Are our water supplies being poisoned?

While the US media is reporting that an Al-Qaeda-linked group that considered putting poison in food served at  hotels and restaurants, little attention is being paid to the water supply, an obvious target for any “terrorist” group wanting to poison large numbers of people.

A police man in Stuttgart, Germany, told me about a year ago that he was out on a patrol in a car at a large body of water that feeds into the city’s water system. He saw, in the dead of night, a boot close to the vortex in the lake where water is suctioned into the city’s water system and people apparently pouring chemicals into the water. That underlines just how vulnerable water supplies apear to be to poisoning.

So I was a little alarmed to get an email from Dee in Ireland, noting how strangely exhausted so many people were and asking if this was connected to the water supplies, which had been turned off:

Dee’s email:

today at 5.30pm the traffic was very dense and heavy, as it always is at this hour, especially on fridays…

only today, despite it being so dense, it sounded strangely silent……

normally at that hour the traffic sounds loud and impatient,especially on fridays…but today it sounded strangely subdued…which struck me right away as i came into one of the busiest streets in town…so much so that i wondered what the matter was and what had happened…

 for the past few days – in fact since tuesday, when the budget was announced- i had noticed a strange sand-like dust at home on surfaces everywhere ….and also in the pockets of my jacket after coming back from town…

last tuesday,the day the budget was announced, the tap water was off for a few hours in the afternoon in most parts of the country…and in dublin city from 7pm-7am every night for the past few nights…the official explanation being that too much had been used by people letting taps run during the recent period of heavy frost…

and like last winter when that happened i have noticibly excessive and strangely “”sweet”” saliva… extremely tired….and the traffic sounds like the drivers were drugged….

maybe it,s also of interest that on that budget day the banking system of Bank of Ireland was down and many of their ATM,s either not working or giving out MORE – never however  less apparently- than requested…resulting of course in lots  of people going to those ATM,s…(.vids and pics on

various sites)… the incorrectly dispensed amounts having later being corrected…

also a couple of days ago a few of my grandchildren,aged 3-7, stayed with me overnight with their mother…..they are normally quite lively and boisterous…but  they struck me as unusually quiet and peaceful and seemed to have less appetite than usual…also the mother said she had been feeling so tired the last few days….and she is quite an energetic person that usually stays up with me another few hours after bringing the children to bed…but this time she fell asleep with them …and they all slept without ever budging or changing position until quite late the next morning….about 1 1/2 hrs later than usual…and even then the 7 yr old said his legs were still asleep…normally they get up before i do…

i had checked on them several times as it was so unusual that they were not getting up…but they were like comatose….and still in exactly the same position as when i checked on them before i went to bed myself….

18 Responses to Are our water supplies being poisoned?

  1. Yea. Sure. Terrorists might poison our water supply! Buhuuhuuu! What a crap! What about the poison that our governments put in the water, like fluoride, chloride, lithium and only God knows what crap!? Thats much more realistic then terrorists or other evil doers poisoning our water supply. And, by the way, I used to be a state approved water expert in my youth. That means, I had to study water supply from the source, through the consumer, all the way to the water cleaning installation and back to the source. I can asure you, its not easy to poison the water supply if you are not the government. Bevor water, sucked from the source, is being released into the public pipe system, it is checked by various systems for chemical and biological polution. Incidently I had a talk with a water engeneer of my city because I wanted to know if we had fluor or chlor in our water and he told me, there is no such thing in the water. They even stopped the chlorination of public water because they now kill biological polutants with ultra violet light. I believe, almost everybody who ever dropped good acid in his youth, got the idea, everybody should have a hit of it at least once in his lifetime, which could only be acomplished by putting LSD in the citys water supply. Well, its not that easy. Not everybody uses the same amounts of water a day. So how does one figure out the dosage? And from the technical side its even more hairy. I could tell you how to release it street by street throughout the city, which would still leave us with the dosage problem, and I can asure you, it would be a lot of work with a lot of chance of getting caught, but I could not think of a way to effectively influence the water supply of a whole city.

    And let us in the end
    focus on the fact, that this warning about “terrorists” poisoning food and water came at a time when the US Senate had to decide if bill S510 shood become law, the so called food safety and modernisation act, that destroys organic farming for ever and have the US public force fed with poison chemicals and GMOs !!!

  2. krzysiek says:

    regardless of fluoride or al-cia-doh, taking into consideration trace heavy metals from pipes and other pollutants from catchments, highly recommended is a good home water filter like reversed osmosis

  3. Yea, sure. Why not drink destilled water? We lived of spring water since we exist, and it always has certain heavy metals and minerals of all kinds in it. Thats what gives the taste to the water. Destilled water or filtert water tasts like s*it !

