Soros says “Europe should rescue banks before states”

Banker George Soros has said in an extraordinary article in the Financial Times today that Europe should rescue the banks before states.

The implications of the idea that Europe should put the interests of banks before its constituent nation states to the point where they are all destroyed are incredible. But in his commentary pience, which offers unique perspective on how the Globalists think, Soros actually suggests that the economic and political systems as well as the wellbeing of 400 million people in Europe should be made subservient to the interests of a handful of banks.

Soros is one of the key figures in the current artificially engineered financial and economic collapse of European states under the burden of debt. But while he usually remains hidden behind the scenes, he has now come out into the open – and to issue in a slightly imperious tone what amounts to a set of orders to his minions in the EU for whom reading the FT, part of a media group which is ultimately controlled by the Rothschild banking family, is de rigeur.

For sure, no one can call Soros’ piece a serious analysis of the current economic situation or a serious proposal for how to get out of this crisis to the satisfaction of the 400 million people who make up Europe. Far from it. It is a plan for ever more, endless debt.

Soros says EU taxpayers should  hand yet more money over to banks. He acknowledges that the transfer union is unpopular and suggests governments just hand over more the money directly to their national banks.

The idea that taxpayers should give yet more money to the banks on a country by country basis  is ludicrous given that the EU share of the 750 billion euro transfer union is enough to take up almost the entire annual tax revenues of Europe and is considered too small to cope with more than the banks of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. Where is the money supposed to come from to “recapitalize” the banks whether by transfer union or country by country?

Ireland and Greece are already set to enter a debt death spiral of pay cuts, public spending cuts and tax increases leading to economic contraction, resulting in smaller economies having to pay off larger debts thanks to Soros’s preferred policies.

The solution to this disaster is clearly to default on the fractional reserve banking debt before the countries are shut out of credit markets, and pushed  towards default.  Ireland, after all, had a manageable public debt before it took on private banking debt. But Soros does not mention this perfectly viable solution.

He suggests instead that eurobonds should be introduced. However,  creating a large Eurobond market will  do nothing to deter speculation against member states given the dire economic fundamentals of country’s trapped in a death debt spiral by the banks and will only push up the borrowing costs of other countries.  Germany already has to pay higher interest rates on its Bunds. The result of Eurobonds would be a uniformly high and ever increasing interest rate that will push all states to collapse.

There is no attempt to analyze what the implications for millions of people might be if states collapse under the burden of artificial fractional reserve banking debt that Soros and other bankers have loaded onto government, and plan to load, or what will happen to hundreds of millions of people if states are taken over lock stock and barrel by the banks and IMF/EU  because they are unable to pay the exorbitant interest no matter how many fiscal austerity budgets they pass or how many assets they sell.

Soros’s article also reveals a shocking and radical view of political system in European Union as being a tool to gain control of  the entire wealth of the EU states, albeit he hides this reactionary view with great finesse in complex jargon and convoluted economic phrases. But the assumption is clear – power in the EU bloc is concentrated in just a few (Bilderberg) hands and that these people should be ready to sacrifice the well being of 400 million people for the profit of the banks.

“The architects of the euro knew that it was incomplete when they designed it. The currency had a common central bank but no common treasury – unavoidable given that the Maastricht treaty was meant to bring about monetary union without political union. The authorities were confident, however, that if and when the euro ran into a crisis they would be able to overcome it. After all, that is how the European Union was created, taking one step at a time, knowing full well that additional steps would be required,” he says.

There is no mention of the people or their welfare. Soros talks of “architects” and “authorities” who are seen as tools for implementing a long term strategy of debt slavery step by step.

There is also no mention of the democratic process, of the need to open a debate or even to persuade the people of Europe about the need to give ever more money to the banks to pay off this fractional reserve banking debt that even Günther Lachmann in Die Welt said today has been created in an “almost criminal way.”

Instead, the article implies a centralised – and indeed privatized power structure serving the interests of the banking elite only.

“The authorities were confident… that if and when the euro ran into a crisis they would be able to overcome it.,” Soros says.

What authorities? With what mandate? Where were the elections? The referendums? Who agreed to handing over all the tax money, assets, pensions to the banks for paper debt? Who?

There is also no attempt to explain how the trajectory of European economies has been thrown by the artificially created banking debt, in the first place. No mention of the police investigations into the criminal actions of the banks. There is no mention of Iceland and its rapid recovery after defaulting.

European Union officials are treated by Soros in this article as the mere managers of the global power elite to rob 400 million people.

In parallel, the USA is being sucked into a debt spiral that could see the IMF marching in there too.

Soros and the bankers are clearly hoping to see a global currency they control under the IMF replace the dollar and euro.

The western economies are on a trajectory to collapse and the usual way the globalists manage such a collapse is by starting a war.

This piece shows that Soros is out of touch with reality.

The “authorities” cannot manage the crisis of confidence that is engulfing Europe as the people wake up to the fact that all their wealth is destined for the banks as part of a fraud. Not even the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble can push through the Eurobonds idea in Germany as people wake up to the fact it means only more debt.

Not even Chancellor Angela Merkel can risk alienating the people of Germany by consenting to hand over their wealth to the banks.

