EU to ban herbal medicines in April next year

European Union Will Ban The Sale Of Herbal Medicines In 2011 posted by: Beth Buczynski 3 days ago

Thanks to legislation that was first put in place six years ago, virtually all herbal medications and supplements will become illegal in the EU as of April, 2011.

The European Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products (THMPD) was first enacted back in March of 2004. This legislation established new rules and regulations for the use of herbal products that have been freely traded for hundreds of years.

According to, “This directive requires that all herbal preparations must be put through the same kind of procedure as pharmaceuticals. It makes no difference whether a herb has been in common use for thousands of years.

“The costs for this are far higher than most manufacturers, other than Big Pharma, can bear, with estimates ranging from £80,000 to £120,000 per herb, and with each herb of a compound having to be treated separately.”

This is a massive infringement each person’s ability to prevent and treat illness in ways that he or she sees fit. Cleverly cloaked as issues of “public safety” this directive, and similar laws that are being considered in the United States, are nothing more than Big Pharma’s attempt to wipe out the competition.

Dr. Robert Verkerk of the Alliance for Natural Health, International (ANH) describes the problem of requiring drug-like compliance on herbal preparations: “Getting a classical herbal medicine from a non-European traditional medicinal culture through the EU registration scheme is akin to putting a square peg into a round hole.

The regulatory regime ignores and thus has not been adapted to the specific traditions. Such adaptation is required urgently if the directive is not to discriminate against non-European cultures and consequently violate human rights.”

These companies know that when people become educated about the power of holistic remedies and the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, they will lose their profitable stranglehold on society.

Rest assured, pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in keeping people sick and dependent on their medications. A healthy population has no need for Big Pharma! If you believe that every human has the right to utilize the medical treatment and health maintenance methods of their choice, take action now! In the EU: Go to this page to find out who is your MEP and the contact information.

Then, send a letter that states, in no uncertain terms, that you strongly support the ANH’s actions in trying to suspend the implementation of THMPD and that you hope they will also take a stand in support of the people’s right to choose herbal treatments. In the United States: Sign this petition to oppose S. 3767, the new Food Safety Accountability Act, which was introduced on September 13, 2010 by Senator Leahy. This bill would allow the FDA to target natural health product companies under false pretenses.

38 Responses to EU to ban herbal medicines in April next year

  1. Carolyn Dunning says:

    I can’t find the USA petition so here’s another one, proposed by Dr Mercola’s website in this article “FDA make it more difficult to sell supplements”:

    see last paragraph:
    “If you’d like to tell your Senators to oppose the Food Safety Accountability Act of 2010, LifeExtension has set up a Legislative Action Center to help you do so.”


  2. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    This is the next stage
    of the “war on Drugs”
    and they are prepared
    try to fight it with
    the usual brutality…

  3. Free Mind says:

    They must pave the way for the ultimate terror: pharmaceutical dictatorship. Drugs are being developed that can control mind and personality and shape the latter to have new slaves: people who happily and feeling satisfied under all circumstances do all they are told and don’t object to anything. That is why we have to take prescribed pills with such “side effects” and nor use any alternatives beyond control of the “pharmafia”.

  4. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    As I was told, the indian and chines culture dont see any difference between Food and medicin and that does make a lot of sense to me. The industrial chemicals of the pharma ar not medicin, they are xenobitoic chemicals, most of which dont exist in natur. The pharmaindustry, having grown out of of poppy milk, soon discovered analin dyes derived from coal and out of them myriades of synthetic molecules, which was the beginning of the Pharma-petrochemical connection, has grown in a monstrous destructiv machine that wishes to take everything good and healthy away from us. The financial and ideological connections between pharma industry and NWO pushers of today are identical with the financial and ideological connections between I.G. Farben and the III Reich back in the old days. We are fighting the same old NAZI structure…

  5. C says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

    May I introduce the group of parlamentarians to you? Pick your favourites!

  6. There are ways to defeat this insanity- by growing our own vegetables, fruit,herbs etc.even if we only have a window box!We vote everyone out of office who support this directive.We demand that politicians and bureacrats not take money from Big Pharma and to give it back if they took it!We must get every citizen energised about this flagrant abuse of our civil, sovereign,and personal rights!!

  7. HS says:

    YES! We must resist! But in the mean time, learn how to grow medicinal herbs yourself! It is easy and you need very little space and equipment.

  8. John Horak says:

    A very obvious move to put herbs under the control of the global elite.

    And it also shows how far in advance these guys plan things out. These laws were put in place 6 years before they knew that they would need them. David Icke is right about the Fabian’s “totalitarian tip toe” technique.

    Makes you wonder about the still valid “state of emergency” which is still in effect in the USA. It’s waiting for something.

