Evidence for use of electromagnetic weapons in sudden death of jackdaws, argues blog reader from Sweden

A Swedish scientist has determined that the jackdaws which fell from the sky died from an acute blunt and external force that led to internal bleeding, and one of my blog readers from Sweden is arguing that the evidence points to the use of electromagnetic weapons.

Professor Marianne Elvander examined five of the jackdaws found in Falkoeping on Tuesday night at the State’s Veterinary Medicine Institution.


The “sudden death” of so many jackdaws around midnight appears to be similar to the death of thousands of blackbirds in Beebe, Arkansas on New Year’s Eve. No fireworks or storms were reported in Falkoeping on Tuesday night and no explanation has yet been put forward as to the environmental factor that impacted on the birds at midnight and in such a way as to push them together and kill them by internal bleeding.

According to Aftonbladet newspaper the birds in Arkansas died from thrombosis or blood clot.

“Tests in Arkansas have shown that the birds there died after internal damages caused thrombosis”.

(“Tester i Arkansas har visat att fåglarna där dog sedan invärtes skador utlöst blodproppar”)

A photo taken on a cellphone shows a dense black mass of dead birds lying together in the snow in a street in the night time.


“Notice the picture where birds seem to have been “concentrated” by some strange force before they finally dropped dead on the street,” says the reader from Sweden.

“Since all examined birds died from something that caused thrombosis in their blood circulation system your Swedish reader suggested you that some kind of deliberate test of micro waves or electromagnetic pulse type of weapon like HAARP could have been involved in both events.”

“Is thrombosis just sort of an euphemism for not saying head on: They were all liquified with blood inside from external force? – like Alex Jones put it.”

“Beebe in Arkansas is widely known to have millions of migrating blackbirds, and below link to an article about disturbing jackdaws in swedish towns including Falköping can be found:

—-> http://www.skl.se/MediaBinaryLoader.axd?MediaArchive_FileID=349bc8bd-99d0-4b71-9d92-1a443cbc8240&MediaArchive_ForceDownload=true 

“Thus, in both cases, there is advance knowledge of area locations or GPS-positions where big flocks of birds  normally occur.”

“Both circumstances are prerequisites to a) direct an electromagnetic beam weapon of any kind to a target that has been selected, and b) create a high fear factor in the eyes of a terrified public by killing hundreds or thousands of birds.”

“Another similarity and which may have some significance is the timing in the middle of the night for these supposedly staged events.”

“The birds (much more sensible to EM waves than humans) may have reacted on a narrowing “weak” circular wavefront and tried to escape from it, but which just some time later had rounded them up like a shoal in a 10-15m wide focal point where a “short” high energy killing burst was finally released.”

“Again, please take a look at the photo of the black “fishlike” shoal of birds over the street and also a look at the attached Falköping map in satellite mode so you can see surrounding streets, houses, trees and the railway station.”


“From attached link below you have access to a pdf file and on page 8 you can clearly see that Falköping is listed as a municipality with severe problems from jackdaws. This means there are lots of complaints from people living in this rural town regarding noise & polluting caused by the bird flock there!”

“I think this circumstance with a big flock is absolute necessary to create a scary scenario when hundreds of them drop down dead from the sky in a very enclosed area.”

“Imagine concentric shrinking circles with a strong micro wave field between its inner & outer perimeter closing in on Falköping, awakening the unaware sleeping bird flock and forcing all birds to flee the magnetic field front towards the center of the circles where they become trapped and finally stressed or cooked to death due to thrombosis in their blood circulation system.”

“It thus seems possible to me someone may have either experienced this bird problem personally in Falköping or read about it on the internet and tipped off the evil illuminati guys so they could give the target coordinates to a HAARP crews in the US (or why not nearby Tromsö in Norway). “


16 Responses to Evidence for use of electromagnetic weapons in sudden death of jackdaws, argues blog reader from Sweden

  1. If one looks at a map where all the animal deaths have occured, one sees, there are non in the vast region of Russia, none in China, and none in Asia except one in Cambodia. It is the region of the western nations military power.

