Austrian police chief investigating the abduction of Natascha Kampusch could have been murdered

The police inspector investigating the abduction of Natascha Kampusch in 1998 was highly likely murdered, it has emerged.

Chief inspector Franz Kröll was found dead in his apartment in Graz in June 2010 a few months after he was prohibited by Vienna state prosecutors in December 2009 from continuing an investigation into whether the Kampusch kidnapping was carried out by a paedophile ring.,503881,504524

Kröll was alleged to have committed suicide by making use of his left hand to shoot himself. However, he was right-handed and medical experts have cast doubt on whether he would have used his left hand. In addition, no traces of a shot being fired were found on his hands in a forensic test done immediately afterwards and that would have made more tests invaiid.

Kröll had made a detailed report on the activities of kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil on the day that Kampusch escaped from her captor in summer of 2006, and was of the opinion that Priklopil could have been murdered and his body thrown onto railway tracks before a train almost nine hours after the police were alerted following Kampusch’s escape, newly released police files reveal.

Also, Priklopil made 13 phone calls after Kampusch escaped, sparking speculation that he could have informed other members of the paedophile ring involved in the abduction. No investigation into these 13 people was carried out.

State prosecutors in Innsbruck recently opened a probe into whether five state prosecutors in Vienna conspired to block the investigation into the kidnapping of Kampusch following a report critical of the investigation by leading judge Johann Rzeszut.

Kröll’s brother has also expressed doubts about the official version that his brother committed suicide. He noted that objects in connection with the Kampusch case had been removed from his brother’s flat. Other colleagues of Franz Kröll have reported that he felt that the official version was a tissue of lies and that he found it hard to go along with the deception.

Austria has recently been rocked by justice scandals, including a fresh debate about the cover up of the death of 155 in the Kaprun disaster.

More on the developments in the Kampusch case here:

7 Responses to Austrian police chief investigating the abduction of Natascha Kampusch could have been murdered

  1. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    We have to be very alert about the pedophile side of elits. Those people, thinking of themselfs as being the elit, think of us, the general public, as being lifestock, which can be used according to pleasure. I increasingly get to the point where it seems obvious, the system is so corrupt that we have no other choice then to bring it down. We need a law that enables us to kick every official out of office at once, as soon as it is shown that he or she does not work for the public good. After that we have to let the dogs loose on those elite figures. that have butchered and raped us for much to long already….

  2. Carl Smith says:

    Carlitos, I agree. The great Chippawa Healer, Sun Bear, wrote around 1990 that these politicians and figureheads would be hunted, similarly as in the french revolution. Jane, A. Jones and people in general are now moving the exposing of these evil persons and acts via alternative media into the mainstream.
    The amis say “what goes around, comes around”.
    The law of physics states “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
    Put those two together and the rewards of both bad and good will be reaped.

  3. er says:

    It’s funny that the ritual abuse and torture gets hidden under the old Greek name of paedo-philia – ‘friend of children’.

    Cruel research was carried out on children by military doctors like Josef Mengele working on Menschen Kontrolle (MK).

    The Nazi scientists who did these things were not punished but integrated into the establishment.
    I G Farben became mega dollar Bayer pharmaceuticals.

    Paedophilia or child abuse is used as a subversion tactic today and that’s why it is so easily accessible on the Internet.
    Its spread and the abuse of children could be stopped if the authorities were for it.

  4. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Yea, True, Carl Smith.
    The abuse of the general public as lifestock of the elite has been going on for thousands of years. It is in our time, that the novel possibillity arises to see and communicate it all, curtesy of the new technology the Internet. I pray that enough time and spirit is given to us, to use it to better our situation…

    There are thousands of exapmles, where cruel doctors have not been punished but instead got praised for theyr actions. Take Mr. H.J. Sewering, who used to be a SS man & medical Doctor during the war. One finds his signature on transfer documents of children that got killed in Hospitals. He almost made it to the powerfull position of Head of the World medical chamber. He became the most decorated and most powerfull european medical doctor of all time!!! He used to be chief of all german medical doctors after the war. He didnt get punished for his actions during the war. He got praised because of them all the way up to the last day of his life, which wasnt so long ago. Google him: “Ärztepräsident Sewering”. We are being ruled by NAZI Facists. They sit in the most powerfull positions on earth. So dont marvel about it, when murderers get praised as soon as they kill according to the facist ideology.

  5. Lisa says:

    speaking of corruption and what’s hidden, they no longer seem to care what they say in public. Look at what a british ‘lord’ said before Parliament:

  6. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Yea. Right. Lord James…-
    I am sick and tiered of hearing about people that do crooked things, while at the same time I NEVER hear something about them getting punished for it. We got to get rid of the lot!

  7. er says:

    Yes, I understand that minds possessed by evil have been using ugly methods long before the Romans placed their crucifixes in the roadways to horrify the common people and to arouse ugly appetites.
    We will prevail over them.

    It is great that humane people are making the links in both a personal participatory way and also making the significant historical connections.

    I can’t know what’s been happening but it seems all the evil doing can be traced because the deeds of the sick ones always bear the signature of violence. Like the genocide practiced on the native Americans in both the Americas, the on going massacres worldwide, the plight of Africa, etc.

    As well as the attack on the children, I hope people also bear well in mind the series of run amok incidents that have been staged in Europe and the U.S. during the last 2 decades.

    It is Shock and Awe and it comes from a think tank.
    The same place the Red Army Fraction and the red army brigades that bombed Bologna train station came from.
    First they said it was the ‘left’ and then they said it was the ‘right’ but orders came from within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO.

    The minds that are crippled have only one way of dealing with their brothers and that is by hurting them.
    Since we can not and must not use their methods (they do not even work) maybe we have to do the things they do not do.

    Sometimes when there is nothing you can do maybe it is better to do exactly that.
    Create a deathly Inertia.

    Do not support and limit your participation in Their system.
    Do not accept your status as ‘Consumer’. Limit your needs. Keep a distance from the shops, Abandon the banks and stay off their privatized motorways.

    What would happen if many more people refuse to vote?
    The majority do not any way.
    Let them keep their empty poll stations.

    Let it become obvious that no one stands with them.

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