February 28, 2011

Ireland’s election called a “transformative moment” in nation’s history: a “pencil revolution” at the ballot box

– The Fianna Fail party has been  annihilated at the polls: the party locked Ireland into an 85 billion euro loan from the EU/IMF at an interest rate of  6% and relinquished sovereignty

– New government has just days to stop transfer of tax payer money to foreign bondholders following draconian EU/IMF budget passed in December

– 85% of the income tax revenue will be used to service the EU/IMF loan by 2012 in an economic Blitzkrieg

– EU insists Ireland must pay banks setting stage for “collision” with new Irish government

– Spirit of independence of 1916 awakening as country faces crushing taxation without representation by imperial-style EU administration

Irish voters have delivered “electoral Armageddon” to the Fianna Fail government that saddled tax payers with the obligation to pay interest on a mountain of private bank debt.

Interest on the national debt is set to consume a 85% of the country’s income tax revenues by 2012, according to The Telegraph.

Fine Gael won the most seats in the 166-seat Dáil at 76 and looks set to form a government with the Labour party, which won around 37 seats. Sinn Fein trebled its seats to win 15, including Donegal South West.

Fianna Fail was relegated to the wilderness with 20 seats in an annihilation of historical proportions for the first government in the eurozone to lock its people into an EU/IMF loan.

The stunning ousting of the country’s ruling party that has ruled for 61 of the past 80 years has been called the “pencil revolution” and compared with the uprisings in the Middle East but without bloody street battles. Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland’s “Pencil Revolution”

February 28, 2011

Lise Hand: Our uprising brought down FF with Pencil Revolution

By Lise Hand, Irish Independent

Monday February 28 2011

On RTE, John Bowman concluded, ‘Long may we choose power in Ireland with a ballot paper in one hand and a pencil in the other’

THEY left their houses in their hundreds of thousands, in the sun and in the rain. They travelled from the Inishowen peninsula, the Wicklow hills; they journeyed along winding roads in Skibbereen, Emyvale, Ballyheigue, Banagher, and down the broad streets of Cork city and the narrow ones of Wexford town. They made their way through the capital’s sprawling suburbs from Rathfarnham to Dun Laoghaire to Drumcondra and Ballyfermot.

They poured into 6,000 polling stations across the country, simmering and seething, racked with rage, gripped by heartache and hellbent on revenge. Read the rest of this entry »

Irish Guards chosen to salute Prince William on his wedding day: cheer for the Irish in hard times

February 28, 2011

A Salute From Prince William’s Regiment

The Irish Guards Will be First to Salute the Newlyweds.


 Prince Will’s regiment, The Irish Guards, will salute the newly married couple as they leave Westminster Abbey on April 29.

“The Irish Guards will have pride of place on the big day — one of the biggest honours for the whole wedding,” said a senior royal source, quoted in the newspaper The Mirror.

“William is immensely proud that his regiment will be represented at Westminster Abbey.”

This is privilege is being bestowed upon the regiment just a few weeks after William was made colonel of the Irish Guards. Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland’s new government on a collision course with EU; 85% of tax revenues to go to servicing national debt created by banks by 2012

February 28, 2011

Ireland’s new government is headed for confrontation with Brussels after the country’s ruling party was wiped out on Saturday by voters in a huge popular backlash against a European-IMF austerity programme.

By Bruno Waterfield, Dublin 8:30PM GMT 26 Feb 2011

The Telegraph

Exit polls and early tallies from Ireland’s general election heralded political annihilation for Fianna Fail (FF), the party which has ruled Ireland for more than 60 years of the Irish Republic’s eight decades of independence.

The unprecedented and historic defeat, Fianna Fail’s worst result in 85 years, makes the Irish government the first eurozone administration to be punished by voters in the aftermath of the EU’s debt crisis. Voter turn-out was exceptionally high at more than 70 per cent, indicating public anger at the government and the EU.

Late last year, Ireland was forced to accept a £72 billion EU-IMF bailout to cover huge public debts that were ran up to save failed Irish banks.

The bail-out was designed to prevent financial contagion that threatened the existence of the euro, but according to economic forecasts, the cost of servicing Irish bank debt and the EU-IMF bank loans will consume 85 per cent of Ireland’s income tax revenue by 2012, a burden that a majority of voters find intolerable.

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New Irish government leader pledges banking inquiry

February 28, 2011

Kenny: ‘I will lift lid on bank deal’

Taoiseach-elect says he will examine FF policy on bank crisis ‘to see who benefitted’

Sunday February 27 2011

THE Taoiseach-elect, Enda Kenny, has vowed to lift the lid on the manner in which the outgoing Government made hugely important decisions on bank policy and other controversial issues.

And he also gave the strongest indication yet that he plans to go into Coalition with Labour.

In an interview last night, Mr Kenny opened up a potentially significant new approach to the bank crisis, with possible political repercussions, when he said it would be his Government’s intention to find out what went on and “who benefited on this”.

He said he would have loved to have found out about these matters before now. Read the rest of this entry »

Electoral Armageddon for Fianna Fail: warning signal to governments planning to lock their countries into an EU/IMF loan

February 28, 2011

Electoral Armageddon for Fianna Fail

Party faces years in opposition as support collapses

By Ralph Riegel and Michael Brennan, Irish Independent

Monday February 28 2011

MICHEAL Martin strode into the count centre to the deafening cheers of his supporters. Read the rest of this entry »

German Defence Minister Guttenberg stripped of his academic title in plagiarism scandal

February 24, 2011

– Germany’s Defence Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg stripped of his doctor title by Bayreuth University because of plagiarism

– Guttenberg gave Bayreuth University 750,000 euros to set up a chair in medicine management: professor appointed was swine flu pandemic scare mongerer

– Bayreuth to investigate whether Guttenberg deliberately misled examiners; criminal charges virtually inevitable given the evidence 20% of doctoral thesis is plagarised

– Guttenberg refuses to resign; Bild newspaper claims almost 90% of Germans support him; Spiegel poll suggests two thirds want him to go

– Chancellor Angela Merkel throws her weight behind Guttenberg

German Defence Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg has dismissed demands that he resign after he was stripped of his doctor title because of plagiarism, underlining the extent to which corruption, fraud and lies has become the norm of political life in Germany. Read the rest of this entry »