ElBaradei and Muslim Brotherhood appear together at Cairo rally, shunned by Egyptians

The chief of the UN’s nuclear watchdog, Mohammed El Baradei, left his comfortable tax-free, lifestyle in Vienna last week to fly to Egypt and present himself as a leader of the opposition days after a huge demonstration threatened to sweep away the country’s dictator, propped up by a US-financed army.

But in spite of placing himself dramatically under house arrest – just who arrested him was never clear if he ever was arrested – ElBaradei is failing to gain traction among Egyptions: they have barely have heard of his acts of oppostion and have no idea what he stands for, reports Austrian media.


Promoted by the western media, including Al Jazeera, as a key opposition figure in, he appeared today at a rally in central Cairo together with the extremist, false flag“ Muslim Brotherhood“ – whose website was the only one not shut down during the recent internet ban – claiming to have a mandate to negiotiate for the people.

But no one paid attention to him, according to reports.

It looks like a stooge government made up of Mubarak, ElBaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood is preparing to take power, presenting themselves as a government of national reconciliation but that the people of Egypt are not being fooled.

2 Responses to ElBaradei and Muslim Brotherhood appear together at Cairo rally, shunned by Egyptians

  1. greenberry says:

    ElBaradei is their selected puppet in this normalization process which is the outcome of at least 15-20 years (one generation) of CIA preparations.
    After when the new government is established Elbaradei will not be needed anymore by the sponsors of this event. So dont be too surprised of his later execution. The reason is that it would not be convenient for them controlling a nation with someone who knows too much. I think they rather like to have someone there more like the Obama-type. Someone who doesnt know nothing but still got the power.

  2. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    As with all Nations, leaders must be approved by the Zionist International Elite banksters, the Rockefellers, the Oppenheimers, the Rothschilds and their lackies, including the English , Dutch , Belgian and other Royals.They are all in it together for the purpose of the NWO Globalisation forcing all natiosn into default taking them over and threatening the masses with annihilation and servitude. They use every bioterrorist trick in the book to achieve their final solution of genocide for the Goyim.

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