*Report published in November by a government panel of experts recommends default as way of preventing the transfer union and the economic meltdown of the eurozone: German minister only acknowledged it existed yesterday

*Advisors says national governments should take steps themselves to default on national debt in view of ineffectiveness of EU

*Report also criticises “permanent crisis fund” to be set up in 2013 to save banks and destroy states

Insolvency mechanisms should  be set up to allow eurozone countries to default on their mountains of national debt, a panel of German economic experts recommended in a report published on November 26, 2010, it has emerged.,property=pdf,bereich=bmwi,sprache=de,rwb=true.pdf

The report was published by experts who advise the Economics Minister Rainer Brüderle, but was buried by the government of Angela Merkel, which has been promoting policies that block the insolvency of states and facilitate an illegal transfer union for the benefit of the banks.

The German media only reported on the existence of the key report yesterday after another advisor to Angela Merkel’s government, Beatrice Weder die Mauro, said in an interview with the Wirtschaftswoche that mechanisms should be set up urgently to manage the insolvency of euro states.

She argued that the private sector must also be included in „debt restructuring“ if the euro is to be stabilised.

The panel of leading economic experts, including university professors, strongly criticise the EU for failing to stop eurozone states from acquiring gigantic amounts of souvereign debt – largely through the engineered financial crisis.

They argue that reforms have to be carried out at an EU and national state level in view of the ineffectivness of the EU: a key change has to be the introduction of an insolvency mechanism.

An insolvency mechanism is needed as a signal to eurozone states that they cannot depend on tax payers from other country’s paying the interest on their own inflated souvereign debt, they say.

 „This instrument could make it easier for governments to keep financial political disciple,“ the report says.

Also, more transparency not just on new debt but also on existing debt is needed, they say.

In addition, the experts call for national debt to be evaluated in relation to growth prospects. The report argues that high interest rates on debt that choke off growth are not meaningful.

Also, plans to coordinate economic policies in the eurozone – favoured by the Bilderberg bankers – are rejected.

Budgets and economic policies should remain a responsibility of national governments, the report says.

Moreover, the experts argue it was a mistake for funds in the so-called permament crisis mechanism — due to be enshrined in an EU treaty in 2013 — to keep on paying high bank interest rates and stop states becoming insolvent – which is exactly what Angela Merkel and other European leaders have planned  the fund to do.

The experts also note that no sanctions have been placed on any states that have created excessive debt and that the European Commission was blocking the introduction of tougher sanctions.

Economics Minister Rainer Brüderle welcomed the report yesterday but has given no indication that any of ist suggestions are to be implemented. This in spite of the fact that the eurozone is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the mountains of unaffordable government debt.

The Merkel government is pursuing policies that are the diametrical opposite of those recommended by their own experts, favouring banks over states, a transfer union that puts all tax payers on the hook for astronomical fractional reserve banking debt over default.

Eurobonds were introduced by the ESFS in January to finance Ireland’s bailout with hardly any publicity.

Because the ESFS has no basis in any EU treaty, it is not clear what the legal basis of these eurobonds is.

Also, European leaders objected to the introduction of eurobonds at a Brussels summit in December 2010.

The eurobonds will lead to more solvent countries such as Germany and Austria having to pay higher interest rates to service their national debt, Ifo economics expert Hans Werner Sinn said in Der Standard.

Because of the failure of Merkel and European leaders to introduce an insolvency mechanism in spite of the recommendation of expert panels, tax payers could soon forced to hand over almost the entire annual tax revenues of the eurozone to pay the exorbitant interest rates on the artificially engineered bank debt that governments have equated with national debt.

The suppression of the report strongly suggests the notion that the Merkel government is actively conspiring to mislead the German public on the best way of handling the eurozone crisis for the benefit of the banks.


Der Spiegel wrongly reports that the key report was unveiled in Berlin yesterday, Monday, when it was published six weeks ago just as Ireland began to have difficulties in raising money on the bond market.,1518,738706,00.html

Instead of following the advice of ist own economic experts and allowing Ireland to default on its AIB debt created with the help of a complex financial property fraud by Hypo Real Estate, the Merkel government pushed Ireland into a loan from the IMF and EU that will see it enter a deflationary depression. Ireland’s private pensions are to be used to pay the banksters.

Hypo Real Estate has given back state guarantees worth more than 38 billion euros to the German government, and yet the same bank is sucking in Irish tax payer’s money through Irish state guarantees. is now facing pressure from Germany to take on an exorbitant IMF and EU loan to pay ist national debt debt. The IMF and EU will take charge of the national budget in a move that amounts to a coup d’etat by the private banks and financial elite who control these institutions.

The way a key report recommending insolvency was buried makes it clear that Bilderberg Chancellor Angela Merkel is systematically ignoring policies and mechanisms — which are recommended by the government’s own economic experts — to stablise the eurozone crisis while promoting opportunities for the banks to make profits by extracting tax money and assets for artificially engineered souvereign debt.

Deutsche Bank — headed by Bilderberg Josef Ackermann – is at the heart of a huge fractional reserve banking fraud and hugely undercapitalised. To keep their ponzi scheme going, they need to suck ever more quantities of cash from tax payers.

European banks need to roll over more than 400 billion euros of debts this year and are having to offer their mortgage pools as collateral because they are essentially insolvent because of their fraudulent dealings.


