German police ask for football matches to be cancelled so they can rest

The German police union Dpolg has called for all football league games to be cancelled in Germany this weekend to give the police involved in an operation to quell protests against the transport of nuclear waste to a depot in Gorleben this weekend a chance to rest up.

The demand by the police union to cancel football matches this weekend underlines the way the Castor demonstrators managed to bring the German police state to its knees. Schoolchildren, women, the elderly, teachers, lawyers, farmers and pastors joined in the unprecedented non-violent demonstrations in the woods of Wendland at the weekend.

„Football is a lower priority than a demonstration because the German league is not a basic right. And basic rights come first. The football matches have to be cancelled,“ said Rainer Wendt, according to the Handelsblatt.;2690231

Police officers assigned to the 20,000-strong force protecting the Castor transport had to do shifts of 20,30 and even 40 hours and often without a break, sleep and food, Wendt said. In addition, they had to spend all their time outside in freezing temperatures.

3 Responses to German police ask for football matches to be cancelled so they can rest

  1. Carl Smith says:

    And how do they plan to guarantee the storage of the castors for the next 240,000 years !

  2. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    YES! Cancel football games!!!! If you cant wake ’em up by attacking them from all sides with chemical- biological- and nuclear weaponry, you will certainly wake them up by robbing them of theyr football games!!! Yes! Cancel ’em all for the coming three years !!!!

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