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  10. Free Mind says:

    “This directive requires that all herbal preparations must be put through the same kind of procedure as pharmaceuticals. … The costs for this are far higher than most manufacturers, other than Big Pharma, can bear, with estimates ranging from £80,000 to £120,000 per herb, and with each herb of a compound having to be treated separately.”

    It costs very much more for manufacturers of herbal remedies, since they usually have several herbs in them, and they have to pay for each and every herb, summing up to a horrendous total. Big Bad Pharma in most cases have monosubstance remedies and pay for only ONE ingredient…

    This is an effective way to kill the market for natural medicine and its practitioners. A similar law is in effect in Germany since July 2003, and as a result many highly effective “competitions” to the artificial poisons have disappeared from the market. Mainly for economical reasons.

    It has not the least to do with democracy, but a totalitarian dictatorship that we must fight by all means!

    So learn about the medical herbs that grow in your environment and cultivate some in your garden. Use the dried herb as tea, or as a tincture: fill a jar with the fresh herb (roots included if indicated), fill the jar with 70-75% alcohol to cover the herb, sieve the tincture off after about 3 weeks. Usually the extraction is best done in a dark place.

  11. Free Mind says:

    Many homeopathic remedies have been made more or less inactive in Germany since a new law also requires them to be autoclaved, destroying much or most of its effect. Another evil trick!

  12. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    That would not be so easy with growing it ourselves. If they push through this law, they will sooner or later also forbid the self growing of herbs just like they forbade the self growing of the herb Hemp.

  13. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Yea. Great! I have already spent around 8 years in prison for growing medicinal herbs in my window. They started to call them “Drugs” and they will do the same thing with all the other medicinal herbs, call them drugs, and pay some evil or breadless scientists to tell the world how dangerous they are.I think we are a bit naiv here. If we cant stop this madness right away, it will become the same sort of runaway train that the drug craze has become……..

  14. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    The way I see it? The only method we can use to stop this whole madness, is through MASSIVE civil disobedience. *uck ’em, and lets all start to grow medicinal herbs TODAY. I saw it coming. I started to grow them months ago. Even if I dont use them, you bet your *ss I’ll grow them…..!!

  15. Free Mind says:

    Absolutely right! Civil disobedience is the way that Gandhi showed us! If we reach massive numbers, they cannot stop us!

    The same goes for a US initaitive to forbid home-grown food. Another giant idiocy! When a critical number of home-growers is reached, there is no way to stop us!

    If they were intelligent enough, they should instead forbid cigarettes…

  16. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    They are obviously planing to take everything away from us which keeps us alive and healthy, so they can replace it with their products, which gives them TOTAL CONTROL over us! That is why they are coming from all sides with madnesses like Codex Alimentarius, the “Food safety Act”, GM crops, laws that firbid medicinal herbs and medicinal plants in general. They are even after our Vitamines and minerals for Christs sake. All together it shows us, where they are heading towards: TOTAL CONTROL over our bodys and as such, also over our minds!

  17. Ivan Stratievsky says:

    Can every one see the NEW WORLD ORDER behind this?

  18. Free Mind says:

    And the Zionist plan outlined in the “Protocols of the Wise Men of Sion” (or “Elders of Sion”, or Zion, the title varies a bit). This mainly deals with taking full control of our economy, but actually aims at all what we are and have. If you don’t know it, “google” it…

    Many react as if it were antisemitic to talk about these Protocols. It is not! The Zionists are a secular movement that has taken control over all “secret societies” and is at the top of the pyramid. It is actually not basically Jewish, there are lots of Jews who are antizionists. Just to mention it in case anyone grabs to the old dirty trick and cheap argument of falsely calling a discussion about these things antisemitic.

  19. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    YOU BET!
    Its the eugenic agenda
    of the NWO pushers!!

  20. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    They only claim it is antisemitic so you are ashamed to read it. IF YOU READ THIS, YOU ARE A HATER OF JEWS AND A SUPPORTER OF THE HOLOCAUST ! You WOULD HAVE PROBABLY LIT THE OVENS YOURSELF IF GIVEN THE CHANCE !! Its bullshit of course. Bullshity accusations that are mainly put out by zionists so you dont read it. Why do zionists dont want you to read it? Well, chance is great, they actualy wrote it a long long time ago. Its a masterpiece of how to take over the world with stealth and covert means. Everybody should read it! The protocols of the learned Elders of Zion, is the greatest eye opener I know. And if it was actually figured out and written by Elders of Zion, then it was actualy written by jews. Can you hep it? Can you change it? No. You cant. But you can face it! Whoever wrote the Protocols, he was a delilish genius. His ideas are being used and set in motion worldwide. Thats a troublesome fact. So, people, if the fear of being called a antisemit kept you from reading it, its high times you read it now!!!

