has no idea about this agreement.

Judge Lauer and other officials are engaged in robbery through their refusal to take away the special curator or Verlassenschaftskurator that was falsely appointed in the first place – and I will see what legal action to take about this unaacceptable trampling over every basic law.

The corruption of the justice system is a danger to everyone in Austria and indeed Europe due to the introduction of the European Arrest Warrant, and my case is just one shocking example.

There is an urgent need to examine it and to make policy changes to ensure that the country has a genuinely independent and competent justice system.

2 Responses to Suing the Austrian Republic over my false court guardianship

  1. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    I guess that is the right thing to do, after they brought you so much grief and anxiety with theyr false claims. I dont have to tell you because you already know it yourself: Should during such a case the Nazi-Climate in Austria gain momentum,you would get yourself in great danger with it. But knowing you by now, this wont be a reason to stop seeking justice. You are a very couragous woman. I wish I could be more helpfull in your endeavours…

  2. Keira says:

    Enhorabuena, Jane por tu valentía ,sinceridad,autenticidad cuando hablas,por tu búsqueda incesante de la justicia y la dignidad y por tu continuo trabajo por el Conocimiento y el Despertar.
    Me parece admirable y un ejemplo para todos que te plantees emprender acciones legales por el atropello que sufriste a tu dignidad y tus derechos,es un ejemplo de no sumisión,no resignación,no cobardía,no miedo :actitud tan poco común en la mayoría de ciudadanos en éstos tiempos tan corruptos…
    Tu conocimiento y tu trabajo se ha extendido y sigue extendiéndose eficazmente en la Red,por lo que toda actuación indigna que intenten tener contra tí se conocerá y no tendrán éxito en su empeño.
    Un fuete abrazo de Keira, desde León,España

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