But Soros is clearly happy to ignore the the 400 million people in Europe that lie beyond his air conditioned office, his computer screen, his telephone with preprogrammed numbers to his Bilderberg  minions. He appears to assumes the reality is a cold, rationally determined concept, drained of all vitality, made up of numbers, statistics and figures that can be manipulated at will. Inside this world, there are only a tiny handful of people, the bankers, who have rights and power and people who don’t have any rights or any power. Those who have the power are the masters and the rest are the slaves. The bankers have power and they should be rescued – given all the money of all the states until those states are bankrupt.

No mention is made of the people, their dignity, their rights, of democracy or  justice in this cynical article.

Whether he realises it or not, Soros comes across as a modern-day Ceasar, a new all powerful Emperor, convinced of his divine right to rule in the name of the banks, penning his piece not for debate or discussion but to stamp his authority on EU officials and governments. The EU is treated as a technological bureaucracy staffed with minions whose function is enrich the banks at all costs. The people? Who cares!

No doubt a man as wealthy as Soros has become through his many dealings is used to endless gestures of respect, adulation and subordination from his employees and other lackeys. The media help create the cult of his personality that surrounds him and he is no doubt used to picking up the phone, announcing his will and he is used to seeing EU officials scurry around to fulfill his every wish.

He is used to people huffing and puffing and finally relenting. He is perhaps used to having a spy network, and portions of the secret services at his beck and call as well his media hounds to deal with anyone who puts a spanner in his works.

But it looks like he will have to get used to a very different reality.

The people of Europe are waking up to the fact that they are being robbed by the banks.

Even Germany’s Die Welt today said that the sovereign debt loaded onto their governments is private banking debt that has created in an “almost criminal way.”

Even in corrupt Austria where the entire parliament has to push through an investigation of the Natascha Kampusch paedophile ring following the apparent murder of a police man , 70 criminal charges were announced today in connection with the Hypo Alpe Adria scandal.

For Soros to suggest without any irony that the interests of a handful of criminal (?) banks should be put before states of Europe – and the 400 million people who inhabit them – shows a state of mind that could be classified as delusional in my humble opinion.

The very idea that the interests of 400 million people should be sacrificed for the banks is surely highly questionable. It is the kind of eccentric idea someone might dream up inside their comfortable office. In this environment, they may  mistake the delusions of a raving brain for a higher reality, the empty ceremonies and rituals of his employees for real authority among real people. But on the streets of Europe, his idea that the entire aim of Europe, its ultimate objective is to rescue the banks – that is to hand over to the banks all its wealth even to the point where the states themselves are destroyed – is meeting ridicule and anger.

Millions of people are showing by their protests that they will not allow an artificially created gigantic black hole of fractional reserve, banking debt sucking in every asset of the Europeans, their money, taxes, state assets, pensions, and souvereign states.

Soros  and the other masters of the universe need only go into a café in Vienna outside the smart inner circle to hear the words, as I so often. “The time has come for a revolution.”

Greed, the desire for money, material things makes for blindness and delusion – and of dimensions that are amazing to behold to those who do not suffer from the same problem.

If I , a humble blogger, may offer advice to such an illustrious figure, I would advice Soros to stop relying on his own and the Rothschild newspapers to form his views or reality. The corporate controlled media is  designed to manipulate the kind of information reaching people, to structure they way they perceive reality and to make them follow those courses of action that serve the elites. But the power of that corporate media is shattered. Soros should read the alternative media to get some idea of what people really think. He should go onto the streets and talk to people to get some idea of what is happening. He should even read Die Welt.

But then again, as Nietzsche once remarked, the most common lies are not the lies that others tell us. They are the lies we tell ourselves.

Soros’s piece in the FT was perhaps just penned as a note to himself, after all, a piece of wishful thinking.

11 Responses to Soros says “Europe should rescue banks before states”

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  2. karl says:

    I ma glad he has said this
    It will wake more people up.
    I have tried in vane to convince people of the desire for Zionist bankers to take over the world but just get blank lookm s and people say I ma a conspiracy theorist and a anti semite
    well here it is in plane daylight
    You do not get much better admissions than that
    Although I doubt many people will wake up in the UK at least

  3. greenberry says:

    This is only a well known fact what subversion do to peoples minds. At some critical point it blocks their eyes so they see without seeing and hearing without hearing.
    A strange psychological phenomena when you refuse to believe your eyes even when you see it. Blocking and thus repressing what you see to some unconscious part of the brain.
    That is why I also doubt many will wake up. Its getting late.

  4. MK says:

    People are out rioting in the streets in Europe. People are staging big protests against the FBI, the TSA etc. in the USA (the protests aren’t being aired except occasionally on Democracy Now and local channels) THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soros is a fool. I am glad that he stepped out of the shadows, there can be no doubt where he stands on things. Sure, he hated Nazis like Bush, because he wanted to replace them with an oligarchical socialism with him and his predatory friends at the top.

    I am sickened by all the greed and power lust of these folks. They have destroyed the world with their selfish impulses.

  5. Anny says:


    Please keep posting u r doing nice work ….

  6. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Its a sign of poor health.

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  8. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    Bankster Soros is only expressing all the Banksters criminal mindset. He should be arrested and tried along with the Rothschilds and their ilk for the ongoing usury that is intended to bankrupt and starve millions worldwide. They should all be incarcerated for the term of their natural existence and have all their wealth taken off them and returned to the rightfull owners,the poor and destitute of this world .

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