New Irish government leader pledges banking inquiry

Kenny: ‘I will lift lid on bank deal’

Taoiseach-elect says he will examine FF policy on bank crisis ‘to see who benefitted’

Sunday February 27 2011

THE Taoiseach-elect, Enda Kenny, has vowed to lift the lid on the manner in which the outgoing Government made hugely important decisions on bank policy and other controversial issues.

And he also gave the strongest indication yet that he plans to go into Coalition with Labour.

In an interview last night, Mr Kenny opened up a potentially significant new approach to the bank crisis, with possible political repercussions, when he said it would be his Government’s intention to find out what went on and “who benefited on this”.

He said he would have loved to have found out about these matters before now.

“I will do my damndest to make that happen. We will re-open and restore that. I think the people are entitled to know how their country has been run, or not run, as the case may be.

“And in respect of the banking inquiry, whatever has to be done, make the truth known to people.

“There is a line of inquiry. We’re going to have to open that up, if that be so.

“We’re going to find out what went on, who benefited on this, what decisions were made and the way they were made and to tell that to the Irish people,” he said.

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