Queen gives Prince William Northern Irish Baronetcy: a sign of reviving imperialism?

The Queen’s decision to give Prince William the Northern Ireland  title of Baron of Carrickfergus as a wedding gift suggests that the British monarchy may be seeking to exploit Ireland’s current weakness under an EU and IMF junta to expand its political and territorial influence on Ireland.


Carrickfergus is the town in which the King of England and the Netherlands, William of Orange landed in 1690 with an army of mercenaries drawn from many different countries, including Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway and Poland. The victory of William at the Battle of Boyne ushered in brutal persecution of the Irish Catholics.

Picking this highly charged title for Prince William ahead of her visit to Ireland is an unhappy signal by the Queen, given the fact that Irish Catholics have until very recently been largely excluded from political power in Northern Ireland by the very same Protestant colonials planted in the region by King William.

Northern Ireland was only left to the UK because removing by force the many Protestants who had been planted there as colonial overlords was impracticable and including them in a new independent, Irish Republic unwise.

Prince William’s popularity is sure to suffer a steep decline among the Irish if he is perceived to be just the front for a revival of the British Monarchy’s political ambitions in Ireland, though giving him a barony in Northern Ireland may find approval among the local Protestants.


During her visit in May, the Queen is to lay a wreath at Dublin’s Garden of Remembrance in honour of IRA resistance fighters in a welcome gesture. It is to be assumed that the Queen knows why these resistance fighters were so necessary in the first place and why there was an uprising against the savage British rule and land grab, which halved the Irish population.


The Queen will need a great deal of tact and diplomacy to turn her visit to Ireland into a triumph given the historically troubled relations between the two countries.

With so many titles to give, the Queen could have picked another one for William alongside the Duke of Cambridge.

Because the British Monarchy has a better track record in England than in Ireland, and because Diana was so popular, giving William a few English titles would have been popular with the locals.

11 Responses to Queen gives Prince William Northern Irish Baronetcy: a sign of reviving imperialism?

  1. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    As I said previously ,don’t get confused between Northern and Southern Ireland. It is Southern Ireland that is bearing the brunt of Imperial British/Free Mason/ZIONIST/Illuminati/Elite Bankster forced fiscal collapse.This whole scenario is nothing less than another attack on the people of Ireland by the British Crown , but this time not by force of arms , but by subjecting them into a fiscal collapse that will see them destitute and open to being part of a Global take-over.

  2. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    Lately I have been getting updates from the Dutch Xander nieuws, now it’s been blocked .A sign of how good it was, with hundreds of responses to each blog.Jane had a similar experience with her internet connection about the Bird flu. I can understand that Jane is being a little careful learning from past history.It just shows you how all embracing and powerfull and influential these devils are. They won’t tolerate open and free exchange of facts. They have their lackies everywhere, block where they can,sew the seeds of misinformation,give false impressions and tell litanies of lies. I just thought I would tell you that, so that you are aware that it can happen to any or all of the uncensored information that is still available on the internet. We must thank our lucky stars that we still have this opportunity to vent some of our age old frustration over the tyranical elite.I know of no better way to destroy them in the long run, God willing. But they realise it to and are in panic mode.

  3. True leadership says:

    Very well said.

  4. We already had a share of disinformation agents on this site, clumsy ones, who didnt last very long…-

  5. dee says:

    Queen Vicoria,s economist during Irish Famine 1840,s :

    “”but our present policies will not kill more than one million…that will scarcely do much good “”

    http://www.irishholocaust.org (page 3 )

  6. dee says:

    Queen Vicoria,s economist during Irish Famine 1840,s :

    “”but our present policies will not kill more than one million…that will scarcely be enough to do much good “”

    http://www.irishholocaust.org (page 5 )

  7. dee says:

    Queen,s Historic Visit to Ireland this Month –

    hidden agenda ?? reviving imperialism ??


  8. dee says:

    phone numbers since 2003 of all irish garda stations (police stations ) : 666

    phone number of then irish minister of defence : 666

  9. darkside says:

    Step out of this trap please people. They are talking absolute poppycock at you.
    ‘Queen gives Prince William Northern Irish Baronetcy’.
    Ask yourself WTF is a baronetcy?
    And can she give one to him?

    How do you do it?
    Can you see it, touch it, taste it?
    Is it there? No.

    Excellencies, majesties and highnesses.
    Orders of the bath(tub), privy councillors and knights of the garter.
    Yes. Sure.

    What’s a’prince’ for that matter? (Comes from principe/ principal). He isn’t one.
    Do explain.

    Are we living in a world of real matter or one of unreal concepts?

    These are mindgames and they are being played with word weapons.
    This has been going on as long as the ‚royal leadership’ and it is mass mind programming of the competition, nothing else.

    Saxe Coburg Gothas, the Prinzessin Viktoria, the Battenburgs – and the Common Wealth where none of the commons have any wealth.

    There is no such thing as a knighthood. And you definitely can’t bequeath one with a sword or something like that. Truly idiotic, cheap magician’s party trick.

    Also they didn’t ‚get married’.
    No such thing.
    That was hocus pocus at work.

    Why I say they didn’t get married?
    Because you can’t marry any one.
    And no authority can marry you.
    Because you and I, we humans are not in a position to ‘give promises’ and never have been.
    We don’t have that power because we can not foresee the future.

    It’s not me that’s mad.
    Think about it All and think really carefully.

  10. True. No doubt about it. It is all just a big mind f*ck for all those, who wish to be mind f*cked, all just a great big sharade, the Bishop of Canterberry, the Queen, the Knights, all just a big show of perverts for those, who wish to be perverted.

  11. @@@@Yes dee,@@@@
    I hear you!
    I have read it. The British simply robbed the Irish on gunpoint off all their food supply, claiming some British ownership, and starved millions of Irish to death. And its all covered up with the great lie of a potato famine. Look at it, the British Monarchy, look at them and see them for what they are: Genocists, unspeakable mass murderers. Look at them for what they are, behind their crowns, their glitter and their showmenship!

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