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  2. Saint says:

    It is obvious, the prophetic strong delusion and the mark of the beast global economic system are now risen in the perfect image of debt and tax defined before Cyrus came to Babylon. It is no wonder why, in the Book of Revelation that Babylon is fallen, fallen is said two times.

    Even the coming 4 blood red moons on Passover, Sukkot, Passover, Sukkot and the Total Eclipse inbetween, on Nissan, perfectly shout the significant fact of Yom Kippor at the end date of 2014 and begining day of 2015 on the begining of the Jubilee Year the exact date of this last generation saw Jerusalem restored to Israel on at the end of the 49th year.
    After all, it is written, the moon shall be turned to blood and the Sun shall be darken. Interesting how it happens to be at the end of six thousand years, begining with the history of man from Adam to the return of Christ. Amazing timing, to see the Earthquakes increasing with frequency and intensity, and the floods, wars and rumors of wars. The economic global mark of debt, no one is able to legally buy sell or tarde outside of, well, it’s also quite well timed with what is written in prophetic scripture.

    In the name of our Father in Christ fear not.

    Awesome job Jane. Keep up the fantastic work. I am right with you my friend.

  3. The question remains, does it all come true and fit so well the revelations, because it is said to come true, or does it all come true and fit so well the revelations because a mighty club of people is using the revelations as their screenbook and make it come true and fit so well…?

  4. greenberry says:

    Yes the manuscript is certainly there. So much more
    is not the probability this also really will happen then?
    Whatever the cause human or God.
    Should be further reason for wakening up and start paying some attention.

  5. I hate to be the party buster, but yea, in both cases it will happen, and in both cases I fear, paying attention wont stopp it. So you know about it and I know about it and a handfull of others knows about it. Putting in all our energies, we might wake up another handfull to those facts, but it will never be enough to stopp them or it. They have calculated well. They know the amount of morons among us who will never be awoken to those facts. Hell! You cant even get them to look up into the sky to see what is happening there! So what are our options? To pray or built bunkers or both?

  6. greenberry says:

    Paying attention will not stop it. This is true. Paying attention and information will instead encourage and strengthen many to get thru. Cause the manuscript has an end. It wont go on forever.
    No one knows for sure his/her personal fate or destiny in this scenario. So I say if we do our best
    that is all about what we can do.
    Encouraging each other. Knowing we are brothers and sisters with the same intentions and goal. To oppose darkness and evil on this earth.

  7. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    It matters not if revelations is on the button or not . What is happening worldwide is a rare convergence of diabolocal human behaviour and a world in damage control losing control, probably also due to human greed and lack of love. Nothing but love will save us now, not even buskets of printed funny money, Love overcomes all, think on that.

  8. Well yea, greenberry @@@
    it might have an end, but if I read right, there might not be a lot left in the end. Somebody with a great mind and a deep understanding of the human condition (and maybe a bit of a strong hallucinogenic) could have forseen all this, could have seen it coming, and its probably not the first time this desaster happens and its not going to be the last if our human condition doesnt change. I wonder where this guy Jesus Christ, that everybody is talking about, fits in to all this. Should he actually be the cure, the love messagenger, the diuretic of the heart to heal it all??

  9. greenberry says:

    The Bible says so in John 3:16.
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.

    So He fits in there as an individual and personal choice Carlitos. For anyone receiving that message into his heart.

  10. That sounds real sweet. But whats with the rest of the world? I dont see Muslims any worse then Christians, or Hindus, or Buddhists or the crazed atheists. And I do have a problem with imagening a Great Creator Spirit putting a gun to my head like a mafiosi, saying: Either you swallow this pill that I have disguised so well as a freaky jewish revolutionary, or you will die.

  11. greenberry says:

    I dont think the Creator looks upon humans as Muslims,
    Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or Atheists. That is a human definition which we ourselves submitted to and therefore believe we are. Its our own choice.
    But I dont think that will make any difference to His
    view of the creation. Whatever we call ourselves wont change anything.
    Is it really necessary to subdivide ourselves into groups when we obviously all seem to have same needs?
    No it is not.
    When I some 33 years received the message of John 3:16
    into my heart I certainly didnt feel any gun to my head. It was not a threat for me. It was a very surprising incident of discovering another conscience. It was the presence of that conscience that made me know and understand I was not alone.
    And since that time I have not been alone. That is my experience of it.

  12. I dont make this division. It is there. In any case. My God is eternal mercy and loves everybody just the same. He doesnt check, whether somebody first mingeld with a guy called Jesus. He is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and having to first find Jesus to be in favor with him is a condition one has to fullfill to gain his love. Thats not the God I know. I have another one and he loves everybody without conditions attached to it.

  13. greenberry says:

    I believe you are right and I dont find any argument to your conclusion of unconditional love. I believe I was loved BEFORE finding Jesus and I do not think I am more or less loved after.

  14. Yea. Its this great Creater Spirit that is contained in all things. I was born with the feeling that I am in his hand and it never left me. I dont know who this Jesus guy is. He has a great message, no doubt about it, but so had other humans. I dont know if he brings one to the Great Creator. Sometimes I think that he steers one away from it. Just look at his awfull picture. A human being hanging nailed to a cross, a torture and murder instrument. I can not exept this ugly scene as a symbl of my holy connection to the Great Creater God.

  15. greenberry says:

    Think He said somewhere there would come humans after him doing even greater things so that fits what you say. You have strong faith and I truly respect your view Carlitos. I really mean it.

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