Ireland is in line for £40.7m EU bailout

The Irish government is to set to request money from the European bailout fund, the 440 billion euro European Financial Stability Facility. In doing this, the Irish government is enabling banks to drain  tax payers throughout Europe in order to pay interest on fraudulent paper debts engineered by Irish banks now that the Irish people have been squeezed to the limit.

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Jan Strupczewski

13 Nov 2010

Ireland is likely to follow Greece in receiving an emergency European Union bailout to rescue it from bankruptcy.

Talks have begun between the Irish Government and the EU after borrowing costs shot to record highs amid concerns about the country’s ability to reduce its public debt burden.

Fears had been expressed that private bond holders could be forced to shoulder part of the costs of any bailout by taking losses – known as “haircuts” – on their stakes.

2 Responses to Ireland is in line for £40.7m EU bailout

  1. Juan says:

    “It has been evident for some time that the ongoing speculative attack on Greece, along with such other countries as Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and Italy, was not primarily a reflection of their economic fundamentals, nor yet a spontaneous movement of “the market,” but rather an orchestrated action of economic warfare. The dollar had been relentlessly falling through the late summer and autumn of 2009. It obviously occurred to various Anglo-American financiers that a diversionary attack on the euro, starting with some of the weaker Mediterranean or Southern European economies, would be an ideal means of relieving pressure on the battered US greenback.”
    Webster Tarpley
    An imperialistic regime extends its power and dominion over other nations through military, economic, and cultural means. This involves the military acquisition of territory, gaining control over the political and economic life of subject groups, and imposing its money system on conquered nations.
    The Assyrian, Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, and British Empires all established a single currency standard for the regions over which they ruled. The British forced their colonies and most other nations of the world to use the British pound sterling as the international monetary standard during its world rule in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century.
    “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

    Henry Kissinger

  2. Carl Smith says:

    In America, some have won court cases against their debt, proving that debt was only on paper. The banks have created fiction debt and are receiving trillions of hard cash for it.
    Why doesn’t Ireland simply state they have no hard debt and tell the banks, IMF, the EU, etc. to shove it?!

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