Vaccine Epidemic’s new book flies from the shelf

March 1, 2011, From Vaccine Epidemic

February was an eventful month for those following the vaccine safety debate. Here’s last month’s scorecard:

Vaccine Coercion: 3

The Supreme Court announces its landmark 6-2 decision to side with Pharma against vaccine-injured families in Bruesewitz v Wyeth [Feb 22].

Bill Gates calls the vaccines safety community “child killers” on CNN and no one on a major media outlet blinks [Feb 3].

Government, industry, and doctors throw the full weight of their resources and clout behind two new books that take a hard line against vaccination choice and the people who promote vaccine safety: Offit’s Deadly Choices and Mnookin’s The Panic Virus. The books are covered by a wide range of mainstream media outlets.

Vaccination Choice: 2

Vaccine Epidemic is released. Our book enters second printing just one week after its release, and climbs the charts on the power of grassroots support [Feb 9].

The dissent is the answer. The vaccine safety movement welcomes two powerful allies: Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Read the Supreme Court’s decision, including their dissent HERE. Two of eight justices — twenty-five percent of the Court — dissented. The Court is a microcosm of the raging national debate: 25% believe vaccines cause autism and 89% prioritize vaccine safety as the top pediatric healthcare concern.

Vaccine Epidemic Responds

Mary Holland goes on Fox & Friends to discuss Bruesewitz decision [Feb 26]

Habakus and Holland call press conference to demand apology from Bill Gates [Feb 24]

Vaccine Epidemic book launch at NYU School of Law draws over 300 [Feb 18]

Media coverage of Vaccine Epidemic accelerates. Publisher’s Weekly reviewed our book!

Scroll down for more details on each.

Mary Holland on Fox & Friends

Vaccine Epidemic co-editor and legal analyst Mary Holland was invited on Fox & Friends on Saturday, February 26, to discuss the Supreme Court’s landmark decision regarding Brusewitz v Wyeth, in a debate wtih Fox medical correspondent, Dr. Mark Siegel.

Click HERE to watch the 4 minute clip.

Mary Holland tells America that they have slammed the courthouse doors shut on the vaccine injured. Dr. Siegel says Americans should be more afraid of the diseases than the vaccines. He agreed with Mary, however, that “there’s something going wrong with the court system.” They ran out of time, just as they started to discuss vaccination choice versus the need for mandates. If you want more coverage on Fox News, send them an email and let them know!

Vaccine Epidemic Editors Demand Apology from Bill Gates

On Thursday, February 24, advocates, parents, and professionals gathered for a press conference at Microsoft’s executive offices in midtown Manhattan to demand an apology from Bill Gates. The event was covered by WPIX Channel 11 news. Click HERE to view the video clip.

While interviewed on CNN earlier this month, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said that people who engage in anti-vaccine efforts “kill children.” We know, and he knows, that the anti-vaccine community he references is the pro-vaccine safety movement. Mr. Gates called the people who advocate for safer vaccines, including the parents of children who were harmed and died from vaccines, child killers.

We told Bill Gates that we reject his cruel, thoughtless, and misguided rhetoric of intolerance against those who question vaccine safety. We told Bill Gates that we demand an apology informed by an understanding of our perspective. We asked Mr. Gates to read our book, Vaccine Epidemic.

Mary Holland read searing remarks from three families with vaccine-injured children who were denied justice by the courts: Russ and Robalee Bruesewitz, Theresa and Michael Cedillo, and Rolf Hazlehurst.

All human beings, including parents whose children were injured and died from their vaccines, are entitled to speak out about vaccine safety and affirm that vaccination choice is a human right. No one, including our wealthiest citizens and corporate leaders, should be permitted to publicly insult this right.

To see photos and read the remarks, click HERE.

Vaccine Epidemic Book Launch Rocks NYU School of Law

Over 300 people filled NYU School of Law’s Tishman Auditorium for a two-hour program. Twelve contributing authors participated in three panels moderated by editors Mary Holland (law and ethics), Kim Mack Rosenberg (personal narratives) and Louise Kuo Habakus (medicine, science, and health).

And during the book signing, before and after the program, dozens of attendees purchased stacks of books to share with family, friends, and colleagues.

The event was filmed by Hollywood film production company, Ambush Entertainment and the new weekly autism news program, Autism File TV.

Here’s a ten-second no-audio pan of part of the audience. Stay tuned for video clips of the event.

For photos, click HERE.

Publisher’s Weekly Reviews Vaccine Epidemic

In their review of our book, Publisher’s Weekly highlights a wide range of possible adverse events associated with vaccines covered in Vaccine Epidemic including the devastating neurological damage post-Gardasil-HPV vaccination, the link between anthrax vaccination of the military and Gulf War Illness, paralysis caused by the flu shot, and more. While their reviewer is skeptical, PW acknowledges that our “effort should… prove useful to anyone suspicious of present policies.” Know anyone who falls into that camp?

3 Responses to Vaccine Epidemic’s new book flies from the shelf

  1. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    There is little benefit in discussing the why and wherefore of vaccinations. To the academic who knows what the adjuvants and additives are and the purpose to which they are being put it becomes frighteningly obvious that all vaccines are being promoted to the status of invasive killer drugs to be injected into the masses ,not as a preventative of disease but as a means to both st4rilise and cause immnue supprssion so that people will unwittingly be party to their own and their childrens destruction. Just like the Jews whom the Zionist Nazis send to their deaths while the powers that were watched and waited and did nothing to stop it. Again the world may ignore the slaughter that will result from false flag , planted bioterrorist pandemics that are ready to be released from Labs and vaccine companies with the blessing of the WHO World Homocide organisation. Be on your guard, for nothing is what it seems any more and most of the media is full of greatest lies ever concocted in the history if mankind.

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  3. And its getting worse. As soon as the NWO Zionists realized that people increasingla refuse to take the vaccines voluntarily, technics are being developed and methods worked out, how to vaccinate the masses without them knowing it. Bill Gates likes to see himself in the forfront of this global massmurder, by funding such developements. Who knows, maybe we already have mosquitos buzzing aroung, vaccinating us without our knowledge or consent by their sting, or is a substance already being mixed into chemtrails that reacts with the sweat of our skin to release a skin penetrating vaccine, who knows? In what kind of a world are we living in, when a guy like Bill Gates walkes around a free man, while at the same time promoting and funding methods of global genocide? This is’nt our world anymore. We MUST stopp it and change it back to a world for humans instead for inhuman monsters!

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