Weather radar suggests dead birds fell from sky due to eclectromagnetic „punch“, argues Swedish reader

By a Swedish reader

One of the most sensational news stories so far reported around the world this year was of birds falling dead from the sky in many different countries along with similar mass death of fish in certain areas.

We do not yet fully understand what caused these events, but regarding the big blackbird flock in the US and the smaller flock of jackdaws in Sweden both flocks perished 30 minutes  before midnight which is a little strange in itself!

Autopsy results for these two events have concluded that the cause of death was due to massive internal bleedings from an external blunt force.

These examination results were reported in newspapers as well as on this blog a few days ago.

However, there are few or no objective observations of circumstances that may have contributed and helped to explain why so many animals could die at the same time apart from the newsclip in this link:

The weather radar recordings on New Years Eve from Arkansas shows a mysterious stationary echo in the sky above Beebe at the time the blackbirds there fell down stone dead.

Since the birds reportedly flew low that night after the clouds with precipitation had passed through this area, the echos  must have come from something other than rain respectively high flying birds.

As the clip above suggests at the end, there could have been a temporary stationary plasma cloud above Beebe that particular night which, just by its disturbing presence, initially affected the birds to take off to escape from.

While all birds were airborne, shock waves induced by heavy beating electromagnetic field bursts could have punched them hard (or cooked them internally like in a micro wave owen).

 About a year ago this videoclip below with a strange visual sighting in the sky above Haiti was uploaded on Youtube:

The footage appears to be taken from a position at the eastern outskirts of Port au Prince towards  compass direction ~WSW, and shows what might very well be a plasma with a focal point in the centre and discernible circles/spirals separated by a dark background in between.

For sure this is not “voodoo magic” or a Carribean sunset and approximately 30 persons can be seen down below on the screen watching the strange light phenomena at night when the video is frozen 00:01 to 00:02 seconds from start, but rather “man made” and related to what this link shows:

Notice the visible circular/spiral pattern of what no doubt is an electromagnetic phenomena rather than a failing russian missile; in this case an ascending beam on its way up to the ionosphere, while the other more yellowish one likely is a bounced descending beam with its high power focal point in the centre.

Enough said now.

Check it out for yourself and check the position from Google satellite photos where the vidoclip from Haiti must  have been recorded the night before the devastating earthquake. Start out from Port au Prince airport runway, go ~7300 feet south east from rwy 28 threshold, zoom in and compare with the silhouettes of the  buildings seen in the video.

That skyline with open areas around is nowhere else to be seen in this shanty town!


12 Responses to Weather radar suggests dead birds fell from sky due to eclectromagnetic „punch“, argues Swedish reader

  1. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Lets face it, the fish and the birds got killed by something very unusual that, as far as we know, never happend befor in such magnitude. If we consider the geography it happend in, we must conclude it was man made and who of mankind has technology specificaly made to kill? Right.

  2. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    …and whats more, they only need to pump it up, to kill us instead ot birds!

  3. greenberry says:

    Is there a connection between the birds and the fish disaster in Cheasapeake? Rare temperature and current disorder due to submerged oil now floating around in the Atlantic added with chemicals to have it sunk.
    Viscosity changes in the water. Temperatures at sealevel due to dying Gulf stream affecting jet stream air above. Since BP had to pay a fine for every gallon of oil spilled they instead decided to hide it under the carpet. No evidences and no fines to be paid. It is floating around there now in the Atlantic. Around Cheasapeake I believe too. Submerged.
    But the birds is probably testing of HAARP before use on human kind for control reasons.

  4. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Rare enough, one also reads about 40.000 dead crabs and recently 200 dead cows and thousands of dead seals. (Infowar & Prisonplanet)

  5. I am not so much on Internet these days, but I feel in a way, that Colleen Thomas is not so far from the truth !!! And it is very urgent, if she is right !!!

    I received this video, and gathered some information about Phosgene gas on my community website.

    If we think back about what happened in the Ukrain, this is not so strange and absurd as it all might sound.

    After all the Swine Flu Hoax failed, so why not try it in another way, especially when there is so much confusion about the so many kinds of attacks on humanity from H.A.A.R.P., Scalar weapons, DEW weapons, chemtrails, to vaccinations.

  6. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    This is a very nice lady talking in this video, and I am convinced she is as truthfull in her heart and sencere as one can be. But I find she is also a bit of a screw ballm with her divine interventions and cosmic radiation saving us and all. There have been to many humans that have died, hoping for divine intervention, even believing sencerely in divine intervention, but they died anyway. So will we, if we hope for divine intervention instead of getting off of our own buds and move everything that has to be moved to turn this madness around.

    This biological and chemical weapons expert Wheeler, that got murdererd, was seen shortly befor his death and is described by witnesses as being “disorientated”. If one listens to the witnesses that saw him, one could even get the impression, he showed signs of acut phosgen poisoning himself.

  7. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    So I read, the US Military brought some thousends of metric tons Phosgen from Iraqs arsenals to the US to do some tests with it and eventually destroy it.
    Now, thats certainly a lie, because if you want to only do some tests with it, you dont bring so much, since your not stupid and you know its difficult to destroy. So the probabillity that they are spraying the US public with it to look what it does in various concentrations is given. But wether they spray the whole world with it, is a entirely different question. But then, Why have they brought so much in the first place, and why didnt they just make it themselfs if they needed to do some tests with it? Because they couldnt make such amounts without somebody asking questions, right? What do you think ??

  8. Observer says:

    Rather 12.000 feet from SE from runway 28 I would say!

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