  4. Goog drinking water has to come out of the ground and must be contaminated with all kinds of minerals and metals. Thats what gives good water its taste. Its a MUST for good water. But nowadays hardly anybody knows what good water is. Nowadays its enough when water contains H²O and is wet. Thats not water one can ENJOY drinking. Thats only fuel for biological robots, no more then wet crap.

  5. Freiwirtin says:

    “I can asure you, its not easy to poison the water supply if you are not the government”

    Aber genau das ist doch seit geraumer Zeit der springende Punkt: Die Terroristen SIND die Regierung, falls dir das noch nicht aufgefallen sein sollte.
    Ich traue denen alles oben Beschriebene und Schlimmeres zu.


  6. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    My advise is don’t drink town supply water anywhere in the world. All our municiple water is laced with thousands of deadly chemicals from run offs that are cummulative as well as those added by the councils, such as aluminium, chlorine and Fluorine.claimed to be safe but are anything but. Be assured that all Governments signed up to the UN are in the business of slowly knocking us off by invading our bodies with chemicals, chemtrails, germs and heavy metal toxins, medical drugs and vaccines, If you don’t believe that by now you are proving what a dumbdown Goyim you are,as claimed by the Zionist Criminal Elite.

  7. dee says:

    actually, not for a moment did i have any “terrorists” outside the government in mind….

  8. Ja, das weiß ich auch, dass die Regierung die Terroristen sind. Ich reagierte aber auf den Artikel über die Wasservergiftung, und darin schüttet angeblich jemand des Nachts “Chemikalien” in den Sogtrichter der Wasserversorgung. Das hört sich nicht so an als wäre hier von der Regierung die Rede. Die hat andere Mittel als Nachts mit Fässern voll Chemikalien durch die Pampa zu schleichen.

  9. I did not criticise Dees Strory. It sounds very believable. I meant the story about the cop in Stuttgart. I dont see the Government sneeking through the woods with barrels full of “Chemikals”, bringing them to a boat, when they can make one of theyr goons head engeneer of the main municipal waterworks.

    But then, I believe the whole Stuttgart cop story is bull. It sounds like an invention or the product of a friendly cop, eager to please. If he saw what he claims he saw, what did he do about it. And Dee, if you are so suspicious, let the “dust” be analiyst

  10. Oh I believe that, although I dont believe its valid for every town in the world. But what now, Emanuel van den Bemd, would you advise we drink instead?

  11. Let me go into Dees suspicion. It sounds all very plausible, and thinable, considering the criminal goons in power over in england and irland. But we still sit with the problem of dosage.Biological activ substances, let stand psychoactiv substances, tend to have a “therapeutic dose” that brings on the effect you wish, and an overdose that brings on effects you dont want. Now, if one uses a substance with accumulating properties, it might work. But if one wants to calm the population in case of a unpleasant budget announcement through the citys water supply, it does get difficult because some people use much more water then others. I use, I know that for a fact, exagtly one liter per day. (coffee and nothing else prepared with water) My lasy neighbour certainly consumes five liters a day by always having her teapot near. She also takes a shower three times a day. But, who knows, maybe they figured a usefull substance out? Why not simply have it analised?

  12. Lisa says:

    And then we have the bacteria in northen Sweden… gicing thousands a stomach flu.

  13. So they have a inferior water cleaning method in Sweden. Maybe its time the Sweds demanded the ultraviolet light radiation of municipal waterdistribution…? It might also be a good idea, not to separate rainwater drainage- and sewage sytems….

  14. Sylvie says:

    Everyone is feeling tired because of the chemtrail activity. It has been very bad again today UK 26th December!

  15. Yea, by the way, I gave it some thought from the pharmacological side of things. In the water, one could use substances out of the Benzodiazepine family. To prevent suspicous overdose symptomes, one could add a Benzodiazepinantagonist in an amount, so it kicks in as soon as to much water, and with such, to much Benzodiazepine is digested. For this speaks Dees “sweet tasting saliva”. Benzodiazepines do taste a bit sweet, and also the fact that the traffic sounded “muffeld”. Dee concluded, the drivers might have been doped and drove slower then usual because of it. But fact is, Benzodiazepin would not make one drive slower, but it does tend to muffel ones acustic perseption.

  16. Here is a Benzodiazepineantagonist:
    They say it must be intravenously injected because it wont work when swallowed. But there is the possibillity that a antagonist exists that works when swallowed. Years ago I listend to an interview with a member of the pharma-industrial community. He complained that nations drug laws inhibit the industry from legaly substituting recriational alcohol consumption with Benzodiazepine consumption. “Then people could drive home savely” he claimed, “because bevor they step into their car, they could SWALLOW a benzodiazepinantagonist and be sober within minutes”. His words…

  17. dee says:

    thank you for this,Amsel
    and best wishes for the coming year…

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