  21. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    The law that forbids mecinal herbs, will take effect next year april. How about quickly putting up a medicinal herbs seed exchange on non profit basis, where people can get in touch with each other to send each other seeds by mail…?

  22. Free Mind says:

    Good Idea! Who is able to oregano such a network?

  23. Free Mind says:

    “To organize”, my Firefox spell checker made a mistake.

  24. joan says:

    : ) ‘oregano’ just fits perfect : ) it’s the herbs having its say : )

  25. Free Mind says:

    Maybe antisemitists wanted to blame the Jews for the Protocols. One has tried to blame them for many things in the past. Or those behind the veil wanted to blame them, when the Protocols were found and no more were secret. As scapegoats. There is also a theory that the Protocols originated from the Prieuré de Sion in France. Whatever: Zionism is basically antireligious, and that is why lots of religious Jews are against it. That some Jews just as well as other some people – goys and whoever – joined Zionism is a mere political matter. Just like people joined other secret organizations.

  26. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Yea. Lets make it realy complicated with the Protocols. Maybe enemys of the jews made it look like as if jews wrote them, when in reality it was Hitlers grandpa. Who gives a *hit? If we let our minds be twisted by games like this, we loose the actual issue falls out of focus! Who cares who wrote the Protocols. Maybe *ucking Santa Claus wrote them? In any case they threaten our existence!!

  27. Free Mind says:

    Yes, The idea of the Protocols threatens our existence. Let that be a fact and let us not be mislead to fall in the trap of mere antisemitism and accuse a whole people for them! That would be a mistake, but there are some who want to do that. And let’s not expose ourselves to be accused of it, either. That is what I advice against. Therefore: leave aside who wrote it, maybe we will never know.

    The reality to day in any case shows that they are put to practiced now! And very much so…

  28. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Who can organize such a network? One thing is certain: Whoever organizes it, will not stay a secret.So unless someone has a real good plan, at least one person has to stick out his neck for it. I am prepared to do so. I am used to it. I never did anything else. We need a email adress. Now, whoever has Seeds to give away, will write to that email adress and let it be known what kind of seeds they are and what conditions are nessesary to grow them into plants. Whoever wants seeds, also writes to that email adress and let it be known what seeds ar wanted and maybe also for which climate. At this stage two different things can be done. First, the seeds can be sent to one central point from which they would be sent to whoever wants them, or, second, The person with the email adress only connects the person with the seeds with the person that wants them. The costs must only be whatever a postage stamp costs. WHO HAS DIFFERENT OR MAYBE EVEN BETTER IDEAS?

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  30. Free Mind says:

    So far seeds for essential herbs can still be bought. I suggest to people to put a good choice on stock for the future.

    When they can no more be bought we will really need a network!

  31. Free Mind says:

    Well, so far so good …
    But where can we get these herbs?
    … if we don’t live in the Philippines …
    Poco de ayuda para los otros …

  32. Free Mind says:

    Another thing:
    very many will loose their jobs, which they now have in companies that manufacture and/or sell medical herbs and preparations thereof.

    EU governments will face an increased unemployment as a result. How will it take the responsibility for that? In an economical crisis that is beginning to become worse, again …

    This already happened to people in Germany as a result to the laws introduced in 2003 (licking the *sses of the pharmocracy). But no one talks about it … They will now be on the payrolls for unemployment support, and the tax payers have to pay for it!

  33. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    I guess, the question how they will “take the responsibility”, is easy answered. They dont feel responsible for unemployment. Theyr responsibility is with the pharmocracy. The whole EU is in fact a pharmocracy construct. Just look at the names of people that stood at the birth of it. There you even have ex-pharma-bosses, convicted warcriminals set free early of course, taking major positions.

    To gain a better understanding of the connections between harma and power, it is very usefull to take a closer look at the connections between I.G. Farben and the III Reich and the rol post war ex I.G. Farben managers played in setting up the EU.
    For people with interest in the I.G. Farben-III Reich connections, one can find fotocopys of the original documents of the nuernberg trails against I.G. Farben managers here:

  34. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    I. G. Farben: Plans, Works and Connections:

  35. Free Mind says:

    I cannot log in to from my country! But I can through a foreign proxy…

  36. Reg & Leila Gill says:

    Nobody has yet picked up on the fact that this evil ledgislation is in fact legilating against GOD. See Genisis 1v28/29. So Big Pharma is worse than anything. Evil beyond compare. Christians behind this? then they have joined the ranks of Lucifers army. Reference these two verses [and there are many more like them including the Mormons Word of Wisdom and many in the Koran] Well need we say more.

  37. Free Mind says:

    Now I can log in directly. It will have been temporary due to high Internet traffic.

  38. Free Mind says:

    Their god is Mammon!
    So what do they care about anything else…

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