Poll shows strong support for reintroducing the D Mark in Germany

Every second German wants the D Mark to be reintroduced, according to a poll for Bild newspaper.


Two thirds or  67% of the Germans surveyed said they were worried about the stability of the euro.

A huge 77% said that had not benefitted from the introduction of the euro compared to only 17% who said they had.

Just 30% said they would today vote to adopt the euro and 60 % would vote against such a move.

35% said they would vote for a political party that promised to adopt the D Mark again.

Although Germany’s export sector has benefitted from the euro, the rest of the economy has not. The poll for Bild by YouGov Institut underlines the negative impact of the euro for the vast majority of Germans.

Real wages have fallen by 4% compared to the year 2000 while consumer prices have risen. Also, Germany’s federal and regional governments are mired in unprecedented mountains of debt. Nevertheless, the financial sector and EU is pressing Germany to accept liability for all of the eurozone’s outstanding and constantly increasing debt. So, the pain is just beginning for Germans.

For Germany – and other eurozone economies — to grow again without switching over to a war time economy, a radical correction is needed and some economists and investors are arguing national currencies need to be adopted.

Politicians in Germany can take heart from the fact that they will enjoy the support of significant numbers of people if they were to reintroduce the D Mark and set the eurozone back on the path to growth.

Reintroducing the D Mark might even keep the CDU in power as it has to fight seven regional elections this year.

2 Responses to Poll shows strong support for reintroducing the D Mark in Germany

  1. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    Not only should all nations in the EU adopt and reintroduce their traditional currencies again and control their own finances, they should also refuse to pay interest and capital to the Private International Bankers. The strangelhold which the Zionist International Bankers have over sovereign Nations must be broken. Without finacial independence sovereign Nations can never be free of the that everlasting debt burden ,nor will democracy survive while the middle classed are subjected to the ongoing attacks on their real estate and the privatisation of national utiiities by the criminal International Bankers and their corrupt corporations. The world hedgemony by the Satanic Iluminati has to stop, there is no room for it in a peace loving world.

  2. jeanne lohan says:

    hi jane, thanks for all your informations!!! you are great! be blessed and all the best to you! greetings from germany! jeanne

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