  2. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    HAARP is a well researched weapon off immense power being used experimentally and offensively, too bad if animals and humans get in the way. All the better for the Elite, who profit all ways, causing fear,destruction and a reason to introduce draconian rule. The Elite don’t want to accept that they are also destroying themselves, or if they do,they are willing to take that gamble. More fool them!!!

  3. dolan olson says:

    Also it seems strange that on a google map of the animal die off is paralel to the jet stream.. odd

  4. greenberry says:

    In Italy 8000 turtle doves fell from the sky dead.

    Citing Examiner:

    “Unlike birds that died in other areas of the world, the turtle doves were found with a strange blue stain on their beaks.
    “We have no idea,” a witness said via e-mail, “why this happened all of the sudden. The doves just started falling one-by-one then in groups of 10s and 20s.”
    Initial tests of the doves indicated that the blue stains on the beaks could have been caused by poisoning or hypoxia”.

  5. Emily says:

    found the weapon that killed these birds! its called a pulse energy projectile and it will be used during riots to keep crowd control.. check out this video

  6. Hamid says:

    My first guess would certainly be an electromagnetic weapon as the cause of the bird/fish deaths- but why was it always a certain species of animal which seemingly had a simultaneous die-off, and not a whole wide variety? This suggests the weapon was tuned to the bio-electrical frequency of that specific species, which paralyzed & killed them and them only, leaving others unscathed. hmmm I’ll keep thinkin on it.

  7. Whatever it is, its sudden mass death and I dont like it. It gives us a glimpse into the madening crimes that are secretly being done to our environment by people who take no responsability for the results. If something goes wrong in a major way, they become elusive like the murderers that have brought us 9.11.

  8. Seth says:

    Strange – not a single link is working (anymore – at least not for me) … somebody big not happy with this post and blog ????

  9. Some people call that “Paranoia”. I dont. My fone is bugged in such a bad manner that I notice everytime they listen in. Its a shame if one considers, they are doing such a bad job with our taxmoney. Everytime I make a fonecall and they listen in, I suddenly hear background noices and my computer disconnects from the internet for just a moment, connects again and the background noises stay. When I suddenly hang up my fone, it rings as if someone is on the other end! A friend of mine is bugged too. When he hangs up his fone, the fone display shows for some seconds the word “FANGSCHALTUNG”. Imagine that!

  10. greenberry says:

    I believe it has something to do with electromagnetic weapons. Where they are able to beam in or concentrate energy into a small area. Its like lightning under their control.
    Nikola Tesla worked on such a weapon in the beginning of 1900 and a beam was directed somewhere to the north pole in a test. There was a devastating effect.
    Can only imagine how much further they have come since that time.

  11. Remember that “ball lightning” that crashed out of the skys somewhere on an island on the coast of canada, (New scotland or new foundland or something like that??), after which some people from Los alamos labratorys apeared and american and russian military generals just to act very secretiv, having a look at the devastation that had been created on a farm, killed chickens and such and rubber insulation dripping off of electric wires? Does anyone remember? I guess that came out of the same realm…

  12. dee says:

    the pace seems indeed to be stepped up quite drastically now…major increase in “”zapping”” in the last two weeks…and right now as i,m writing this…sudden pressure in ears and muscles in back…plus g-stalking wherever i go, but which i still find very hard to believe…yet it,s so laughably transparent…

    Dr.Mengele: “”the more we do to you,the less you seem to believe it””

  13. It is a fact that government are so afraid of loosing their power nowadays, that they send out there Goons to spy even on little people like me. Who am I to have my fone tapped? But there it is. They are listening in. No doubt about it. They are scared.But we know nothing about what is going on behind the screens, so we shouldnt be supprised when we suddenly find ourselfs in the mids of a world wide high tech war. I can never forget the words of my grandma, when she said, “The war was so faraway, mainly somewhere in the east. Sometimes we heard about it through the radio, but we didnt have anything to do with it. It was all so distant and far away.But then one morning I opend the curtains and looked outside, there was the Red Army marching through our street” !

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  15. greenberry says:

    Så ser jag det också. Vi vet ju alla vilka det är som bestämmer vad som skall stå i mainstream. Och att dom inte är att lita på är ju vedertaget faktum.

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