Irish Government faces nightmare scenario of third Lisbon vote after Merkel steamrolls on plan to suspend country’s voting rights: Spain, Italy, Czech Republic also sceptical

October 30, 2010

Government faces nightmare scenario of third Lisbon vote

By Fionnan Sheahan and Sarah Collins in Brussels

Irish Independent
Friday October 29 2010

THE nightmare prospect of another Lisbon Treaty vote loomed last night as EU leaders met in Brussels.

Germany is continuing to press hard to reopen the Lisbon Treaty, tighten rules on spending and bring in punishments for breaches.

Backed by France, the Germans want countries that break budget deficit rules to have their voting rights suspended — a measure that would prompt a referendum in Ireland and is staunchly opposed by Mr Cowen.

After the Nice and Lisbon experiences, the Government is against any changes that would result in substantial changes needing to be passed in a referendum.

“I don’t believe the suspension of voting rights is a runner as far as getting the agreement of my country,” Mr Cowen said.

Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Portugal are also sceptical on the voting rights issue. Read the rest of this entry »

Deutsche Bank to be sued over “rampant” subprime fraud by Assured Guaranty

October 30, 2010

Assured Guaranty Sues Deutsche Bank Over Mortgages

By Shannon D. Harrington and Karen FreifeldOct 26, 2010 12:55 AM GMT+0200

A unit of Assured Guaranty Ltd. sued affiliates of Deutsche Bank AG over $312 million of mortgage- backed securities that the bond insurer guaranteed and says were “plagued by rampant fraud and misrepresentations.”

Assured Guaranty Corp. is asking a judge to force the bank to repurchase the loans, on which the insurer has already paid almost $60 million in loss claims and sees the potential for tens of millions of dollars more, according to a complaint filed today in New York state Supreme Court against DB Structured Products Inc. and ACE Securities Corp. The bond insurer, backed by billionaire Wilbur Ross, is also seeking

reimbursement for the claims paid and for future losses.

“The entire pools of loans that Deutsche Bank securitized (and to a large degree originated) in the transactions are plagued by rampant fraud and misrepresentations and an abdication of sound origination and underwriting practices,” Assured said in the complaint. Read the rest of this entry »

Obama Issues Fake Terror Alert On Eve Of Elections

October 30, 2010

Establishment media fearmongers about “mail bomb plot” despite no bombs being found, Obama contradicts his own federal security apparatus

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, October 29, 2010

UPDATE: As this contrived scare unravels, Obama has given a press conference reversing earlier announcements that there were no explosives in the packages found on the planes. Obama claimed that the packages “did apparently contain explosive material,” completely contradicting earlier reports which quoted authorities as saying that both the package found in the UK and the two found in the U.S. were all duds and contained no explosive material.

A few hours ago CNN reported, “Investigators examined two UPS planes that landed at Philadelphia International Airport and another at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, said Mike Mangeot, a UPS spokesman. Authorities later gave the “all-clear” at the airport in Newark, U.S. and U.K. officials said,” and yet now CNN is running with the headline, Suspicious packages ‘contain explosive material,’ Obama says. This stinks to high heaven. Obama is directly contradicting the announcements of his own federal security apparatus. Read the rest of this entry »

Heirs of Nazi Flick dynasty face police scrutiny over Hypo Alpe Adria fraud

October 29, 2010

Ingrid Flick, the billionaire widow of Friederich Flick of the German industrial family that played a key role in the rise of Adolf Hitler, is being investigated by state prosecutors in Carinthia as part of the probe into the Hypo Alpe Adria bank fraud that cost tax payers in Austria and Bavaria billions, local media report.

The newspaper Kurier has also printed protocols showing clear evidence of fraud in connection with the balance sheets of Hypo Alpe Adria. Read the rest of this entry »

Narcolepsy and swine flu: conflicts of interest in Finnish investigation

October 29, 2010

Media release 2010-10-28: Narcolepsy and swine flu: Conflicts of interest in Finnish research

Rokotusinfo ry, Helsinki, Finland

The swine flu vaccine Pandemrix is suspected to be the cause of
narcolepsy in 36 Finnish children. The cases have been reported in
less than a year’s time. In earlier years, only on estimatated average of
three (3) children in a a year have been diagnosed with narcolepsy.

According to Finnish citizen’s group, non-profit NGO Rokotusinfo ry,
the Finnish research to find out whether the Pandemrix swine flu
vaccine causes narcolepsy in children has conflict of interest issues
and prejudice.
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Germany fails to push through suspension of voting rights, rams through financial “reforms”

October 29, 2010

 Merkel rams through EU financial crisis reforms

Published: 29 Oct 10 09:28 CET

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday hailed the results of an EU summit in Brussels that backed her demands for sweeping reforms to deal with future financial crises and ensure the stability of the euro.

I can say on behalf of Germany that we pushed through our essential points,” the chancellor said, adding that the talks which ended at 1:30 am had been “hard and extensive.”

The European Union’s 27 leaders successfully agreed on long-term budgetary mechanisms for member countries in financial crisis at the summit, she said. Read the rest of this entry »

A shout out to Dee and her family in Ireland

October 28, 2010

And a big thank you for your letter and kind donation!!

The luck of the Irish is an amazing thing and will surely not desert the wonderful, decent and big hearted  Irish people currently facing the prospect of total eradication in an EU-empire controlled by banks because of the betrayal and the greed of their so-called “elite”. The Irish had to endure shocking cruelty at the hands of the British colonialists as well as an engineered famine halved the country’s population. But the spirit and sense of fairplay of the Irish is legendary, and the EU and banks are picking on the wrong country, for sure, to rob and try and take over.